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Your input informs Islands Trust bylaw drafting

Land use planning can be equally as boring as a two-sailing wait for a ferry and as fraught with drama as a high school musical. Today I’m writing to help you understand the draft land use bylaw for accessory dwelling units that just had its first reading at the Local Trust Committee. Planners call them ‘accessory dwelling units’, but regular folk call them cottages and suites, and they’re not a new thing here on Salt Spring.  But the bylaw is new, and with it we’re attempting to provide a policy that will grow our on-island compliment of resident landlords -- people with a primary residence who are willing to let either a secondary suite, a suite associated with an accessory building, or a cottage. Your Local Trust Committee (myself, Peter Grove, and Peter Luckham) gave first reading to the draft bylaw at our April 19 meeting.  I supported first reading because I wanted to start the process and I’m serious about increasing the availability of long-term rental housing in …
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$1 million Community Works Fund agreement in principle for Salt Spring Island fire hall

The Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District (SSIFPD) announced today an agreement in principle with the Capital Regional District (CRD) for a $1 million Community Works Fund (gas tax) contribution towards construction of a proposed new fire hall on Salt Spring Island. This arrangement with the CRD is contingent on approval by Fire District ratepayers to build a new fire hall. “Should the referendum pass, the CRD will work with the SSIFPD to facilitate transfer of federal funding to support construction of a new fire hall to replace the current building,” said CRD Director Gary Holman. “This agreement will allow us to reduce the cost for ratepayers of creating a much-needed new fire hall and illustrates how the CRD can work effectively with our fire district in a way that benefits the community.” A referendum is being scheduled for the end of June in which all SSIFPD ratepayers will be asked if they approve the fire department borrowing $9.7 million to build a new fire…
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Salt Spring Insights release Spring survey results: We’re happy, but disgruntled, especially about water and housing

Salt Spring Insights, an online research panel created earlier this year to enhance the quality of conversations taking place on Salt Spring, released highlights from its Spring 2022 research, showing that Salt Spring Islanders are generally happy with their quality of life, but very concerned about the lack of affordable housing as a threat to the community. The Salt Spring Insights online research panel is structured to be representative of Salt Spring residents by key demographics. The 2022 first quarter surveys featured a series of questions about fire facilities and services, as well as questions about quality of life on the island and the perceived value taxpayers receive for different services. The first three Salt Spring Insights panelist winners were also announced: Cathy George, Clare Nuyens and Tanya Stewart will each receive a gift certificate for Country Grocer. Participants who sign up and complete the next survey will also be eligible to win prizes. Qual…
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Police seeking public assistance in identifying graffiti suspect(s)

The Salt Spring Island RCMP is seeking assistance from the public with identifying the person(s) responsible for the most recent rash of graffiti that occurred during nighttime. On May 11, 2022, the Salt Spring Island RCMP were notified that several new graffiti surfaced near Charlesworth Rd and Fulford Ganges Rd. The graffitis expanded further towards Beddis Rd and Bishop’s Walk Rd. Throughout the investigation, it is estimated that over 60 separate locations were tagged using spray paint cans, says Corporal Matthew Crist of the Salt Spring Island RCMP. Evidence from one of the scenes has been seized by police for further forensic examination. If you have any information, please contact the Salt Spring Island RCMP at 250-537-5555
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ASK Salt Spring with North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD) Directors and Manager on election results and more

Sixteen joined this ASK Salt Spring Zoom gathering focused on North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD). Our special guests were NSSWD Trustees Sandra Ungerson, Gary Gagne, and Chris Dixon. Also joining us was NSSWD Manager, Don Pickle. After our Territorial Acknowledgement, they began by telling us what was on their minds on this lovely spring May day. Gary began by sharing his pleasure that the Board has been re-elected. Although happy with the consistency this offers, he also noted that there had been other good candidates and a lot of interest in the election, a satisfying change from some previous elections. He was pleased with the turnout at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the evening before, energized by the interested attendees and their good questions and concerns. He left the AGM committed to continue to engage with our community, even citing this and his other recent visit to ASK Salt Spring as an important part of NSSWD’s outreach. Chris echoed Gary’s com…
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Connecting the Dots - “Where are you from?”

In honour of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and development on May 21st, The Circle Education talks with young people to celebrate different backgrounds. Through our youth, we hope to offer a look at the world from different perspectives. In this way, we begin to open up horizons, providing our societies with connection and making them more inclusive A series of interviews will be published throughout May and the beginning of June. Janine-Fernandes-Hayden, Executive Director at The Circle Education, starts off with a story about how her feelings changed about the question “Where are you from?” “Where are you from?”  With brown skin and an "exotic" last name, it seemed like a reasonable question to be asked.  And yet, I remember going through a stage in my life, when I found this question horribly offensive.  I am a first-generation Canadian and at the time, I felt appalled that I might be labeled as an immigrant, especially one from India, piggybacked wi…
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CRD Local Community Commission (LCC) Discussion Paper: Introduction

One of my 2018 election platform commitments was to improve governance on Salt Spring, including seeking voter approval for an elected CRD Local Community Commission (LCC). This discussion paper initiates public consultation on the proposal, and will be available in several venues, including online (Salt Spring Exchange, Driftwood, social media), and hard copies at the library and local CRD office. This paper was drafted at my request by several members of the Governance Working Group of the Community Alliance organization, which was formed to consider governance improvements after the failed referendum on incorporation in 2017. The paper makes a number of recommendations regarding the composition, responsibilities, and remuneration of an elected at large LCC for Salt Spring. The possibility of an LCC has been considered as part of previous governance studies undertaken during Provincially-initiated incorporation processes. I’ve also outlined the LCC proposal in previous Dri…
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Conserving Our Island’s Rainforest

Here on Salt Spring Island is a rare coastal temperate rainforest. The air is cool and moist. It feels, smells, and looks different than the drier rainshadow landscape we are accustomed to on the Southern Gulf Islands. Yet, there is much more that makes this forest rare and special. Fifteen and a half acres of this temperate rainforest, the Creekside Rainforest, are now the object of a conservation project. Cusheon Creek, one of the few salmon-bearing streams on Salt Spring Island, flows through the land. Local conservation groups have been working to protect Cusheon Creek for almost 40 years. In 2008, a community-led project resulted in the protection of a 19.5-acre adjoining parcel, Jarrod’s Grove Nature Reserve. The Conservancy now has the opportunity to acquire and protect 15.5 more acres of this unique ecosystem. Concerned neighbours initiated the conservation efforts. In 2021, Susan Bloom, a supportive neighbour and donor to the project, said of Creekside Rainfo…
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