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Global electric vehicle demand - will the grid break?

As we come to the close of 2022, the EV world is on firing on all cylinders (silly way to say it - right ?). Locally, we on Salt Spring recently reported a year-over-year growth rate of 40% in passenger EV ownership from 272 in 2020 to 380 in 2021 (about 5% of passenger vehicles). Our ownership number would be much higher, but issues such as global supply chain issues and a much greater post-pandemic sales surge have caused EV wait lists of up to 2 years (some dealers I am in contact with will no longer take wait lists beyond 2 years). Is this a temporary flash in the pan/pet rock event ? No. An article I read this week discusses the fact that 99% of folks that have chosen to drive EV have stated they will never purchase an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle again. This is a global shift in the way we drive, supported by the new driving experience, reduced cost of ownership, little required maintenance, purchase incentives and government regulations banning the future …
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ASK Salt Spring with cycling advocates Bob MacKie, Luke Campbell, and Simon Rompre

Thirteen joined this ASK Salt Spring conversation about cycling led by enthusiasts Bob MacKie, Luke Campbell, and Simon Rompre. After our Territorial Acknowledgement, each of our special guests told us a bit about themselves and their passion for cycling. All are members of Islands Pathways’ Cycling Salt Spring Committee. They are also members of the Salish Sea Trail Network Working Group, an advocacy group also comprised of MLA Adam Olsen, a representative for Elizabeth May, CRD’s Gary Holman, Islands Trust staff, a Transportation Commissioner, and, whenever possible, a Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI). representative. Luke, Bob, and Simon are also involved in a number of other groups advocating for safer cycling on Salt Spring. Simon began by telling us that he has been cycling on Salt Spring for over 30 years. Among the many reasons he has cycled daily for decades are: Health: Simon has noticed the health benefits and wishes that our aging populatio…
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ASK Salt Spring welcomes the Chamber HarbourWalk Committee to learn more about the next steps in the Ganges Harbour boardwalk project

Twenty-one came to this ASK Salt Spring weekly gathering to welcome HarbourWalk enthusiasts Bruce Cameron, Darryl Martin, Kaeli Yarwood, and Robin Willians. They are also core members of the newly-formed Chamber HarbourWalk Committee. (Other members of this committee are Wayne Tepper and Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce President, Dayle Murray.) After our Territorial Acknowledgement, they began by offering us some history and foundational information about our long-awaited HarbourWalk. Darryl began by telling us briefly of his ten-year involvement, both as Chair of the Community Economic Development (now Sustainability) Commission and, more recently, as Chamber President. He spoke briefly about his disappointment that CRD has prioritized other initiatives over the HarbourWalk, resulting in delaying the progress of this important project for many years. It is Darryl’s conclusion, from both his Chamber as well as community perspective, that now is the time is to move forward wi…
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Obituary: Arthur Ralph Munneke

Arthur Ralph Munneke: 1950 – 2022 It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of our beloved father and grandfather Arthur Munneke. Art passed away in July, at the age of 72, after a short but courageous battle with Aplastic Anemia. He was surrounded in love by his children and grandchildren as he took his final breaths. As per his wishes, an intimate burial and celebration of life was held shortly after. Art was born in Barrhead, Alberta on May 20th, 1950, to Joanne and Ali Munneke, who had just arrived from the Netherlands. He spent his early childhood on a farm with his siblings, Jim, Pat, and Anne. Art fell in love with Geraldine Camping, and in 1976 they visited Salt Spring Island for the weekend, and stayed. They bought a log cabin on Reynolds road, and raised their 3 children, Hanna, Christopher and Simon. Art was generous with his time, both in work and play. He loved a good project, and a great conversation, to which he added lots of laughter and…
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Opinion: Good changes to our bylaw enforcement system are afoot

With a new team of Trustees committed to the wellbeing of our Gulf Island communities, good changes are afoot for our Trust-wide Bylaw Enforcement System. For the first time there is a cohort of Trustees in office with direct experience of unfair and overly-draconian enforcement practices. Some of these Trustees entered the political fray specifically to address this significant problem with governance. A historic motion is on the table for the upcoming March Trust Council meeting (the quarterly meeting of all Trustees from all the islands). The motion is to suspend bylaw enforcement pending a review, provide those who are enforced against the democratic right to appeal to a neutral body, and for the Trust to adopt unbiased and equitable enforcement practices. Imagine a restorative enforcement model aimed at building community and restoring balance and respect…rather than the current punitive retributive model which breeds fear, evokes trauma responses, induces secretive …
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BC Ferries cancels all remaining Crofton-Vesuvius ferries for Monday, January 23rd, 2023

BC Ferries Service notice for Crofton - Salt Spring Island (Vesuvius Bay) for Saturday, January 23rd issued at 2:11 pm As BC Ferries has been unsuccessful in securing the required number of crew on the Quinitsa, the following sailings for today, January 23, between Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) and Crofton have been cancelled: Cancelled Sailings today, Monday, January 23: 3:00 pm departing Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) 3:35 pm departing Crofton 4:15 pm departing Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) 4:50 pm departing Crofton 5:30 pm departing Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) 6:05 pm departing Crofton 6:45 pm departing Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) 7:55 pm departing Crofton 8:30 pm departing Vesuvius bay (Salt Spring Island) 9:00 pm departing Crofton 9:30 pm departing Vesuvius Bay (Salt Spring Island) 10:00 pm departing Crofton Earlier sailings on this route are expected to proceed as scheduled. A 10 person water taxi has been sourced and will…
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Obituary: George Sheridan Penwarden

George Sheridan Penwarden - February 7th., 1930 – January 21, 2023 The final chapter of George's life talks of love and laughter, hopes and fears. It speaks of adventures and of work well done over many golden years. It bears witness to loss and pleasure; to take and give. Now George's last page is full finished but what is remembered lives! George was born in Selkirk, Manitoba in 1930. He describes his dad as a “gentle person” and his mother as “strong and determined...ahead of her time.” George went to college at 17 and describes his time there as a “breaking out” period in his life. He worked for a year in a psychiatric hospital and realized he “had some kind of 'knowing' about people and situations...” George worked summers to help put himself through college. Once in a logging crew, and then as a porter on the cross-Canada trains. He received his B.A. at the University of Manitoba in 1951, as well …
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Dormant pruning; germination tests; new garden beds

With days noticeably longer and our last month of serious winter coming up, gardeners are itching to be doing something. It is too early to think about garden cleanup or starting seedlings, but it is a good time to start pruning fruit trees, plan the vegetable garden and get seeds. Dormant pruning: On a dry day (there are some in this week’s weather forecast!) you might want to start pruning fruit trees, grapes, kiwi and berry bushes. If you don’t have many plants to do, you can wait until February, but if you want to get out in the garden or have a lot to do, go ahead and make a start now. Aim to have all dormant pruning done by the end of February. I just finished pruning my super dwarf apple trees (on M27 rootstock) and was struck, once again, by how much I appreciate these small, productive trees. It only takes about 10 minutes to prune each one, no ladder needed, yet they carry large crops of full-size fruit. With the warm weather last October, which caused trees to …
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