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ASK Salt Spring Welcomes Two Local Commissioners, Earl and Gary

June 14: While the gathering welcoming Local Community Commissioners (LCC) Chair Earl Rook and Electoral Director Gary Holman was small, those who participated expressed their appreciation for our housing-focused conversation. After our Territorial Acknowledgement, facilitator Grant Fredrickson asked our guests what “Excited and Delighted” them. Earl began by expressing pleasure that the long, dark days of winter have been replaced by our spring/summer weather. He also spoke briefly of his appreciation for the community support for the LCC, approaching the one-year anniversary of the swearing in of Salt Spring’s first Local Community Commissioners on June 20, 2023: - Chair Earl Rook: erook@crd.bc.ca, - Ben Corno : bcorno@crd.bc.ca, - Brian Webster: bwebster@crd.bc.ca, - Gayle Baker: gbaker@crd.bc.ca, and - Gary Holman, also our Electoral Director: directorssi@crd.bc.ca.) Gary continued this theme of support for the LCC by noting that its one-year anniversary had …
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Linda's List for June 15: Garlic, what to plant now, weeding tips

The garlic is alright! Some people have been surprised by how big their garlic plants are and some have been concerned because their hardneck garlic sent up scapes (flower stalks) so early. Keep in mind that it was a warmer than average winter—from the garlic’s point of view. Buried in the soil, the bulbs wouldn’t have experienced that spell of extreme cold in January so with a generally warmer winter, plants likely have grown a bigger than usual root system. While the cool weather we have had recently is making our melon and cucumber plants wobble, it has been perfect for garlic growth. For most garlic, it may mean an earlier harvest this year, which is all to the good as it frees up space for planting fall and winter crops. What to plant now: From now to the end of June is the time to sow seeds of overwintering broccoli and cauliflower. These are biennial varieties that form their heads after they experience the cold chill of winter. These varieties are getting hard to fin…
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Harbour Air Connects Salt Spring Island and Victoria with Launch of New Flight Route

Harbour Air, North America’s leading seaplane airline, has launched a new flight route between Salt Spring Island and Victoria, available from June 1st until September 30th, 2024. Harbour Air’s new Salt Spring Island-Victoria / Victoria-Salt Spring Island route will help connect both regions by providing people with fast and convenient 20-minute flights, and low fares starting from just $91 one way. This new route is in addition to other Harbour Air flights between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver or Richmond (YVR South), which gives island residents and visitors even more travel options throughout the summer season. Travelers booking this route will enjoy stunning panoramic views as they depart from Victoria or Salt Spring Island (Ganges Harbour), soar above the Gulf Islands, and arrive at their destination after a brief 20-minute flight. With multiple scheduled flights per day from Monday and Wednesday to Sunday, the route offers a quick and easy way for people in Sal…
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More Options Available for Same Day Mental Health and Addiction Supports

More options available for people needing same day mental health and addiction supports People on the South Island experiencing a mental health or substance use issue that does not require a hospital visit can now access a same-day assessment appointment and/or walk-in counselling at Island Health’s Central Access and Rapid Engagement Services (CARES) in Victoria. People experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency should always call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency department immediately. “When people reach out for help, they need to find support quickly and easily,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. “Without timely access to care, many people struggling with mental health and addiction challenges can feel unsupported or decide against seeking treatment. This new service in Victoria eliminates wait times by providing same-day access to dedicated mental health professionals. This ensures compassionate care is available right when …
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Water Quality Advisory at Churchill Beach

Island Health water quality testing results indicate high bacterial counts The Capital Regional District (CRD), in consultation with Island Health, advises that there are high levels of enterococci at Churchill Beach on Salt Spring Island. Visitors are advised to avoid swimming at these beaches and to keep animals on a leash to prevent them from ingesting or swimming in the water until the advisory has been lifted. Island Health works with local governments like the CRD to monitor water quality at popular public beaches in order to protect recreational water users from illnesses linked to unacceptable levels of bacteria. This advisory will be lifted once Island Health confirms that the water quality is once again at acceptable levels. For more information, visit Island Health's Beach Advisory page.
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Obituary: Terry John Boswell

Terence (Terry) John Boswell July 10, 1944 – May 7, 2024 After many health battles fought and won, Terry has left us, just short of his 80th birthday. Always one with a joke or a laugh, he will be missed. Those of us who loved him are experiencing a huge, empty hole in our lives. Terry was predeceased by his wife Suzanne, his brother Roger and sister-in-law Nita. Left behind, his brothers Stephen, Michael (Kate), his nephew Joe (Lucy) and his partner Dianne. The family is holding a private celebration of Terry's life on his birthday.
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ASK Salt Spring Welcomes the Chamber

June 14 Eleven (including the fun addition of Jason’s young ones) joined us at this ASK Salt Spring gathering to welcome our Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce’s new Executive Director, Matthew Quetton, and new President, Jason Roy-Allen. After our Territorial Acknowledgement, Jason and Matthew told us a bit about themselves and what “excites and delights" them. Jason began by telling us that, a new arrival to Salt Spring, he and his wife own Hen and Hound Farm (complete with farm stand and B&B), the Brasserie (the old Fernwood Café), and, most recently, the Feast (the old House Piccolo). An experienced startup entrepreneur, he places community - people living with people - high on his list of priorities. He is “excited and delighted” by the new direction the Chamber is taking, fueled by its new Directors, new values, and new ideas. Characterizing the former Chamber as struggling to find priorities and value to the business community, he believes it had been struggling lar…
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Summer Service Change for Salt Spring Island Transit

BC Transit and the Capital Regional District are informing transit users of an upcoming change to the Salt Spring Island Transit System effective June 26, 2024. Changes are being made to routes that will better align with the BC Ferries’ schedule. In addition, Route 9 service to Ruckle Park will be reintroduced for the summer season. You can find all the trip time changes in the most recent Rider’s Guide. For more information on trip planning, fares or to sign up for customer alerts, please visit bctransit.com/salt-spring-island
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June is National Indigenous History Month

As National Indigenous Peoples Day approaches on June 21, those of us living on unceded First Nation territories can take the opportunity to learn more about the history of the land and the people who have lived here since time immemorial. Learning some of the island’s Indigenous placenames is one step toward recognizing and respecting the rich heritage of the local First Peoples. If you live on the north end of the island, you can say that you live up near P’q’unup. If you are travelling south to Ruckle Park, you are going down to ȾESNOEN or (S)ts’usna’um’. And now the Salt Spring Historical Society and Archives has unveiled an online, interactive First Nations Placenames Map which provides not only the names of significant locations in the SENĆOŦEN and Hul’q’umi’num’ languages but also audio recordings by Elders ȻOSINIYE (Lindy Elliott) and Luschiim (Arvid Charlie), allowing users to hear the correct pronunciations and practice using them. To further your knowledge, cli…
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New Air Ambulances are Taking Flight in B.C.

Patients requiring emergency travel for medical care will benefit from a new state-of-the-art fleet of air ambulance airplanes. “When someone you love is critically ill or injured, they deserve the best and fastest care possible,” said Premier David Eby. “Throughout this vast province, we are building new hospitals, cancer-care clinics and urgent primary care centres. By deploying new air ambulances, we are ensuring patients get the quality care they need quickly.” BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) is replacing its existing fleet with 12 new Beechcraft King Air 360CHW air ambulances. Nine of the airplanes will be in regular operation and three will be backups. The first of these new airplanes went into service on May 1, 2024. This is possible due to a provincial investment of $673 million over 10 years. “B.C.’s air ambulances make sure that patients, often with the most critical-care needs, can quickly access the health care they need,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of …
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