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Obituary: Zillah Ann Parker

Zillah Ann Parker passed away peacefully on Salt Spring Island on September 19, 2022, surrounded in love by her three daughters, Sarah, Alice, and Helen, and her grandson, Josh. Zillah's beloved husband, John, passed away just four months ago, after 62 years of marriage. They had a strong and happy partnership, sharing their love unstintingly with Sarah, Alice, and Helen. Zillah was born in 1937 in East Sussex, England, to Phoebe and Eric "Rusty" Russell. Through Zillah's early childhood, Phoebe worked in a factory while Eric was a member of the merchant marines. Because of these circumstances, Zillah was sent to a convent, where the nuns kept her safe throughout World War II. An excellent student, Zillah attended Fosse Bank school on scholarship. Two of her lifelong friends, Bish and Ann, came from her time at school. After graduation, Zillah attended St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, completing her training in 1960. While at Bart's, she met John, who was her…
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2022 General Local Election candidates respond to Salt Spring Housing Council questionnaire

Our Salt Spring Housing Council questionnaire, which is focused on finding out what the candidates’ solutions are to the housing inequities on Salt Spring, was sent to all 7 Islands Trust candidates and the three CRD candidates. We received responses from four Islands Trust candidates: Gary Gagne, Jamie Harris, Laura Patrick and Elissa Poole, and one CRD candidate, Gary Holman. We have not edited or corrected the answers in any way, they appear exactly as they were provided to us. Question 1 Do you support the Islands Trust Housing Action Program? If so, please describe which aspects you will support if elected. Gary Gagne - candidate for Islands Trust There are parts of the report that I agree with, but my understanding is that housing is not the responsibility of the Islands Trust.  Zoning changes to facilitate multi-family units is under their discretion, but may not necessarily be the most sustainable avenue.  Maximizing use of larger properties to create a sim…
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Obituary: Patricia Killeen

Patricia Lee Killeen (McCubbin) passed away at the time chosen by her Lord, Wednesday, September 28, 2022, after a long illness. Patti who was 80, had been living on Salt Spring Island for many years. She is survived by son Paul (Monica) and daughter Sarah (Alec, Shawn and Amy) Patti was predeceased by granddaughter Grace. Paul and Sarah wish to thank her many loyal friends who kept in contact and provided so much encouragement over the years, and to the home care workers who gave her kind companionship these last months. Also a heartfelt thank you to the Doctors and Nurses at Lady Minto Hospital for their care for Mum. A Funeral will be held at Benediction Lutheran Church in Tsawwassen on Tuesday, October 18th at 1pm, proceeded by a private burial at Boundary Bay Cemetery. When my life-work is ended, and I cross the swelling tide, When the bright and glorious morning I shall see; I shall know my Redeemer when I reach the other side, and his smile shall be the first to w…
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A dedication to service - Gary Gagné

I am and have been committed to service for many years. As a community builder and networker, during my decades as a resident of Salt Spring Island, I have worked with a passion for protecting the environment on local, national, and international levels. I was an officer on Greenpeace ships, which led to being instrumental in saving over 1/3 of Clayoquot Sound. Locally I have volunteered for Transition SS, Island Pathways, Cycling SS, Partners Creating Pathways, TSSEC (Micro-loan group), Green Islands, and the Ambulance Service. Training in permaculture included installations in Africa. Currently serving as Vice-Chair of NSSWD and briefly, as Acting Chair, I have four years of experience as a trustee. Very involved with the Climate Action Plan 2.0 update, I am now participating in its ongoing implementation in the Maxwell Creek watershed. One of my main priorities would be to support the continuation of this forest ecology work with regard to forest fire mitigation and wetla…
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Cram the Cruiser is off to a good start for Salt Spring Island RCMP

Salt Spring RCMP started their first annual "Cram the Cruiser" campaign on September 20, 2022 at Country Grocer just in time for Thanksgiving. Generous Salt Spring residents were able to fill the entire patrol car with non-perishable food items as well as cash donations of more than $1000. All donations were taken to the Salt Spring Island Food Bank this afternoon. The donations were greatly appreciated and went along way to filling the empty shelves. Salt Spring Island RCMP will be holding another Cram the Cruiser later this winter at Thrifty Foods in anticipation of an increase in demand around the Christmas holiday season. I would like to thank all Salt Spring residents who generously supported this very worth while cause. A special thank you to Country Grocer who's support to make this a success is greatly appreciated, stated Sgt. Clive Seabrook, Detachment Commander for the Salt Spring Island RCMP.
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We all agree on the need for affordable housing – as CRD Director this is what I’ve done and will do

As CRD Director, MLA, community activist, and Chair of the Islands Trust Advisory Planning Commission (APC), I’ve worked for over 25 years on affordable housing for Salt Spring. I Chaired the APC, which provided input into and supported SSI’s first detailed Official Community Plan and its many policies supporting affordable housing. The APC also supported the Development Permit for Meadowbrook and rezoning of Heritage Place, both seniors facilities. The APC also supported the largest density transfer on SSI, protecting over 200 acres on the west side of the island while providing the densities for a housing subdivision off Rainbow Road. As CRD Director, I opted Salt Spring into the CRD’s Regional Housing Trust Fund (RHTF) in 2006. That year, Murakami Gardens was the first project funded by the RHTF on SSI. I also advocated voter approval for an increase to the CRD’s Regional Housing First Program in 2021. CRD’s affordable housing programs have contributed millions more to pr…
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Planting garlic, winter mulching, powdery mildews

September this year was certainly a far cry from the cool, wet month we had last year. After being away for a couple of weeks I was surprised to come back to such warm weather, but happy to have the extra warm days making up for the late start to summer this year. Garlic: Top of mind garden task this month is planting garlic, which is best done in October. You can pretty much plant garlic any time in the fall, but believe it or not, it is best to wait until the soil is cold and wet. Planting while the soil is still warm and dry as it is right now can increase the risk of infection with Blue Mold Rot (Penicillium spp.). This fungus is short-lived in the soil and thrives in dry soil at soil temperatures of 22-25oC [71-77oF]. It is well managed by good sanitation (crop rotation, planting only healthy cloves) and by waiting to plant until the soil is cold and wet. If you have already planted garlic, tough, don’t worry about it! If you prepare the beds now, before the soil bec…
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2022 General Local Election Candidate Profile - Gary Holman

The 2022 General Local Elections are on October 15, 2022. Election profiles on the Salt Spring Exchange feature candidates who are running for local office. These short interviews are structured so that we can quickly and easily learn more about each of the candidates and a bit more about why we might consider voting for them. All candidates have been invited to participate. This profile is from Gary Holman who is running as a candidate for Capital Regional District Director. Tell us a bit about your background: I have three children - Eren, Amber and stepson Owen. I'm an economist by training and worked for over 25 years as a consulting economist on such projects as the Nisga'a Treaty and land and resource management planning throughout BC. I come from the land trust movement on Salt Spring and in the Capital Region, serving on the Boards of The Salt Spring Island Conservancy and The Land Conservancy of BC. I am privileged to have owned property in the south end of Sa…
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