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Opportunity Portraits: Twang & Pearl

Deirdre Rowland with the Community EcDev Commission shares their profile of Twang & Pearl: Inspired by the People & Stories Behind the Goods Curated - Jana Thomas combines her love of travel with a sincere appreciation for beauty. You’ve been a traveller and a buyer, how has your eye for curated goods expanded or changed over the years? I didn’t really set out to be either. I discovered a love for travelling as most people do - by travelling. I tend to appreciate and find beauty in experiences as much as I do in ‘things’ and travelling has opened me up to both in spades - one feeding the other. In other words, whether travelling near or far, it’s the people or community of people behind the products that really makes the beauty shine thru. So I guess as I travel more, my community expands and my eye for curation expands with it. Being a long-time Salt Spring Island-er you’ve seen many changes in the business landscape, what keeps you inspired? I can’t li…
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Watch: Harbour Air Test World’s First Electric Beaver Seaplane

Pioneers in powering the electric flight movement, Harbour Air with service to and from Salt Spring Island, and magniX unveiled the world’s first Beaver seaplane retrofitted with a 750 horsepower all-electric magni500 propulsion system this morning in Richmond, BC. The first test flight was captured by enthusiastic supports and media gathered to watch the world’s first Beaver seaplane retrofitted with an electric engine. https://youtu.be/IOWDhYh8t64 https://youtu.be/vf84Wxnbquc https://youtu.be/Cw4ICCyhu_s https://youtu.be/asnpM4UNBR8
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New Affordable Homes for Seniors Coming to Salt Spring Island

Seniors with low to middle incomes will soon benefit from 22 new affordable rental homes, as construction begins on the expansion of Croftonbrook. "Seniors deserve to have safe and affordable housing, close to their friends and loved ones, said Sheila Malcolmson, MLA for Nanaimo, on behalf of Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Thanks to the partners who have worked to give seniors a good place to call home, our elders can stay in their community. Located at 132 Corbett Rd., Phase 2 of the development will provide 10 studio units and 12 one-bedroom units for seniors. This is such a wonderful announcement, and I raise my hands to everyone who helped make it happen,said Adam Olsen, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands. With more affordable, accessible homes that allow seniors to stay on Salt Spring, our community is made richer and more vibrant. The safety and security of a comfortable home is a human right and I am grateful we have begun to chip…
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Housing Thoughts

We’ve known about and studied the affordable housing shortfall for at least 13 years and have made no headway, and perhaps gone backwards. As a response we now have an anarchic, subversive culture that thumbs their nose at regulations that don’t represent the will and needs of the population. Non-compliance has become the norm, and it is broadly believed that it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. We have a complaint driven, not vision driven policy paradigm Rhonan Heitzmann spoke about how we used to be a beacon for housing solutions. For example, rammed earth in Canada began on SSI.  Straw bale building in the early days was centered on SSI.  SSI milled its own timber, quarried its own building stone, used island sand and gravel for its concrete, and had the skilled tradesman to create remarkable projects.  SSI is no longer the beacon for permitted home building solutions for the rest of the country or the world. So, what would it take to become …
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Working Together on Emergency Training

On November 28 & 29, 2019 a workshop called EOC Essentials (Emergency Operations Centre Essentials) was held at All Saints by the Sea. The workshop was sponsored in a large part by the Salt Spring Island Foundation - covering the cost of the course, books and instructor fees. Without their support we would not have been able to host this course on the island for this many people. Other agencies (SSI Fire Rescue, SSI Search and Rescue and the Emergency program) contributed additional funding for the venue and food. This workshop brought people together from many different agencies on the island  to discuss the operations of our Emergency Centre in the event of an emergency. The instructor was Sybille Sanderson, the recently retired Cowichan Valley Regional District, Emergency Program Coordinator. She brought lots of personal experience to the course including coordinating the Cowichan Valley Regional EOC during the windstorm last December. SSI Fire Rescue (7) Grou…
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Life Safety Teams Work on Coordinated Emergency Event Communications

Last night, December 3, a group of stakeholders met to discuss planning and communication in preparation for any weather events or emergencies on the island this winter. This group was made up of representatives from many different agencies on the island including: Salt Spring Fire Rescue, RCMP, Salt Spring Search and Rescue, BC Ambulance Service, Coast Guard, RCMSAR, Ministry of Transportation, CRD Director Gary Holman, CRD Headquarters, the Salt Spring Island Emergency Program, BC Hydro, Emcon, North Salt Spring Water District, Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society, and others who were unable to attend such as School District 64, telus, Shaw, Harbour Air, SSI Transit and Lady Minto. Brian Bogdanovich, SSI Emergency Program Coordinator has had a key role in working collaboratively to bring all these people together in one place to discuss these issues. This was the second gathering over the past month to discuss communication strategies between the stakeholders and the EOC (…
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Opportunity Portraits: The Pottery Shop + Studio

We're starting off our Opportunity Portraits with "The Pottery Shop + Studio," a new communal pottery studio in Fulford Village,  run by three savvy potters.  So many sectors on Salt Spring are achieving great things and our island entrepreneurs are creative, innovative and award-winning. Read more below in our Q&A Portrait. The Pottery Shop + Studio - Q & A With Erin Morris, Partner What prompted you to open your new venture in Fulford? My time at my last studio was coming to an end and after looking for several months for a decent space (and not finding one) I decided to think outside the box a little and brainstorm some options. In order to grow my business I knew I needed a larger workspace to accommodate the volume of work I want to make. I also knew that I’d been working alone in my studio for many years and was really missing the richness of a shared creative space. Another reason for this venture is that I want to bring more education to the public abou…
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2020 Vision for a Sustainable Community in 2040!

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Nah, well that is true, but I am not going there today….This is a positive opinion to shed light on Housing and Climate solutions that are gaining traction. We have great ideas, and we have great elected leaders who really care and want action and we have great staff who mean well. We need to put it all together in a meaningful way to achieve sustainable results. For those who don’t know me, my name is Rhonan Heitzmann. I first moved to the island in 1983 at 9 years old. Man things have changed since then! I remember selling puzzles and comic books off a card table in the gravel parking lot that is now the Saturday market.  Artisans and farmers lived simply and shared their wares, people often living in small cabins and simple homes that were non-conforming. It was a funky place in the 90’s with lots of music and art and crafts people. Our community was diverse, with hard working creative people who care about the envi…
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Shop Local This Season - BC Shop Local Week

Did you know it’s BC Shop Local Week!? I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this designated week for shopping local falls at the beginning of December. As we all prepare for the holidays, it is a great reminder to support the local businesses and creators that are here year round supporting our community in so many ways. When you shop local (all the time!) you contribute to the health and vitality of Salt Spring Island. But what does shopping local really mean? In our case, shopping local is more easily defined - Purchasing your goods and services on Salt Spring Island. I think by now, we all understand the economic impact of shopping local as there have been many campaigns around these benefits in recent years. There are additional benefits to shopping local that include but are not limited to environmental sustainability, health, supporting local artisans, creators and farmers, quality personalized service, knowing where the products are sourced etc. I find this quote sa…
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