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Obituary: Thomas John Davies

Thomas (Tom) John Davies passed away on the morning of May 23rd, 2023 after a courageous battle with cancer. He was too young to leave us, just 34 years old. Tom was held and surrounded by his mom and dad and his closest family who will carry him with them for the rest of their lives, especially in the moments that speak to Tom's passions in this world. Tom was an incredible angler and loved to cast off-shore whenever he had a moment to do so. Tom loved the peace and quiet of 'hurrying up and waiting' for a bite, though he did get restless if the rod-ends weren't bending and was constantly tweaking and adjusting his setup to find that elusive catch. His mind worked that way, always trying to optimize and perfect what he was doing. Even as a little kid Tom took things apart just to understand how they worked. That same approach carried over into the kitchen where Tom, completely self-taught, learned how to make iconic delights like macarons (a fancy French cookie). His favour…
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2023 Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission official preliminary election results

Salt Spring Island went to the polls for the community's first Local Community Commission (LCC) election. Polls closed at 8 PM and votes from advanced voting and today's official election day have been counted. Fifteen candidates sought 4 LCC positions over 29 days of campaigning. Here are the preliminary results as posted this evening by Deputy Returning Officer, Anthony Kennedy: The final results could vary if the preliminary results are successfully challenged or the initial totals are incorrect. The Declaration of Official Results are expected by May 31st, 2023. Preliminary results of the LCC election at close of voting, Saturday, 27 May (The results are preliminary until certified by the Chief Election Officer, within 30 days) Candidate Total Order Gayle Baker 1977 01 Jesse Brown 375 11 Kylie Coates 285 13 Benjamin Corno 919 04 David Courtney 284 14 Lloyd Cudmore 753 07 Nejmah Guermoudi 680 09 J…
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Celebration and honouring of Penelakut People at Fernwood

On May 17th, Penelakut and Salt Spring communities came together to witness the unveiling of new interpretive signage by Fernwood Wharf, and to share a celebratory meal on the lawns of the Fernwood Café. The crowd included Penelakut Elders, knowledge keepers and community members, Fernwood School students, and many Salt Spring community members. Also present were members of the extended Sampson family, descendants of Penelakut Lucy Peatson and Henry Sampson, an early settler at Fernwood. The two panels, back to back on a cedar frame, explore the historical and current relationship of the Penelakut People to Tl’elhum (Salt Spring Island) and its surrounding waters using art, photographs and testimony. Created under the guidance of the Penelakut Sulxwe’en (Elders Group) the panel content is the result of four years’ relationship-building between the Penelakut people and the small Salt Spring project team, part of the Salt Spring Historical Society and Archives. On th…
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Opinion: Jenny McClean for Local Community Commission

Community members created and built the Market, Centennial Park, the gazebo and boardwalk, Mouat's Park, Tsunami Circus, the former school which is now SIMS, the Pool, the library which was donated to the CRD and torn down and replaced, and the water districts. As community members built these items for the community, public input is a necessary part of the Salt Spring model. I advocated for continued and increases ability of the public to participate in town halls, and input into all aspects of CRD functions on Salt Spring Island. Citizens of Salt Spring must have the chance to get to the microphone and speak to the LCC and the CRD. https://youtu.be/Qy5E-M2yAqU
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Obituary: Beverley Anne Lillyman

Beverley Anne Lillyman (née Bakes) 1936 - 2023 Bev passed away peacefully in her sleep at Greenwoods Thursday May 18, 2023. Bev was a painter, art teacher and weaver. Bev was born in Montreal to parents Hazel & Norman Bakes. Brothers David & Norman followed before they moved out to Vancouver in 1948 before graduating King Ed High School in 1954. Bev married Ronald Watt in 1957 and raised sons Dallas & Lloyd in Vancouver until she remarried the love of her life, James Lillyman in 1971. Dallas married Heather Cameron and gave Bev Grandchildren Jackie & Ryan. Lloyd married Kathy Champagne and gave her Grandchildren Christopher and Matthew. Bev had 4 Great Grandchildren, Jayden (Jackie’s), Elyse & Jacob (Christopher’s) & Angelina (Matthew’s). Jim & Bev dedicated much of their time in Vancouver to Scouting. Bev’s Cub Pack name was Bagheera. Jim & Bev moved to Salt Spring in 1989 and built a house on North End Road until they moved to Brinkwor…
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District Parent Advocacy Committee explore education with 2023 Local Community Commission candidates

The District Parent Advocacy Committee represents the parents of School District 64 to support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well-being of students. As we approach the Salt Spring Local Community Commission (LCC) elections on May 27th, 2023, in an effort to increase thoughtful voting we have engaged the candidates to answer five questions on topics relevant to our school district families. Please review these and then VOTE! Learn more about where, how and why you should vote in the 2023 Local Community Commission elections. QUESTION #1 How do you think the LCC can affect life for families and therefore improve the family population on SSI? Kylie Coates Create stable, housing and activities for children and for adults Jennifer "Jenny" McClean I would like to learn about the use of SIMS, the use of the pool, and the use of the childcare facilities and programs run by CRD and be a connection between the CRD and the school community. …
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Watch: Protecting against wildfires with nature's defence: Students learn the role of native plants in wildfire protection

Photo: Maggie Naphtali on the left and Lila Manz from Gulf Islands Secondary School As British Columbia grapples with an early and intense wildfire season, members of Transition Salt Spring's Climate Adaptation Research Lab (CARL), restoration ecology students from the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, along with students from the Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) were restoring the forest understory and planting native plants on Hwmet'utsum (Mt. Maxwell). Their efforts, undertaken during the May Victoria Day long weekend, are shedding light on the crucial role of native plants in protecting all of us from wildfires. Although we are still in May, the Salt Spring Fire Rescue just announced that most open burning activities are prohibited on Salt Spring Island, and nothing bigger than a campfire is allowed to burn as of noon Thursday, May 18th. This is in an effort to help reduce wildfire risk and protect public safety. The restoration effor…
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Opinion: Today, tomorrow and into the future - Candidate David Courtney for Local Community Commission Commissioner

We are cleared for take off without delay! Well, we are currently Day 26 on the Election Campaign Trail. In 4 short days it will all be wrapped up. The true work begins on May 29th for the inaugural 4 Commissioners elected for next 3 1/2 years. For me this has been a very interesting and pleasant experience. Just listening to the electorate, the different agencies and my fellow candidates has been extremely thought provoking. All 15 Candidates have their own subtle differences in attacking the issues but there’s a common theme - “Workforce Housing”, is a top priority! I’ve chosen 6 areas when it comes to Public Safety which may not capture the attention of some but I think they are very important to our Community. Some within the purview of the LCC Commissioners, others by simply turning up the volume in Advocating and Encouraging other Agencies to resolve an issue. 1. Lady Minto - The lack of Workforce Housing is starting to have a serious impact on our local health c…
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Opinion: Local Community Commission campaign culmination

I began writing about this campaign back in February, when our local newspaper ran an opinion piece that I wrote about the task ahead for the Local Community Commission (LCC). And I’ve kept doing so as I decided to put my name forward for one of the four commissioner spots due to be filled on May 27. I’ve been writing about the LCC because I really care about it. I started working toward this election back in 2017, when islanders voted again to remain an unincorporated community. I said many times during conversations about the referendum that – regardless of the outcome of that vote – there were ways we could significantly improve decision-making about local government services here on Salt Spring. For an unincorporated area, that’s what an LCC can provide. And in a few days, we will know who will be sitting in those commissioner chairs to start making that happen. Regardless of who gets elected on May 27, we will broaden elected representation, with our local government…
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Is Salt Spring Island being eaten alive by Tent Caterpillars?

Tent caterpillars, also known as tent worms, belong to the moth family Lasiocampidae. They are known for building silk tents or nests in trees, which serve as protective shelters for the caterpillars. The life cycle of tent caterpillars typically consists of several stages: Egg Stage Tent caterpillar eggs are laid in masses on tree branches in late spring or early summer. The eggs are usually covered with a protective layer of foam-like substance to prevent desiccation. Larval Stage Once the eggs hatch, the young caterpillars emerge and start feeding on the leaves of their host trees. They stay together in a tent-like structure made of silk, which provides protection and warmth. As the caterpillars grow, they go through several molts, shedding their old skins and increasing in size. Pupal Stage After the caterpillars have undergone their final molt, they enter the pupal stage. They leave the tent and find a suitable location, such as under bark or in leaf litt…
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