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Larmour Lands Protected!

A dedicated group of islanders and their many supporters and donors are celebrating a successful community fundraising effort this month. Both Lot H and Lot F of the Larmour Lands are now protected! With a final appeal to “help us cross the finish line,” donors jumped to action. Their support and generosity, along with that of the Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society and conservation partners, secured the rich habitats and ecological values on both Lots H and F from logging and other development pressures. In the fall of 2020, their first fundraising target was met, and the 20 acres that comprised Lot H was purchased. This success meant that its vital forests and wetlands will be protected in perpetuity as a nature reserve, managed and stewarded by the Water Preservation Society and the Island Trust Conservancy. At the end of August 2021, Lot F’s 20 acres were also purchased. The biodiverse mature forest on the upland portion of Lot F will receive long-ter…
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ASK Salt Spring with CRD Electoral Director, Gary Holman on water protection, local governance and more

After an emotional Territorial Acknowledgement, ASK Salt Spring participants welcomed our CRD Electoral Director, Gary Holman, to discuss those issues most important to us while sitting under the apple trees in the United Church Meadow. During our time together, a total of 13 Salt Springers joined us for at least part of the conversation. When we asked Gary to begin by telling what was on his mind, he responded: water. We learned about a promising meeting, arranged by Islands Trust’s Salt Spring Island Water Protection Alliance (SSIWPA), of local water districts, including those managed by CRD as well as North Salt Spring Waterworks District (NSSWD). Gary felt the meeting was useful and was optimistic about the collaborative possibilities of regularly getting all water purveyors together. Subsequent meetings are planned, and a Terms of Reference is being developed. Gary’s major water-related focus is the discussions between the province, NSSWD, and CRD. The main rationale…
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Obituary: Mort Ransen

Mort Ransen; 1933-2021 With sorrow, pride and gratitude we share the news that our beloved Mort Ransen died at the Lady Minto Hospital on Saturday Sept.4, 19 days after his 88th birthday, which he had celebrated joyfully with close family. He had suffered with many ailments in the past year and decided to ease his suffering and hasten his departure with MAID. This enabled him to have wonderful visits with family and friends in the days and hours up to his departure. He left us lucidly, peacefully and humorously. Four children and their partners, four grandchildren, family members, two ex-wives, one partner and many friends are left with their fond and funny memories. Salt Springers will remember Mort as a South End resident and active community member for 30 years, and as a great and prolific film-maker, most notably and recently with Margaret’s Museum and “Ah … The Money, The Money, The Money”, The Battle for Saltspring. Gratitude goes out to staff and residents of Me…
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Linda's September garden to do list

This message turned out to be one long “do” list, mirroring my own list of tasks for this month--so here it goes: Last chance to sow for winter salads: You can scatter corn salad seeds around under tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. that will be finished in October. Rake back the mulch in patches and broadcast the seeds on the soil. If you water them they will come up quickly, but if you don’t they will still come up, just later. When it gets cooler and wetter you will suddenly see the soil covered with tiny seedlings. Corn salad is about the only veggie I know of that actually puts on noticeable growth during the winter. Try fall seeding for spring salads: Frost hardy lettuce varieties seeded this month don’t get big enough to pick this fall, but the little plants get their roots down and survive winter. They will be the first plants up and ready to harvest in early spring. I find this timing more reliable than sowing seeds outdoors in early spring (or fussing with starti…
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Locals gather at 'Right to Choose' sidewalk rally in opposition to pandemic mandates

Around 200 community members gathered together this afternoon in Ganges on Salt Spring Island in what organizers described as a 'Right to Choose' sidewalk rally. The event was intended to demonstrate solidarity with those who oppose mask and vaccine mandates being implemented by Federal and Provincial governments in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Demonstrators stood together along the Centennial Park pathway and Lower Ganges Road encouraging passing motorists and pedestrians to join them in their support of medical freedom and the right of choice in opposition to mask and vaccine mandates. Numerous protest signs with messages that included 'My body, my choice", "If the vaccine works, why the passports?", "No masks on kids", "Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of the truth.", "Stop medical tyranny, say no to mandatory vaccines" and more were carried by participants, many of whom hoped to raise awareness about what they see as the infringement of pe…
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Watch: Saanich—Gulf Islands 2021 Federal Election candidates debate

Prospective candidates for the upcoming 2021 Federal Election running for the position of Member of Parliament for our Saanich—Gulf Islands riding gathered on Zoom last for a candidates debate hosted by the Salt Spring Forum. Debate attendees included David Busch from the Conservative Party of Canada, Elizabeth May from the Green Party of Canada, Sherri Moore-Arbour from the Liberal Party of Canada and Sabina Singh from Canada's NDP. The debate was moderated by Salt Spring Island resident Tarah Stafford with questions coming from the community via online chat. The Salt Spring Forum is supported by Country Grocer and the media partner for this debate was the Salt Spring Exchange. Learn more about the candidates running in our riding this year here on the Exchange. https://youtu.be/SK5qm-vh5RI
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Provincial government launches COVID-19 BC Vaccine Card

The Province is launching the BC Vaccine Card, a digital or printed document that shows the stage cardholders are at in their COVID-19 vaccine progress. The BC Vaccine Card will allow vaccinated people to conveniently and securely show their proof of vaccination at higher-risk social and recreational events and settings when new COVID-19 vaccine requirement rules take effect on Sept. 13, 2021. This will help increase vaccinations, while protecting people in these settings, keeping businesses open and allowing events to take place. “Getting vaccinated means we can bring people back together and do more, safely, and with confidence that we’re not putting those who aren’t fully vaccinated at risk,” said Premier John Horgan. “We have made the BC Vaccine Card easy for people to get, and easy for businesses to check at a glance. The card is a significant step in getting our economy running on all cylinders, and returning to social events safely with the confidence that those ar…
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ASK Salt Spring with MLA, Adam Olsen on climate challenges, healthcare worker support, road funding and more

After a Territorial Acknowledgement expressing a hope for regeneration, ASK Salt Spring participants welcomed our MLA, Adam Olsen. While the initial circle was small, during our two hours together, a total of 22 Salt Springers joined the conversation. He began by sharing his enthusiasm for the trip here, saying that the 35-minute ferry trip allowed him to be exactly where he needed to be - on the Salish Sea. Adam went on to express his fears that we were simply not doing what we need to do to adapt to or mitigate a climate emergency, blatantly ignoring decades of warnings. As a result, he sees challenging times ahead, expected not in years but in days, weeks, and months. He noted the destruction caused by hurricane Ida and noted the clarity in one ABC report, stating that it was “the result of human-based climate change." Adam expressed his sadness that we seem unable to make the needed changes in the face of these heartbreaking lessons and warnings. Adam wants to see urg…
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