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ASK Salt Spring: Francis Bread Trying To Remain Operational During Rezoning Application

We were lucky enough to have both Islands Trustees as special guests at this ASK Salt Spring Zoom gathering, with Peter Grove joining fifteen of us for the entire time, and Laura Patrick joining us at about 12:30. While Francis Bread took the spotlight for much of the gathering, we also learned about Islands Trust challenges, logging, and housing restrictions and opportunities. After a heartfelt territorial acknowledgement, Peter began by sharing some of his thoughts and concerns. He expressed his horror with the events rocking our neighbor to the south and his deep, on-going concerns about COVID. These terrible dramas have forced us to recognize what is really important in our lives. He had read the ASK Salt Spring report from Gary Holman’s visit last week and asked us to recognize how hard Gary is working on so many fronts to address our local needs. And, to recognize how much he is accomplishing. Peter then briefly addressed some Local Trust Committee issues, primar…
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Obituary: Hans Plambeck

Passed on January 15th,2021 at Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island. Hans was born October 13the, 1946 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans and his family officially moved to Canada in 1957. He spent time in Calgary, Salt Spring Island, New Brunswick, Victoria, and Chetwynd, BC. Hans was an accomplished carpenter and artist. Hans has left behind his children Kristian (Tamara), Stephanie (Robert) Jennifer (Colton), grandchildren Ethan, Maddison, Alexis, Elizabeth, Alexander, Cash, Nicolas and Carter Lynn. Pre-deceased by son Ryan. In lieu of flowers have a danish and remember Hans as the man he was.
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Salt Spring RCMP Community Report - 2020 4th Quarter Statistics

As of December 31, 2020, Salt Spring RCMP responded to 2,978 calls this year, averaging 8-9 calls per day. There were 745 calls for service between October 1 2020 and December 31 2020; in addition to these 700+ calls for service, Salt Spring RCMP conducted 127 vehicle stops (violation tickets and warnings), 114 licenced premises checks (bar walks) and 362 foot patrols through Centennial Park and other areas. Statistically, this means that of the 92 days in this 4th quarter period, Salt Spring RCMP conducted 1 bar walk per day, 4 foot patrols per day, 1+ traffic stop per day, and 8-9 calls for service per day. Amongst the 745 calls on Salt Spring in this 4th quarter, there were four (4) sexual assaults, 11 firearms calls and 25 COVID-related calls for police response. There were three (3) separate investigations into child pornography/distribution here on Salt Spring Island. There were 113 mental health calls, accounting for 15% of the total call volume in the 4th quarter.…
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Obituary: Reid Collins

Franklin Reid Collins (known to all as Reid) died peacefully in the company of his daughters on Thursday, December 17th at the Lady Minto Hospital. He is survived by his two children, Georgia and Laurel, by two grandchildren, Summer and Seth, and by his siblings, Russ, Billie, Tim and Laurel (predeceased by brother David). Reid was raised in Streetsville, ON and was known for his remarkably sharp mind, quick wit and generosity of spirit. After attending Teacher's College, Reid put his talent for inspiring youth to good use as the principal of a remote school in Pikangikum, in The Alternative Program at Salt Spring Elementary and later taught at The Little Red Schoolhouse. It was 1974 when Reid made his journey west and sailed around the Gulf Islands with his beloved Aunt Mary. He knew then that Salt Spring Island would be his home. With an exceptional pioneering spirit, Reid devoted himself to the Fulford community, built a home on Reynolds Road and set to work at keeping us al…
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Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park Multi-Use Trails Under Threat

One of the best-loved parks on the island is becoming much less user friendly. Hikers, mountain bikers, birders, equestrians, and dog walkers have all happily used the trail network in Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park since it was first established in 2004. The heart of that network was a multi-use loop trail now partially decommissioned. In addition, a metal grid bridge has been removed and a new, narrow, pedestrian-only bridge with steps has been constructed over a creek by the bay. This eliminates access to equestrians and poses an obstacle for some walkers and bikers. Then there are the swales, a series of deep ditches, constructed on another portion of trail, which make safe passage difficult and probably impossible in the rainy season. These changes, all undertaken without consultation with those most likely to be affected, are a consequence of remediation work in the park. No one disputes that the plan to restore wetlands and control watercourses is a worthy park manageme…
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King Tides Turn Vesuvius Beach Into a Field of Flotsam

Last night's wind storm together with 3.6m King tides brought havoc to Vesuvius Beach. Every major log was moved along with all of the kayaks, row boats, dinghies and other watercraft. Two of the row boats drifted into the bay, one of which we managed to rescue today. The area near the steps down to the beach which in summer is the gathering place of the Vesuvius Beach Indolent Society is covered with flotsam and debris and the chairs buried underneath. Next high tide is 0700hrs tomorrow but this time there should be less wind.
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Laura Patrick Trustee Report – Getting Down to Work in the New Year

One day, in the not-too-distant future COVID-19 will be an unhappy memory. It was a problem contained, certainly on these islands so far, by a coordinated and cooperative spirit. We wear our masks, keep our distance and get on with our lives. Now I believe we should apply that same cooperative spirit to solving the critical problems facing this precious little island we call home. There are substantial challenges that can only be properly addressed jointly and NOT in the singular and piecemeal way that they are being dealt with in the past. If Salt Spring is to flourish it is imperative that we plan for the future, seeking integrated solutions that are both urgent and eminently feasible. Posted proudly on the wall by my home office desk are the words “Healthy People, Healthy Society, and Healthy Environment”.  In almost every meeting, I point to them saying that one of these cannot exist without the other. I want to kick off the New Year by telling you a little abou…
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ASK Salt Spring with CRD Director Gary Holman

Eleven participants welcomed CRD’s Gary Holman to an ASK Salt Spring Zoom gathering - the first in 2021. Gary began by confirming that the Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission is committed to getting a pedestrian pathway on the west (uphill) side of the Ganges Hill roadway. Hopes are that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) will repave and add bike lanes to the Ganges Hill portion of Fulford Ganges Road (from Seaview to Beddis) this summer. While we may not be ready to construct this pathway at the same time, plans are to proceed as quickly as possible. Funding is a top consideration, with a strong preference for securing as much grant funding as possible before using Transportation Commission reserves or Community Works (gas tax) funding. Asking voters to approve additional funding through counter petition or referendum would be a last resort. Despite CRD staff efforts, it appears that getting MoTI’s design work for repaving in time to devel…
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