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Gardening heat alert

I figured that I have sent out so many heat alerts over the years that you all know what to do, but then remembered all the new readers that may not know how serious extreme heat can be for our food garden plants. The plants most likely to die from extreme heat are germinating seeds and small seedlings, of course, because their roots are close to the hot surface. The leaves of young plants are prone to being burned, but any kind and age of vegetable can experience heat injury if it gets hot enough, especially if the soil is allowed to get dry. In dry soil, heat injury occurs at lower temperatures than it would for well-watered plants. We had a taste of hot weather already this week, but with the kind of temperatures forecast for much of the region starting tomorrow, it looks like we will be experiencing record-breaking heat. And that means it will be necessary to deploy some kind of shading over vulnerable plants. In addition to any young plants, this also includes mature le…
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Salt Spring RCMP looking for owner of unique hybrid bike

The Salt Spring RCMP are looking for assistance from the public after storing a bike for almost a month. On May 25th a concerned citizen contacted the Salt Spring RCMP stating that they had found the abandoned bike near Mouat Park. This is a pretty unique and expensive bike, someone must be missing it says Salt Spring RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Clive Seabrook We’re hoping by asking the public for help and putting out the picture, someone will come to the detachment and claim it Investigators have been in contact with the manufacturer of the bike, and have the serial number from it in an effort to locate the owner. If you know who this bike belongs to, or are the rightful owner, please contact the Salt Spring RCMP at (250)-537-5555
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Lady Minto Foundation Launches Campaign for New Emergency Department

A $10.4 million expansion project will bring improvements to emergency department patient care and privacy at Lady Minto Hospital. Capital costs for the project are being shared by the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation, which has pledged $7.4 million, and the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD), which will contribute $3 million. “We know that upgrades are needed to allow Lady Minto Hospital and its dedicated staff to continue to provide high quality care for Salt Spring Island residents,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “This project will greatly enhance patient-centred care for this region, providing patient privacy and the opportunity to provide more specialized treatment including for mental health and substance use.” “Island Health is grateful the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation and the CRHD have committed to funding this important expansion at Lady Minto Hospital,” said Leah Hollins, board chair, Island Health. “This project will help support excellent healthc…
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ASK Salt Spring with Salt Spring Chamber Executive Director Jesse Brown and President Darryl Martin

Ten gathered in the United Church Meadow, delighted to again be in-person despite the threatened rain. We welcomed our Chamber’s new leadership, Executive Director Jesse Brown and President Darryl Martin. After Jesse offered a touching Territorial Acknowledgement, Darryl gave us an update as well as sharing some of his hopes for the Chamber. He began by acknowledging that many who normally participate in ASK Salt Spring were in Victoria supporting our old growth forests. We all wished them well, recognizing that all our forests are replenishing on so many levels as well as important drivers of our economy. And, that we all must work together to seek solutions to address this complex issue. Darryl reminded us of our Centennial Park concerns last year, hopeful that a combination of factors will not see a repeat of these concerns this summer. He cited our new RCMP sergeant, Clive Seabrook, as an important factor in addressing issues with kindness and intelligence rather than …
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From Ocean Consumption to Ocean Stewardship

To see the waters surrounding the Gulf Islands simply as ‘the perfect background for a selfie’, is to miss the secrets of the colourful flora and fauna that live below the waves. At low tide, purple, orange and green alien-like species stand out among the rocks. From sea stars to sea cucumbers, the coast has hosted an array of marine life for millions of years. With the passing of World Ocean’s Day, we should recognize not only how vulnerable these species are to human impact, but also, how we can bolster their resilience and our own. Human activity does not degrade the ocean by default. In fact, Coast Salish peoples have refined techniques over thousands of years and built infrastructure that improves the survival of Butter clams, supports biodiversity and protects shorelines from storm surges and erosion. Sea gardens (A.K.A. clam gardens) are a technology that involves building a rock wall at the low tide line. This increases inter-tidal habitat and harbours an abunda…
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June 2021 Update from Islands Trust Local Trustee Laura Patrick

There is increasing optimism for a return to some pre-pandemic normalcy with more islanders getting their second vaccinations.  Participating in meetings at home on virtual platforms is tiresome and challenging and I can’t wait to get back to in-person gatherings!  That said, all through the pandemic, islanders did carry on with important work for the community.  In this article, I will update you on some of the activities related to the Islands Trust’s local trust committee and federation work. Twenty two island residents have been appointed to two different task forces:  Ganges Village Planning and the Housing Action Program.  We are fortunate to have so many dedicated island residents to advise the Islands Trust on these important land use planning initiatives.  Get information about these planning initiatives and information on how to view meetings. A science working group continues to review mapping and research related to protecting coastal Douglas fir and associate…
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Sowing for winter harvests

Photo: Purple Sprouting Broccoli Here we are, with what actually looks like summer weather kicking off this week—and we are starting the main planting season for winter harvest vegetables. Veggies for winter harvests have to do their growing in the growing season, which means sowing them early enough to mature to a good size before the shorter, colder days of October put an end to growth. You can print out a planting chart showing when to plant what this summer. Stick the list on your fridge as a reminder. Right now, from mid- to late June is the time to sow seeds of winter broccoli and winter cauliflower, also cabbage varieties that take less than 80-90 days to mature (check the days-to-harvest information in the cabbage description). The overwintering broccolis and cauliflowers are very hardy biennial varieties. They are not the same ones grown for summer and fall harvests, which are less hardy annuals (some of these do survive milder winters). Purple sprouting broccol…
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ASK Salt Spring with MLA Adam Olsen on Residential Schools, Provincial Border Reopening and more

Given the tragic news of the Indigenous burial site that was made public this week, we asked our special guest, MLA Adam Olsen, to offer the Territorial Acknowledgement. He graciously agreed, thus beginning this gathering of 12 Salt Springers committed to learning and seeking solutions together. We spent our time together talking about the experiences surrounding the findings at Kamloops Residential School. Adam has asked that we do not publish a written account of the discussion but rather provide a link to his Response to the Ministerial Statement on the issue instead. On Friday morning Adam was very emotional, and these are difficult conversations that require care and the ability to respond to the complexity and nuances. Adam is open to discussing this issue with you either individually or in small groups, and if you wish to schedule a time to meet you can contact him through his constituency office at Adam.Olsen.MLA@leg.bc.ca. Adam thanks you for all the kindness and…
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