Fulford Hall Association Benefits from 100 Men Who Care Donation

What a successful and fun evening we all enjoyed tonight.  The second meeting of the 100 Men Who Care organization was held at Harbour House Hotel.  Within less than hour over $10,500 was raised for the winning charity.  The winner chosen by the membership at the March 4 meeting was the Fulford Hall Community Association.  Prior to the voting and cheque presentation, members had an opportunity to network.  This was an evening of giving, both to ourselves and to our vibrant Island community.
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SWOVA Receives $18,500 from 100+ Women Who Care

When Erin Lee arrived at the podium at the 100+ Women Who Care meeting on February 24, 2020, she said in a shaky voice, “I’m not a public speaker. I actually hate public speaking. But the fact that I’m up here is a testament to how much I believe in the work of SWOVA.” With that, all of the members present for that meeting were intrigued. But that introduction isn’t what guaranteed the members’ votes. Members heard three excellent presentation at this meeting, one by Louise Doucet presenting for Gulf Islands Families Together Society (GIFTS), the presentation for SWOVA Community Development and Research Society, and the final one by Dorrie Ferster for Greenwoods Eldercare Society. They were followed by murmurs such as “so difficult to choose” and “I’d like them all to win!” These three presentations, like those in previous meetings, were heartfelt and informative and exuded the passion and care prevalent on Salt Spring Island. Members who are present for these presentatio…
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Local Trust Committee Approves the Meadowlane Project

The Local Trust Committee has unanimously approved Bylaw 515 that establishes the zoning required for our planned Meadowlane facility at 154 Kings Lane in Ganges. At the same meeting, the LTC granted approval of the Development Permit for the facility and voiced support for the project “…as a valuable addition to the affordable housing and community infrastructure of the island.” Meadowlane is a 75,000 square foot building at the site of the existing Saltspring Island Health Centre on Kings Lane. The medical clinic, so important to our community, will remain in place and operate unchanged, throughout and after the construction of the Meadowlane residential and community hub complex. The Salt Spring Community Hub is a much-needed facility on the island and will become the new home of the Salt Spring Seniors Services Society. In addition to the arts and crafts space, small library, lounges and boardroom, the Community Hub will provide affordable meeting and multi-function s…
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Screening of "The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen" for International Women’s Day

Every March 8th, people around the world celebrate International Women's Day. An opportunity to acknowledge women’s achievements throughout history and across nations, the day is also a focal point in the movement for women's rights and gender equity. This year, local celebrations include a special screening of The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen. For over 60 years, Dr. Cohen advocated powerfully in Canada and internationally for women physicians’ advancement within the medical profession and is widely recognized for her many contributions to women’s health, sexuality, abortion choice, and human rights. Numerous medical awards bear her name. Two Canadian colleagues of May Cohen, family physicians, and gender equity advocates Cheryl Levitt and Barbara Lent created the documentary “to share May’s remarkable accomplishments, to make them visible, and to offer the film as a tool to help promote gender equity, reproductive rights, and equity for women physicians.” Acco…
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Salt Spring Foundation Aims to Strengthen Local Charities

For 36 years the Salt Spring Island Foundation has been supporting the charities that make our island a caring community. Thanks to many generous donors, over 550 grants have been awarded to over 85 local charitable organizations, totalling over $3.3 million. Foundation grants have supported many areas of need and many types of projects and programs, from capital improvements to services and events that engage and assist community members. Other grants have funded projects that aim to strengthen the organizations themselves and help them to better fulfill their mission. This year the Foundation will be putting even more emphasis on strengthening our charities, committing $25,000 to projects that aim to build the capacity of qualified local non-profits. Of that amount, $15,000 will be awarded during the spring grants cycle. Examples of capacity-building activities could include strategic planning, technology upgrades, operational improvements, board development, improvin…
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Grad Rates Improve in the Gulf Islands

The Six-Year Completion Rate for BC residents, often referred to as the “grad rate”, increased and approached the BC average in June 2019. The percentage of Gulf Islands School District students graduating in six years from their grade 8 to 12 program jumped from 74.2% for the previous year to 82.7%, the 4th largest increase in the province. The results were confirmed by BC’s Ministry of Education in December 2019. "Focused work by teachers and staff have contributed to this accomplishment,” stated Scott Benwell, Gulf Islands’ Superintendent of Schools. "This is one important indicator of the work we do as a public school system to ensure students have equitable and meaningful options for success when they graduate. Achieving results and improvement like this takes effort from all and it is heartening to see that more of our students walked the stage with dignity, purpose, and options. While this is a positive gain, we know that our continued work on behalf of students wi…
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Civil Forfeiture Office Seeks Salt Spring Property Linked to Alleged Stock Fraud

The BC Civil Forfeiture Office has filed a lawsuit seeking to seize a Salt Spring Island property allegedly linked to a large international stock fraud. The lawsuit filed December 11th, 2019 in BC Supreme Court alleges the property located at 391 Baker Road on Salt Spring Island is the proceeds of crime and was used to launder money. The defendants have not yet responded to the civil lawsuit. The allegations have not been proven in court. Read the brief of the lawsuit: Note: An earlier version of this story included a map showing the incorrect location of the property. The map has been updated.
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100 Men Who Care Launched on Salt Spring Island

Part of being alive is the desire to help others through action. While there are many ways to accomplish this philanthropy, one common way is to give generously of our wealth and abundance. Who hasn’t donated to their favourite charity or not for profit organization? Doing so benefits both our neighbour and ourselves. However, most of us wonder at the difference our individual donation is really making. What if there was a way to multiply our giving tenfold without having to bake anything, join a committee, or attend endless meetings. Well, there is a simple way to multiply our giving, making a huge difference for our Island not for profit organizations. Perhaps you have already heard of the 100 Women Who Care group started here on Salt Spring last fall. This group of dedicated women have single-handedly raised in one year over $49,000 for three Island not for profits. It is my belief that Island men can make a similar difference, providing much need assistance to under-fund…
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2019 Salt Spring Chamber Salty Awards - Vote Now for Your Community & Business Award Choices

Make someone you know a Salty Award winner! - Presenting the Salt Spring Community & Business Awards! Winners will receive a Salty Award and 29 awards will be given out two areas – Business and Community. You can nominate one business or community group/area per session during the nomination process. You will then be able to vote for 1 business or community service per category. We will limit the number of times IP addresses can be used to twice for nominating and twice for voting. Nominations will take place from September 12th to October 2nd. Nominations are open to all Salt Spring based locations, groups and businesses. You do not need to be a Salt Spring resident to nominate or vote for someone for a Salty Award. After the nominations are closed, voting will take October 8th to the 25th. After that date the voting will be closed and results will be tabulated. The awards will be presented on November 14th at an Awards Dinner. Details to follow – mark your cal…
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Affordable Rental Housing Cottages Survey

Please join us on Saturday, September 7th for a Community Information Meeting regarding Bylaw No. 512 (Affordable Rental Housing – Cottages). This is an opportunity to learn more about the project and discuss the proposed rezoning of approximately 400 properties on Salt Spring Island to permit cottages for full-time residential rental, instead of “seasonal cottages” for temporary use. Bylaw No. 512 was developed to increase the supply of affordable rental housing on the island in a way that is consistent with policies in the Salt Spring Island Oficial Community Plan.
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Salt Spring Island Foundation Marks 35 Years of Giving

We all know that great trees grow from tiny seeds, which makes the tree logo of the Salt Spring Island Foundation particularly appropriate. Thirty-five years ago, John C. Lees planted a $10,000 seed that has grown to a $7.5 million endowment fund solely for the benefit of Salt Spring Island charities. Since then the Foundation has granted the amazing sum of $3.3 million, with over 550 grants awarded to over 60 local charities since its inception. In 1984, Lees first conceived of establishing a community endowment fund, and his bequest was the first donation to the fund. Lees died on March 1, 1984, just five days before the Salt Spring Island Foundation was registered as a Public Foundation with Revenue Canada in Ottawa. Alan Pierce, Colin Mouat and Richard Toynbee were the first three trustees. The Foundation has benefitted from exceptional leadership over its 35 years. Between 1991 and 2006, under the chairmanship of Bob Rush, the community endowment fund swelled from $2…
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2019 Eco Living and Home Tour: Ideas, Information, Inspiration

Headlines announcing biodiversity collapse and climate catastrophe can feel paralyzing. Even the most committed environmentalists may not know where to turn for solid information on the kinds of innovative — and dramatic — lifestyle changes that experts say will be need to weather the coming changes. Salt Spring’s Eco Living and Home Tour highlights what some people are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and to prepare themselves for an uncertain future. The tour also offers something that is getting harder to find these days: good news. The innovative event offers inspiring examples of ways that people are taking action to transform their ecological footprint and create sustainable, beautiful homes. Held on Sunday, July 28, from 10am to 4pm, the self-guided tour allows visitors to explore various locations on Salt Spring Island, which has some of BC’s most innovative examples of off-grid living, tiny homes, container homes, eco building and architecture, renewable te…
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Survey: Should British Columbia Adopt Year Round Daylight Saving Time?

British Columbians are invited to share their views on how we should observe time in our province. Most areas of B.C. currently “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time during summer months and “fall back” to Standard Time in the winter. The following choices are being considered: 1) B.C. continues the practice of changing our clocks bi-annually; or 2) B.C. adopts year-round observance of Daylight Saving Time. Legislators in California, Oregon and Washington have proposed bills to end the bi-annual time change and observe Daylight Saving Time year-round. Premier John Horgan has reached out to the Governors of these states as well as to the Premier of Yukon, to hear their opinions and help inform the discussion in B.C. The public engagement period will run from June 24, 2019 to July 19, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. During this time, interested individuals and organizations will be invited to share their opinions in the following ways: Individuals may complete the online sur…
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World Oceans Day: Local Action Needed

The waters around our island are experiencing another push for industrialization. Freighters started anchoring at our island. Similar to a factory or refinery they are bringing industrial pollution - chronic engine and generator noise, lights, air and water pollution. More anchorages are expected and will affect more beaches and neighbourhoods. There is no protection in place for the shores and waters around Salt Spring Island. We need the completion of some framework like a National Marine Conservation Area, which has been in planning for years and years without results. Freighters are now regularly anchoring at two sites right at Ganges Harbour, Chocolate Beach, Price Beach, Beddis Beach, and the north end of Ruckle Park. These are not peacefully resting ships. They are a type of industrial expansion more like floating factories or refineries. Engines or massive generators are roaring 24/7. Noise, bright lights, and other pollution are worse than feared. More anchora…
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Extensive Vandalism to Moon Snail Bus Shelter

In the morning of June 1, 2019 the glass moon snail bus shelter located in front country grocer was vandalized. This asset falls under the SSI CRD Transportation Service. The vandalism has been reported to the Salt Spring RCMP and their investigation is ongoing. At this point, the cost to repair the damage remains unknown. I encourage anyone with information on this crime to contact the Salt Spring RCMP at 250-537-5555, or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Dan Ovington | BBA Acting Senior Manager, Salt Spring Island Capital Regional District
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Community Economic Development Commission Calls for Comprehensive Strategic Planning for the Villages of Ganges & Fulford

The Salt Spring Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) is seeking an updated framework and strategy for development and revitalization for both Ganges and Fulford Villages. At the Island Local Trust Committee meeting on May 28, commissioners made a formal presentation calling for trustees to re-initiate the Villages Area Plan, commenced in 2013, and produce a comprehensive plan that presents an integrated sustainable vision and framework for strategic directions to guide a thriving future for the Villages. CEDC Chair Francine Carlin says both Villages require an updated framework and strategy for development and revitalization. “We are aware of innovative projects that have considerable public benefit that are facing frustration and delay due to the lack of a coherent and comprehensive strategic plan for these Villages – vital to the economic well-being of Salt Spring.” According to the CEDC, a comprehensive village plan for Fulford and Ganges will provide a be…
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Lyse Doucet: Reporting from a Troubled World

Lyse Doucet, one of the most important journalists working in the world today, visits the Salt Spring Forum on Saturday, June 1. As Chief International Correspondent for the BBC, Lyse Doucet has for more than two decades reported on the ground from Jerusalem, Amman, Islamabad, Tehran and Kabul about some of the world’s most intense conflicts. She has also been eye-witness to such natural disasters as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Our Forum audience will have the opportunity to hear about her experiences in a turbulent world, to discuss the current threat of war between the US and Iran, and to touch on another current war: that being waged against journalism itself by political movements that mistrust objective reporting of facts. A particular point of pride for us in her visit is that Lyse Doucet happens to be Canadian, celebrated last year with the Order of Canada, and in Britain with an OBE in the Queen’s Honours list in 2014. The Forum event starts at 7:30 at Ar…
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Shared Business Services Model Gains Momentum for Salt Spring Island

The Capital Regional District (CRD) and the Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) have received a Rural Dividend grant to further develop a shared business services model for Salt Spring Island. The grant in the amount of $90,750 will go toward development of a shared services organization that helps local business increase their economies of scale through better coordination around common needs. “This grant is a welcome step forward in establishing a sustainable model for delivering shared business services,” said Gary Holman, Electoral Area Director for Salt Spring Island. “It will help to grow and broaden our economy and recruit and retain business investment on the island. I would also like to extend my congratulations to the CEDC and former Director Wayne McIntyre who were instrumental in securing Salt Spring’s eligibility for the Rural Dividend Program.” Salt Spring Island businesses are challenged by limited access to markets, elevated costs for many cor…
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Island Pathways Receives $18,500

Last Wednesday evening, 100+ Women Who Care Salt Spring Island gathered in the ArtSpring theatre for its third meeting. And something interesting happened... One of the three charities randomly drawn during the meeting, from the 18 that had been nominated, had been drawn before but hadn't been voted to receive the funds. Back into the charity basket it went! This time, Anna Pugh had the opportunity to speak about the organization. She ended her presentation with these words (paraphrased): Everyone on the island, regardless of whether they use the paths, benefits because, as a result, the roads are safer for everyone. At the end of the meeting, 100+ Women Who Care voted for Island Pathways to receive more than $18,500! Island Pathways will be able to use 100% of these funds in ways that it needs most, as long as its efforts benefit the community. Members will hear from an Island Pathways spokesperson at the fall meeting to find out how the funds were used. After…
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Tofino Mayor Josie Osborne visits Salt Spring Forum

If you’ve been to Tofino in the last couple of years you will know that it’s a cool place. Not only are the beaches and the surfing and the mountains excellent, but the community looks to be thriving. Local government clearly has done well, not only in fostering a strong economy, but also at preserving important ecological and social values. How have they done this, and is there a darker side that we do not see on our short visits? Josie Osborne has been mayor of Tofino for a number of years and her leadership, informed by her background both as a marine biologist and as a businesswoman, have been key to the development of the town. Josie Osborne will be the Salt Spring Forum’s guest on Saturday, May 25 starting at 7:30 at ArtSpring. The Forum conversation will focus on the similarities and differences between Tofino and Salt Spring Island and on what lessons we can draw as a community from her experiences. Questions like: What are the opportunities and dangers o…
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History of the Salt Spring Island Golf Club

March 23, 1928, saw a public meeting at Mahon Hall. Thirty-three people attended with the intention of forming a golf club. With W.E. Scott in the chair, K. Butterfield undertook secretarial duties. It was announced that a committee which had been appointed by the Salt Spring Island Development Association had been exceedingly busy. ‘Barnsbury’, the estate on which our present course is situated, was chosen as a golf course site since arrangements could be made to utilize some of the land. Mr. Norman Wilson, who farmed the land, was also available to work on the proposed course and to allow partial use of his dwelling by members, Action accelerated quickly. Money was allocated for seed and labour, fees struck. These were set at twenty dollars for a man, twenty-five for man & wife. One must remember that male chauvinism was still in vogue. The organizational committee comprised W.E. Scott, J. Watson, G.C. Mouat, F.C. Turner, T.F. Speed, K. Butterfield, Dr. E.H. Lawson …
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