COVID-19: Tree House Cafe Temporarily Closed After Staff Member Tests Positive

We would like to notify everyone that we have been informed that one member of our staff has tested positive for COVID-19. It is important to note this staff member did not have direct contact with customers while symptomatic. Since the case was confirmed, we have been working closely with Island Health’s Public Health team. Island Health has informed us that they have completed their contact tracing related to this case. Anyone deemed a potential contact has already been informed or will be informed as soon as possible and advised to self-isolate. Island Health has confirmed that the risk of exposure to customers or those not identified as a potential contact is extremely low. However, out of an abundance of caution, people should continue to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. If they feel sick, stay home and reach out for advice or testing. Although we have not been ordered to do so, we have made the decision to close for the time being, to allow some of our staff to self-isolate. Thank you all for your support and stay well everyone.

September 3, 2020 8:49 PM

  • Avatar Keith Alexander says:

    Well done Treehouse, for meeting the problem head on and letting everyone know. Much appreciated by all.
    Keith Alexander

  • Avatar moriahboone says:

    Thank you for the care and intelligence in how you are handling this. I know this is a difficult decision but putting safety over finances shows how much you care for everyone.

  • Avatar Lloyd says:

    We need specifics and we need them now. Do you not know that carriers are most often asymptomatic while spreading this virus? We are not happy at all with this response since we just had breakfast at this restaurant on Wed. morning. We need to know times and dates and contact specifics and we need that NOW.

  • Avatar w101 says:

    Sorry, I don't agree with the restaurant needing to shut down. Yes, I know my "opinion" will be in stark contrast to the other posts. But this is border line hysterical, (in my opinion) considering the current known science and stats. The human life "risk vs benefit" equation we humans are required to make on a daily basis is completely upside down, and not rational. There many activities we all do every single day that say statistically you're at greater risk of death/injury by a factor of many vs Covid-19.
    -For those outside of nursing homes, the infection fatality rate is estimated to be just 0.13 percent.
    -If you are 34 years old or younger, your probability of dying from Covid-19 as of June 3rd was 0.0005 percent.
    -The overwhelming majority of deaths are among those with at least one other underlying medical condition. Among patients hospitalized with Covid-19, 91.5 percent have at least one underlying health condition.
    -Children rarely display serious symptoms from Covid-19 or infect others. Some scientists believe children are a “brake” on transmissions.
    -The probability of being struck by lightning is higher than the chances of a school-age child (5-14) first getting and then dying of COVID-19.
    ---And it goes on and on.. Let's focus on protecting nursing home / elderly / underlying condition population, and get back to living life.


  • Avatar linda starke says:

    So sorry that you have to close, and over the final summer long weekend. I hope you can reopen soon.
    But more info on possible exposure would be indeed be helpful. I had dinner there Monday evening, but no one asked for my phone number or my friend's number. So of course we have not been contacted. Was this employee working on Monday evening?? We could stop worrying if we knew the answer to that question is "No".

  • Avatar elderberryfarm says:

    Let's just put everyone who has a health risk on an island. Wait...

  • Avatar Fidge13 says:

    I really respect and appreciate your opinion. Maybe you could consider in your analysis the number of individuals living with underlying health conditions (aka comoribidities). Approximately 5-10% of Canadians over 20 years old have heart disease; 10% of Canadians have asthma; 5% of Canadians have an autoimmune disease. I agree that shutting down the restaurant may not be necessary. But, it is an excellent message to everyone to take this pandemic very seriously; to protect the elderly and those with underlying health conditions who become vulnerable in the case of a big uptick in the pandemic. I believe it's this bigger picture thinking that makes Canada so much better off than our neighbours to the south. Thanks for listening and best wishes for a fun long weekend!

  • Avatar YouNeverMind Jones says:

    w101 thanks for posting

    Finally some logical thinking! Cheers for sharing. Maybe once the loaded media and Gov't stop ramming all this COVID crap down our throats, we can get back to normal. Check out the new studies by the CDC, don't take it from me. If your elderly , sick or compromised: stay home and let the rest of the world get back to normal.

  • Avatar barirv says:

    Trust the contact tracers. If you needed more information, you would have received it. You should act as you normally would. Physical distancing, face covering, etc. This is a pandemic.

  • Avatar barirv says:

    So, you know more than the health department and the procedures they have deemed necessary. Thanks for your service.

  • Avatar w101 says:

    Once again I disagree. The media has created this irrational fear. Seasonal Influenza strains / other possible viral infections from many sources present the exact same threat to people with underlying conditions. Yet we do not shut down life or mandate mask wearing to "prevent" viral transmission of Flu or other in public spaces.

    Even though Flu has a yearly vaccine option it still does not stop complications / deaths associated with Flu every single year. And with Flu children are much more at risk vs Cv-19 based on the stats. Obviously a novel virus instills fear, but clearly Covid-19 is not Marburg, Ebola, HIV, Dengue for example. Are we over reacting to a relatively mild virus tolerated by humans with 99.++% recovery rate within 14 days of contracting. The downside / social ails fall out attributed to job loss etc is a far greater problem including the jobs at Tree House.

    I will of course abide by the rules / wear the mask when mandated, but I don't agree... 🙂

  • Avatar w101 says:

    Actually I have talked to a few people in the Medical community who are questioning the entire response on many levels. But they don't want to be "shouted down" or make waves so they stay quite and follow orders.

  • Avatar Robby Parker says:

    So you believe the health dept.? Lol

  • Avatar Robby Parker says:

    Co-vid=The greatest consolidation of wealth the world has ever seen. DYOR. Do your own research. And I don't mean listening to the news and government. Aka the salesmen. Info is available dig deeper. Love vs. fear. It's a choice.

  • Avatar Diana says:

    I imagine the reason for closing is because the staff had to isolate and they are short staffed now.....