Accessible Art: Meet Pam and Steve

In 2020, with support from the Disability Alliance British Columbia's Accessibility Project, the Salt Spring Arts Council is delivering a year-long Accessible Art Therapy project to provide access to art therapy for members of our community with disabilities. Lead by Artist Stefanie Denz and supported by Talia Peckel, we are proud to work with local organizations G.I.F.T.S., Friends and Choices, and Meadowbrook. Beyond providing individual and group tailored creative explorations, the project also aims to bring visibility to local islanders with disabilities. Project participants' work is on display as part of 'creative expressions' until August 3, in the Mahon Hall Annex Gallery.

Meet Pam:

Pam is 39 years old and came to Salt Spring from North Vancouver. She loves going to the pool and participates in the Special Olympics swimming. She loves playing the shaker at music circle on Mondays, and Thursday karaoke at G.I.F.T.S., where she is known for her rendition of “Mahna Mahna”, originally sung by the Muppets. She knows where everything is in a room and remembers everyone’s name. She has been spotted enjoying an afternoon at the library reading aloud with her caretaker. She likes dancing at Shauna Devlin’s classes and now practices her painting skills in her sessions with Stefanie Denz. Make sure to wish Pam a happy birthday next March 27th if you see her out and about!

Abstract piece by Pam.

Meet Steve -He’s 41 years old and moved to Salt Spring in 2018 from Victoria.

He has been enjoying the art program with Stefanie at FRIENDS, including sessions of drawing, painting, and clay sculpting. Steve chooses only one colour for his paintings and creates distinct shapes, which he says are “familiar” to him. Steve especially loves movies and could be considered a film connoisseur of sorts. Among his favourite historical films and biopics are The Sound of Music, Schindler’s List, The Iron Lady, and Saving Private Ryan. He especially admires Steven Spielberg and keeps track of the film Awards and the “behind the scenes” part of filmmaking. When he’s home, he also enjoys doing puzzles and researching on the computer. He does volunteer work, including maintenance at Murakami Gardens and food bank runs. He plays golf and bocce ball. Having a conversation with Steve about movies is highly recommended when you get a chance!

Artworks by Steve:

July 10, 2020 9:25 AM