Island Pathways Receives $18,500

Last Wednesday evening, 100+ Women Who Care Salt Spring Island gathered in the ArtSpring theatre for its third meeting. And something interesting happened...

One of the three charities randomly drawn during the meeting, from the 18 that had been nominated, had been drawn before but hadn't been voted to receive the funds. Back into the charity basket it went!

This time, Anna Pugh had the opportunity to speak about the organization. She ended her presentation with these words (paraphrased): Everyone on the island, regardless of whether they use the paths, benefits because, as a result, the roads are safer for everyone.

At the end of the meeting, 100+ Women Who Care voted for Island Pathways to receive more than $18,500! Island Pathways will be able to use 100% of these funds in ways that it needs most, as long as its efforts benefit the community. Members will hear from an Island Pathways spokesperson at the fall meeting to find out how the funds were used.

After the meeting, Anna Pugh commented: “What a wonderful feeling to be able to phone Jean Gelwicks and give her the news that Island Pathways was the recipient! I believe she—and I—were stunned at the generosity and support shown by 100 Women towards this organization. We are truly grateful and look forward to coming back to 100 Women Salt Spring and being able to share the results of this incredible donation. The impact that a donation like this can have feels very significant. I am excited to rejoin the 100 Women in the fall. I feel that the presence of what is now 185 Women, all showing support for a chosen organization, feels like more than just the money, but also, as the name suggests, the caring that this community offers."

This meeting provided a great example of the benefits of a charity being redrawn. Different presenters have different reasons for why an organization should receive the funds, and women in attendance can learn even more about these charities and about how their work touches people in the community.

The other charities that were drawn and presented for on May 15 were the Salt Spring Arts Council and Gulf Islands Families Together Society. They were put back into the basket and will be redrawn at some point, too!

Coreen Boucher, a member of the planning committee, said, “The level of engagement in this community is astounding. These meetings gather a high percentage of the passionate people involved at the community level, and we’re really starting to feel the fireworks. The pre-meeting social is abuzz with women networking and talking about the organizations they care about. The financial impact is growing. And our overall level of education about and appreciation for the work being done by Salt Spring charities is deepening.”

The concept is simple: 100+ women, one hour, $100 donation, equals $10,000+ of immediate impact for a local charity each meeting. Members nominate registered charities with a local impact. At each meeting, three charities are randomly chosen. If selected, the member who nominated the charity provides a 5-minute presentation on why they think that organization should receive the funds. After the three presentations, each member casts a secret ballot for her choice. The charity receiving the most votes is awarded all funds raised that evening.

The next meeting date is to be announced. Please watch the organization’s website or Facebook for updates. The social begins at 6 pm and the meeting is from 7 to 8 pm. Members must nominate their charity at least 4 weeks in advance.

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By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

May 22, 2019 5:58 AM

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