Delivered: 700+ Petition Signatures to Fix Central

The community petition calling for action to fix Central was delivered today to the CRD Transportation Committee containing all 700+ signatures. The final petition signature count was 703 and included the 586 votes in the poll asking for input on the various options to either change the intersection or leave it as is. The petition was delivered to the committee on behalf of all signatories and Maggie Ramsey, whose original call to action initiated the signature drive. Salt Spring Exchange representative Christopher Roy delivered the petition to Donald McLennan, Chair of the Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission and Salt Spring CRD Director Wayne McIntyre at their first meeting of the year. Thank you to all of those who participated as well as those who shared their feedback in comments on the Exchange, these will also be reviewed by the committee to help them determine how they might to proceed. Embedded below is a copy of the final document outlining the poll a…
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Salt Spring Resident Shot and Killed in Mexico

From CBC News: A 67-year-old man from Salt Spring Island, B.C., has been killed in Mexico. Police in the Pacific coastal town of Melaque confirmed Robin Wood was shot and killed early Tuesday morning at the holiday home of fellow Canadian Arvid Chalmers, who is also from Salt Spring Island. Police said Wood was returning from a benefit concert in La Manzanilla, and was shot after challenging two robbers who had entered the home. Melaque is located between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, just north of Manzanilla. Police director Ruben Hernandez Bonilla told CBC News robberies in the area and associated murders are very common. Read the full story at
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Fix the Central Intersection Petition

To support Maggie Ramsey's call to action to ask the CRD Transportation Committee to fix the Central traffic intersection, we are collecting signatures to let the committee know just how many people are in support of a change. If you support a review and possible changes such as a traffic circle, four way stop, etc., then sign the petition and share this widely with your friends. We will deliver the results of the petition to the committee at their January 10th meeting. [emailpetition id="1"] How would you change the Central intersection?[signaturelist id="1"]
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Performing Arts Survey Contest Winners

Very big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey about the performing arts on Salt Spring. Over 250 people shared a bounty of feedback and ideas about the arts on the island and the ArtSpring experience. This has helped provided us with invaluable feedback to guide how we offer programming and engage with the community. And of course those that took the time to complete the survey were entered into a prize draw to have a chance to win one of 50 bags of Salt Spring Coffee’s Organic Holiday Blend, and also be entered to win our grand prize of a day trip from Salt Spring to see Don Quixote by the National Ballet of Cuba in Vancouver. Without further adieu, here are the winners! Kathy Page is our grand prize winner! And here are the winners of a 1 lbs bag of Salt Spring Coffee’s Organic Holiday Blend! Jennifer Barrio, Tanis Beaver, Kim Benson, Rasma Bertz, Eric Booth, Hannah Brown, Heather Cameron, Brenda Dixon, Cameron Esaryk, Susan Evans, Nixe G…
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Wow! 15,000 People Posted 75,000 Listings

It's coming up on the end of 2011 and the 3rd birthday of the Salt Spring Exchange. We wanted to give you an update on how things are going here behind scenes. Since 2008, the Exchange evolved from a basic email list, merged with Harry Burton's email list, turned into to a Google Group email list, then into the web based experience you now see. It has taken hundreds of hours of work each year, the financial support of many donors and support from local businesses to keep it going. The vision is simple: * Serve the residents of Salt Spring Island with a vital resource for community sharing * Deliver the best possible online experience for local news, stories, event and classified listings * Dedicate that online experience exclusively to the residents and fans of Salt Spring Island * Give as much as possible of the service away for free or very low-fees * Provide an unparalleled platform for local business advertising Here are some current stats as of the writing of …
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Share your ideas about performing arts!

ArtSpring wants to know what you think about the performing arts on Salt Spring. Fill out our easy online survey and you'll have a chance to win one of 50 bags of Salt Spring Coffee's Organic Holiday Blend, and also be entered to win our grand prize of a day trip from Salt Spring to see Don Quixote by the National Ballet of Cuba in Vancouver. It takes apx. 7 minutes to complete and you have a good chance of winning a prize as a thank you for your time! Click here to fill out the survey now!
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Creating Change - Maggie Schubart

Maggie Schubart was an exceptional activist who made immeasurable contributions to our island and world. Maggie passed away in 2010, yet her legacy of community involvement and gentle leadership continues to inspire. In November 2006, I had the pleasure of interviewing Maggie in her home, in the aftermath of a major snow storm. Maggie had made a big pot of stew; we drank tea and chatted in her kitchen. Maggie and I had worked together on food security efforts and she had generously agreed to be part of my Master’s thesis research on learning in social movements. Maggie and her husband Hank, the esteemed architect, and their five boys moved to Salt Spring from California in 1968, during the Vietnam War. Her social change work had began years earlier when she helped establish Bay area KPFA radio station that became a force for change. In San Francisco, both she and Hank were active in the civil rights movement and anti Vietnam War efforts. Maggie said, “Yes, I was involv…
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Online Poll vs. Official Voting Match-up!

We've had numerous requests to comment on how the online poll that we ran during the lead up to the elections performed against official voting results. We were curious too! The online poll ran for 18 days and over 750 people voted in every one of the three polls for CRD Director, Islands Trustees and School Board Trustees. During that same time, well over 12,000* people used the Exchange (* verified by Google Analytics). Our goal had been to have 500 people participate in the poll. Relative to the number of people that used the site, the participation in the poll was relatively low. Less than 10%. This is likely because we implemented the highest level of poll blocking that the service we use has, and also because some people simply just didn't want to participate. We did get numersous questions during the poll itself about security and added this note as the poll ran to clarify how scientific online polling is: NOTE: Salt Spring Exchange online election polls are not…
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Official Election Results

Salt Spring, here are your official, preliminary, election results. These results were posted tonight by Anthony (Tony) Kennedy, Salt Spring's Deputy Chief Election Officer at 9:01 PM on the doors of the Community Gospel Chapel. We were there in person to get you the results as fast as possible. The results are totals from all Salt Spring Island polling stations. The final, official results still need to be verified by the Chief Election Officer in Victoria before they are confirmed as final. It may take a number of days for these results to be finalized and there is a small chance they may change. See photos below of official results as posted by the Deputy Chief Election officer and detailed break downs of votes by polling station, advance polls and off island polls. Here are the winners: Wayne McIntyre wins for CRD Director Peter Grove and George Grams win for Islands Trust Directors Rob Pingle, Kathy Page and Katherine Byers win for School Trustees …
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Salt Spring Sketches: A Gypsy Creates Her Own Bliss by the Sea

She confesses to an addiction to adventure.  She acknowledges that she often doesn’t appreciate the consequences of her spontaneous decisions.  And she is currently off on another escapade—this time sailing via California to Mexico for six months. She’s leased her house for 18 months and has no idea where she’ll live when she gets back from Mexico.  But she’s confident that things will fall into place – “somehow, they always do.” Suzanne Ambers, counsellor, massage therapist, spa consultant, and self-described gypsy, is always up for something different, particularly if it involves travel to new places.  And the sea. “Every day unfolds differently,” she says. “”I’ve lived out of a suitcase all over the world. I raised two sons in a float home and I was plunked down by the universe on Salt Spring, somewhere I never imagined I would live.” Open to opportunity, some would say. But for Suzanne, it’s more like heeding your heart, or maybe listening to the psychic friend…
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Local Elections - First Week Polling Results

We've been running our local elections online poll now for one week, with the elections now less than two weeks away. Leading into tonights candidate debates at ArtSpring, we wanted to update everyone on how the polls are shaping up. As people participate in the polls and make decisions about their candidates we've seen an excellent response . As of the writing of this story, 464 people have participated in the School Trustee poll, 455 in the Islands Trustee poll, and 407 in the CRD director poll. Our goal was 500 participants before the election and we're likely to reach and exceed this goal. 500+ voters represents apx. 5% of the 10,000 or so permanent residents of Salt Spring and we believe having this many participants will begin to give good insights into the potential outcome of the election on the 19th. If you're going to tonights candidate debate, and haven't made up your mind, be sure to log your vote once you make your candidate commitment. Here are the individua…
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Support the Arts on Salt Spring

There's an opportunity for you to help fund the Salt Spring Arts Education Centre, a place for workshops and classes to happen on our faire isle. And it won't cost you anything! All you have to do is go to the Aviva Community Fund website and vote for the idea! You can vote every day, a total of 15 times. Start NOW. This could happen if we all participate. Voting in this round is only open until Nov. 9, so don't put it off!
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Salt Spring 'Introvert' Island

Last week we ran a survey asking residents of Salt Spring if they considered themselves to be *mostly* introverted or extroverted. The results are bit a surprising. Our survey closed automatically when we hit 100 responses and of those 100 responses, 79 people identified themselves as *mostly* introverted. Speaking with a colleague via email about this who has a background in Jungian psychology, he shared that in general it is understood that about 40% of the population identify as introverts and that the dominant culture, at least in North America, is extrovertedly oriented. Is it possible that 79% of islanders are mostly introverted at double the average in North America? Is this just another thing that makes Salt Spring special? Should we have gone out and surveyed at a party where all the extroverts are? Should we become the destination for introverts everywhere, or do we need to import some more extroverts to balance this place out?
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One of the country’s best-kept secrets

A Weekend on: Salt Spring Island by Neal Webster Turnage featured in American Way Magazine One of 225 Canadian Gulf Islands, charming Salt Spring is just a hop, skip and a ferry ride from Vancouver — and one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Despite the fact that the scenery is spectacular, the epicurean possibilities world-class, the cultural highlights significant, and the hotels and inns delightfully rustic to dangerously decadent, Canada’s Salt Spring Island still somehow manages to stay off most travelers’ radars. Maybe it’s because it sleeps in the shadows of its more-celebrated seaside neighbors, Vancouver and Victoria. Or maybe it’s because it’s reachable only by seaplane or ferry. Either way, all this means for you is that the island is an insider’s secret — and we’re here to share it with you.... read the full article on the American Way Magazine site.
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The Library’s 2011 Annual Giving Campaign

A new library is finally being built! That new home will meet our community’s needs for decades to come. This project is currently both on budget and on schedule for an opening in the Fall of 2012. Until then, library services continue to be provided at the library’s temporary home at 118 Jackson Avenue. And now it’s time to begin thinking about what goes into that new building. All proceeds from the 2011 Annual Giving Campaign have been earmarked for expanding the collection and broadening the range of services provided. Many areas of special interest in both the fiction and non-fiction collections must be strengthened. Both the teen and children’s collections now have room to grow as do the library’s DVD and audio book collections. The library also hopes to provide, both in the new building and “from home”, access to more on-line full text articles and research materials. Click Here to Donate Now Will you join us this year in the effort to expand our collections, our pro…
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Salt Spring Local Elections Poll

Our local elections are coming up on November 19th and just as we did with the federal elections, we're running an informal poll for the Capital Regional District Director and Islands and School Board Trustees. We have another opportunity here to see how Salt Spring might be voting for this years candidates. When you cast your vote you will be able to see results in real-time. You can also monitor results by clicking on the "View Results" link to the right of the "Vote" button on each poll. NOTE: Salt Spring Exchange online election polls are not intended to be scientific and may not reflect actual results. Instead, they are a way for our readers to share their views with fellow site users. Respondents are not randomly selected, but select themselves to vote on a specific question. In addition, while Salt Spring Exchange online polls are designed to allow only one vote per user, savvy users may find ways around this limitation. Who are you voting for CRD Director? Who …
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