Wisdom of the Earth IMMERSION ~ Register Now for Sept 2023

Wisdom of the Earth IMMERSION ~ Register Now for Sept 2023
Full NameWisdom of The Earth Wilderness School
LocationSalt Spring Island

Wisdom of the Earth IMMERSION ~ A Transformative Deep Nature Connection Immersion Program based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Registration is NOW OPEN for 2023-24 (starts in Sept)

Are you:
• Wanting to grow a deeper relationship with place, connecting with plants, animals, birds, and elements?
• Dreaming of learning ancient wilderness skills, like fire making, tracking, crafting with natural materials, shelter building, or tanning hides?
• Excited about being immersed in an intentional, creative, and enlivening mentoring culture that fosters a deep connection to self, nature and others?
• Eager to awaken and nourish your innate gifts, to be a fully alive and empowered human being, living a life of purpose?
• Interested in joining the growing movement of nature education and becoming a nature connection mentor?
• Looking to transform your life, discover a vocation you can thrive in, or expand the one you have?
• Longing for a sense of belonging and contribution in community?
• Ready to commit to going deeper, and to invest time, resources, and yourself in a rare and unique opportunity?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of these questions, Wisdom of the Earth IMMERSION may be for you. "It will change your life!"

The Wisdom of the Earth Immersion is designed according to a time-tested deep nature connection mentoring model, developed by Jon Young, a global movement in nature connection and cultural repair. Our mentoring is influenced by over 20 years of multi-generational village building experience in our local community. We integrate the foundation of ancestral wisdom with the inspiration of contemporary insights, to evoke and support the expression of each participant’s unique gifts.

Wisdom of the Earth Immersion runs three days per week, from Sept 2023 till June 2024, with a break from mid-Dec through January, and a 2 week spring break in late March.

The core program days are Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday, 9:15am to 3:30pm.

Additional session days, field trips, rites of passage and overnight expeditions round out the program.

Overnight events include:
• 5-day Wildlife Tracking Expedition
• 3-day Scout Camp Experience
• Week-long Group Survival Expedition
• Overnight Fire Quest Rite of Passage
• Overnight Shelter Solo Rite of Passage
• 5-day Dynamic Workshop Week
• Possibility of supporting the WOLF kids (ages 8-14) on overnight Rites of Passage

Immersion Program elements are based around experiential activities outdoors in nature and include:
• awareness practices
• naturalist studies
• ancestral arts and ancient living skills projects
• small group work
• discussion circles
• personal and group mentoring support
• personal practice and at-home study
• didactic-style learning
• written materials, assignments, and journaling
• field trips, overnights and days-long expeditions, edge and initiatory experiences; rites of passage

We live in a time of great turmoil and also of great opportunity. Destruction of the natural environment, abuse of human rights… it can seem overwhelming, yet many if not all of the problems we face in these times can be traced back to one thing: disconnection.
One version of the Gaia hypothesis states that human creativity is the immune system of the earth. We believe that creativity comes directly from our connection to nature. If the problem is disconnection, the solution is connection!

Our focus is on restoring the human systems that support loving, caring, mutually beneficial relationships with all living things.

Our intention is to cultivate cultural creatives, stewards, and community leaders who have the skills, confidence, heart, and capacity needed to create a peaceful, ecologically healthy, thriving future for our children and generations to come.

Will You Join Us in This Vision?

For More Information about IMMERSION and to APPLY, please visit: https://www.wisdomoftheearth.ca/immersion/

Questions before appplying?
Schedule a free exploratory call : ingrid@wisdomoftheearth.ca

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