Welcoming a third Naturopathic Doctor to Madrona Integrative Health

Welcoming a third Naturopathic Doctor to Madrona Integrative Health
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Please join us in welcoming a third Naturopathic Doctor to Madrona Integrative Health on Rainbow Rd!

Dr. Nicole van Poelgeest, ND, is now in practice with Dr. Hannah Webb, ND, Dr. Kate Shertzer, ND, DC, Tali Weinberg, R.Ac, Vanya LaPorte, MA, RCC, Alysha Punnett, MA, RCC, Amy Marchant RMT, Carmen Queitsch RMT, and the Salt Spring Midwives.

Splitting her time between Salt Spring and Vancouver, Nicole's clinic hours at Madrona will be on Thursdays and occasional Tuesdays beginning November 25th. She will be available for both in person and online/phone consults. As with our other doctors, first initial visits are 75min at $225 with a sliding scale to $185 if you are enrolled in the MSP supplemental benefits program. You are welcome to book a complimentary 15 min meet and greet with Nicole by telemedicine or in person.

If you aren't sure which doctor would be the best fit for you, you are welcome to call our Clinic and Client Care Manager, Natalie, at 250-931-1334 and she can help guide you. Natalie is in Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.

About Nicole

Dr. Nicole van Poelgeest is a naturopathic doctor who approaches your wellbeing with the philosophy that health is not simply the absence of disease. She works alongside you to restore equilibrium to body, mind, and spirit and believes that when these elements are balanced, one begins to feel what it truly means to be healthy: to have vitality in one's life and to feel whole.

Keeping this paradigm in mind, she has a passion for women's health, acting as an advocate and ally in the periods of transition unique to menopause & fertility (including fertility concerns & perinatal care), and providing treatment options for PMS, menstrual issues, endometriosis, and PCOS. Additionally, Nicole works with autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, skin problems, and naturopathic cancer support.

Integrating the wisdom of traditional medicines with current research, she uses herbal, nutritional, and when necessary, pharmaceutical remedies to tailor treatment to the individual. While naturopathic doctors are trained in a variety of therapeutic interventions, Nicole's clinical interest lies in herbal medicine, nutrition, IV treatment, acupuncture, and the mind/body connection. She uses these therapies to co-create customized health plans with her patients.

To learn more, visit her website: drvanpoelgeest.com


To book with Nicole or other practitioners at Madrona Integrative Health, visit our website at www.madronaintegrativehealth.ca or call/email us directly:


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