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The Water Preservation Society(WPS) Salt Spring Island's FreshWater Catalogue (SSIFWC) is now well into its second year, and has grown. And we need more volunteers to help!

Our volunteer driven SSIFWC project is all about the island’s surface freshwater. The FreshWater Catalogue's projects inventorization work in the field provides base data to inform improved surface water and groundwater (aquifer) models, to support freshwater habitat conservation/protection efforts, with education and local and active island watershed communities development as important spin-offs. Similar local area “watershed stewardship" activities are taking place across Canada, want to be involved in Our Island's volunteer freshwater citizen science, read on!

The cataloguing, managing and interpreting science and historical data on the islands freshwater features is very much a work-in-progress. We have over 50 field and “office” SSIFWC project volunteers (and growing), with over 1700 field locations logged to-date. Our volunteers have developed dedicated SSIFWC field data collection apps, an SSIFWC webmap (The FreshWater Catalogue online), and are engaged in data analysis and the interpretation of our growing SSI freshwater "SSIFWC cloud" database. Our data is available from “the cloud” for both public use and research, and has been shared with the Water Rangers and the Canadian World Wildlife Fund.

Field volunteers are starting up and/or working across more than 40 watersheds, with more than 20 regular sampling sites. We have “focus stewardship team field data collection areas” in the Weston Creek, Stowell Creek and Xwaaqw’um watersheds, and around Fulford Harbour. And, have a goal to target more stewardship teams and field work in more of the island’s watersheds. With our SSIFWC work targeting an improved our understanding of our islands surface freshwater, and how this influences groundwater recharge!

SSIFWC field volunteers work in “Watershed Stewardship Groups”, as individual “StreamCatchers” or as roving "Scouts", gathering a variety of freshwater data, including:
- water features, presence and type
- creeks, and their seasonal "on or off” status
- creek flow rates
- freshwater chemistry
Field and "office" training for the SSIFWC project can be provided, and/or maybe you are a SSIFWC educator, or would like to be involved in school(s) outreach events?

Ongoing SSIFWC watershed education and outreach efforts support an improved understanding of the “interconnectedness of things” (surface and groundwater) and are an important aspect of (future) watershed stewardship. Data management and analysis skills, App and webmap skills allow us to improve the management, interpretation and sharing of our “big” data. For all of these we need more volunteers!

Interested in contributing as a SSIFWC project volunteer; outdoors doing field work; indoors doing software development/maintenance, newsletter design, publicity, data analysis and research, schools and other outreach. There are many ways to be involved in refining our understanding, and awareness, of the Island's freshwater and developing our freshwater stewardship community. If you want to be involved in the WPS, SSIFWC project, please contact John, the project lead, at jamssiwater@gmail.com

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February 4, 2020 7:10 AM

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