The Writing Habit: A 21-Day Scenius

The Writing Habit: A 21-Day Scenius
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The Writing Habit is a Scenius.

Coined by musician and producer Brian Eno, the term "scenius" is similar to "genius" except that it is embedded into a scene of many people rather than the genes of a single person. It is defined by mutual appreciation, rapid exchange of ideas, contagious success, and tolerance for the new.

The idea here is that we need each other to express our fullest, most radiantly creative selves.

The Writing Habit is all about providing a mycelial, interconnected context that supports the natural intelligence of your body, heart, and mind to creatively blossom.

Learn more and sign up. here: https://www.albertstrasser.com/the-writing-habit

June 24, 2024 4:43 PM

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