Half-Price: The Piper’s Buns

Half-Price: The Piper’s Buns
Full NameThe Piper’s Buns
Location740 Walker’s Hook Rd

Everything that’s left on the stand is half price. You do the math and take Home the goodies.

We have some delicious Montreal style bagels. These are great toasted.

Next time, bagels will be by pre-order only! Enjoy.

FYI- Bake day this next week will be FRIDAY!

***these have become a fantastic hit.*** Only by pre-order: BLACKBERRY PIE (9”) - $25
Made with Saltspring blackberries. Yum Yum Yum.***

“The Piper’s Buns” - located at 740 Walker’s Hook, for home-baked goods, jams and jellies. Drop by or pre-order as you like. *Pre-order to guarantee you get what you want.* thepipersbuns@gmail.com

We have a permitted kitchen (VIHA approved), have our Foodsafe and we wrap everything in plastic to retain freshness. Payment by cash, cheque or e transfer. (first born children are not that useful to us)

For this SATURDAY, these are the offerings:
SCONES - $2.25
BAGELS - $2.75 (plain, sesame, multi-grain and poppy seed) These are Montreal-style chewy bagels.
CINNAMON BUNS- $3.50 (large, looser size)
***pre-order only: small CINNAMON BUNS- $2.75***
(Smaller, more tightly rolled)
APPLE PIE (9”) - $21.00
OLIVE BREAD -  $10.00 large, round loaf (savoury bread; white flour; olive oil and olives)
WW BREAD - $4.00 (small loaf/heavier/whole grain)
CHALLAH - $11.00 (braided bread)
FOUACE BREAD - $10.00 (French Egg Bread)
RYE BREAD - $5.00 ( small loaf, heavy; dark)
TARTS-#1. Lemon and honey - $2.00 (bite sized) they melt in your mouth and are irresistible!
#2. BLACKBERRY- omg good! Made with SSI blackberries - $2.50

Please make your order by 8 PM Friday night. ** If you do not get a confirmation email back, please CALL Saturday morning.**
Pre-order or drop by. As you like! **Special - if you order a dozen of anything, the Baker will make it a Baker’s dozen (13)!
***Confirmed orders be on a SEPARATE table with your name on them and will require payment in advance.***

E-transfer to: thepipersbuns@gmail.com

Orders will be ready when the LAST item is prepared. (you can also pick up part of your order in advance if you let the Baker know.)

8:00 - Pie, Fouace, Scones, Tarts, Muffins
9:00 - Bagels
9:30- Cinnamon Buns
10:00 - Challah, WW Bread
10:30 Rye Bread, Olive Bread

Review, by Janine H.
What a treat we had on Saturday morning. We pre-ordered and picked up all kinds of goodies. The muffins and scones barely made it home they smelled so good we had to dig in.
The Challah bread was still warm and the hot cross buns had real icing on top
Extra bonus: Chris and Ellen’s friendly welcome
Make sure you order more than you think you’ll need !
KT: they are sooooo good!!! (Cinnamon buns)
DM: The lemon tarts are also amazing!!!
MK: The olive the bread is to die for!
CA: Great stuff, the dark rye bread is excellent. Cheers!
JK: Tried for the first time today, definitely going to be a regular customer. It was absolutely AMAZING!
PKD: I also got the last two pieces of the delicious zucchini chocolate cake. Lucky me!!
D. O. This was a delicious treat on our family's bike ride around Walker's Hook. A picnic on the beach with amazing pastries and then returned via the lake to swim. A wonderful way to spend the day!

September 17, 2020 9:22 AM

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