The Other Trump Book

The Other Trump Book
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Written & Illustrated by a Salt Spring resident, this is a book of humorous political satire presented in The US President’s own voice. Donald Trump teaches parents 26 Lessons on what their children must learn so they can grow up to be just like him. A deadly accurate fiction that will keep you laughing and appall you in equal measure. This is the Trump tell-all book as told by Trump himself—and it cuts to the bone.

It is also an account of the lessons that Donald Trump is gradually, relentlessly, insidiously teaching Americans including their children, but it’s dark fallout reaches well beyond US borders. The book’s stark pairing of young kids with this man who is The 45th President of the United States offers up a needed shift in perspective for everyone, but particularly for parents of young children. Plus, it’s a damn good read.

The paperback edition of The President’s Great & Unmatched Wisdom for Children & Their Parents is available at Salt Spring Books and through Mary Lynn at The Local Barber Shop. Both the paperback and the e-book addition is available at (The e-book is scheduled to be live by September 16)

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