Summer Workshops for All Ages

Summer Workshops for All Ages
Full NameSalish Sea Succulents
LocationChannel Ridge Area

Succulents are drought tolerant, low maintenance and come in every texture, shape and colour. Whether you are looking for a solution for a dry shade spot in the garden or want a low maintenance centrepiece for the house. I passionately collect, propagate, create, show, sell and garden with succulents. Enjoy a relaxing, creative experience, take in our ocean view, and treat yourself to a fabulous Salish Sea Succulent experience.

All workshops are outside! Participants have plenty of space to work at covered stations remaining, physically distant from others.

Introduction to Succulent Planters
What to Expect: Choose from hundreds of varieties of succulents and loads of planters to make a beautiful planter that can be enjoyed for months or years to come. Participants will learn succulent basics.
Included: Planters, soil mix Cost: $90
Dates: July 10, July 31, Aug 21. 10am – 12noon

Succulent Kids: Build an Outdoor Fairie / Toad Succulent Homestead
What to Expect: All manner of driftwood, shells, shiny glass and pebbles will be available to bedazzle a mini shelter you build. A plethora of outdoor hardy succulents will be available to design the garden for the dream retreat.
Included: Planter and plants, soil and all materials Cost: $85
Ages 7-12 yrs old or same at heart.
Dates: July 16, Aug 18. 10am – 12:30

Natural Succulent Planters
What to Expect: For anyone who wants to make beautiful succulent planters in driftwood and log pieces.
Driftwood, log planters, growing medium, plants, Participants will take several succulent planters home. Cost: $125
Dates: June 19, July 24, Aug 15 10am - 1pm.

Create your own Living Succulent Frame
What to Expect: Create your own living succulent frame! There will be a variety of frame sizes and shapes to choose from, as well as thousands of hardy succulents.
Included: Succulent frame, planting medium, plants.
Cost: $125, $165 or $195 depending on frame size.
Date: July 17, 10am – 1pm

Succulents for the West Coast, Drought Tolerant Gardener
What to Expect: There are thousands of gorgeous succulents that will grow and thrive in your west coast garden. Even better - most prefer rocky, lean soil, infrequent watering and neglect. Choose succulents that will thrive outdoors all year in your garden and learn about their care.
Included: Choose from a half flat or a full flat of succulents to take home to plant. Cost: $85 half flat or $135 full flat
Dates: July 11, Aug 29 10am – 1230 pm

Create a Large Outdoor Succulent Masterpiece Piece
What to Expect: 3 hrs Looking for a centerpiece that is low maintenance, drought tolerant, full of colour and textures that will last for months? Large fiber glass or metal planters will be provided. Choose from hundreds of varieties of succulents to create your very own beautiful masterpiece!
What’s included: Large Planters, plants and growing medium. Cost: $195
Date: July 4, July 25 10am – 1 pm.

Private succulent classes may be booked! Great alternative to the traditional get together.
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