Looking for Tiny Home pad! Want to help an Irish gal get one foot on the property ladder???

Looking for Tiny Home pad! Want to help an Irish gal get one foot on the property ladder???
Full Nameannabelle king

I am looking to lease a small piece of land for a tiny home on a long-term basis, and it can be OFF Grid so no utilities needed if you don’t have them set-up. Details below:

I am looking to start a lease between June 15th – July 1st to support to arrival of the tiny home I have purchased.

Ideally 4+ year lease and open to explore longer term options.

Initial space needed to house:
• Tiny Home – 42 feet x 10 feet
• Deck – 42 feet x 12 feet
• Space behind to house for water and propane tanks (hidden from sight) – 4 feet
• Space for a shed for storage or bike and other non-everyday items – 10 feet x 10 feet
• Some small garden space around the house and deck for privacy – 5 feet in each direction

At this point in time the Tiny Home can be built to be off grid, so this allows the option for some or no utilities provision

Minimum facilities required are:
• leveled & prepared tiny home pad
• road access
• place to park car

Additional facilities include some or all utilities:
• Electricity – connection
• Water – connection
• Sewage/septic connection

Proposed Payment:
Below is the rent range I am proposing for stage 1 (tiny home & shed) and open to discuss more details with you.
• $800 per month with connection to utilities on site and cost of utility usage paid as extra
• $550 - $700 per month with some or no utilities (bearing in mind the off-grad capital investment is circa $12,000 for me)

I’m open to contributing to capital costs for set up of pad/utilities in the form of pre-payment of rent for 1-2 years with a contract signed by both parties.


I’m Irish Canadian, 46 years young, single lady, professional and yoga teacher.

I am a busy entrepreneur and have built 2 business that I love - marketing consulting practice and marketing and wellness retreats.

Learn about my work here http://www.ilikestorytelling.com and there’s some videos of me there that will give you a sense of who I am.

I’m a creative person and love my work. I love meeting people, creating connections, and coming up with ideas to collaborate with talented go-getters.

I have 2 beautiful cats, they are indoor princes, well trained and difficult not to love.

My ideal pad would be quiet & peaceful is important to me. I do my consulting work remotely so it’s important to have a quiet place to work during weekdays

I don’t drink, smoke, or partake in other substances. My vices include yoga, coffee, and the sampling the many delicious croissants on the island - shout out to Francis Bread! and a nostalgic one to switchboard.

My pre-disposition is to be a happy, friendly, welcoming person and I love building community where I can, whether that’s through work, teaching yoga or hosting business workshops on an island.

Below are some pictures of me and the beautiful tiny home

May 17, 2024 3:46 PM

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