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Help us settle a bet with your opinion and/or legal knowledge of traffic rules...
Imagine you are heading south on F/G Road from Ganges and wish to make a left hand turn onto Beddis. You have two choices. You can use the "ramp" that is used for making a right turn from Beddis to F/G Road -or- You could continue to the actual 90 degree intersection of Beddis and F/G which would be used when making a left turn from Beddis to F/G.
Where should you turn? Which route is correct? Which is legal?

Results to date:
The numeric results are:
16 people commented.
11 people said that the turn should be made at the 90 degree intersection.
2 were unsure.
3 said that turning via the ramp was OK.
Some comments re 90 degree:
1. There used to be a sign that said “do not enter” on the ramp
2. One person said they turned onto the ramp at about the same time that someone turned at the 90 creating a possible accident situation.
3. This turn is the safest, since potential for collision occurs (a) head on with cars turning right on ramp from Beddis, (b) with cars making the turn onto Beddis at the 90, and (c) with cars going straight through to F/G on Beddis.
Some comments re ramp:
1. Most efficient. Does not block cars turning left from Charlesworth or Beddis.
2. If you use the 90, you must be prepared to yield to someone behind you that used the ramp as they have the right of way.

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