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Opening to IN-PERSON sessions with covid-19 protocols in place, online also still available. Sliding scale rates for low income and those impacted by loss of work/finances re covid-19.
Getting into the body allows us to allow waves of grief, fear, anxiety or other emotions to move through us, rather than overtake us.
~ Because Your Body Is Wise ~
Somatic Therapy is different than traditional talk therapy which uses the “thinking brain” to sort things out. It is a body-based approach rather than a cognitive approach.
From the somatic perspective, the body is seen as the ‘holder of all memory & information’, both historic and current, and both traumatic and neutral.
Through Somatic Therapy we have the opportunity to update the information held in the body and to release old historic trauma patterns both personal and ancestral.
The Somatic approach is based on mindfully feeling/listening to and witnessing the body.
It is like an assisted self-awareness practice.
Somatic awareness gives you access to a different kind of knowing ~ the direct wisdom of the body.
This awareness works with the principle of ‘where attention goes energy flows,’ so through awareness we can also allow trauma energy that has been stuck in the body, sometimes for decades, to move & release.
As this energy moves, there is more space created and we feel more joy and ease on all levels.
We come closer to our innate natural state of being ~ more relaxed and yet also more fully alive.
Life becomes easier as we can access moment-to-moment body wisdom to guide our choices, which then keeps us healthier and happier, and guides us towards even greater awareness and self-actualization.
About Josea:
I’m committed to helping my clients to access the innate wisdom of their bodies as a doorway to deeper awakening and freedom.
I have over 18 years of study and experience. My work is grounded in training in Somatic Therapy, Attachment Theory, Healing Sexual Trauma, Visionary Craniosacral therapy, SER, Shamanic Study, Grief-tending, Holistic Nutrition and Yoga.
I have trained with Mariah Moser (Relational Somatic Psychotherapy), Peter Levine (SE), Diane Poole Heller (DARe), Irene Lyon (SmartBodySmartMind), Francis Weller (Wild Edge of Sorrow), Elizabeth Claire Burr (CST, SER & Vijnana Yoga) & 8 Shields Model of Deep Nature Connection.
I have experience and specific training in working with healing sexual trauma, developmental & attachment trauma & somatization/chronic pain.
I believe firmly in the intertwined health of body, mind and soul and have been direct witness to the miraculous healing in both myself and my clients that can happen as we access the deep wisdom and intuition that resides in the body.
Your body is an AMAZING gift, but it can feel like a burden when we are holding unprocessed grief or trauma, or when we haven’t learned how to navigate the emotions so they become locked into the body as pain or numbness.
I would love to help you feel more connected to and in love with your body and really receive the full gift that life embodied can be.
Through a commitment to healing we open the possibility to experience joy, freedom and deep well-being.
I invite you to step with me through the doorway and into one of the most powerful vessels for awakening and healing in this lifetime ~ your own body.

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor through the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and can accept insurance through Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life, Manulife, Claimsecure, Equitable Life of Canada, Alberta Blue Cross & Green Shield.
I offer a free 20 minute pre-session consult for us both to feel if working together would be a good fit.
To book your free 20 minute (free) pre-session consult please email me ~

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