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Quite often, I hear comments to the effect of “I feel younger after your treatment!” For example, this man summed it up well in 2016:

"Brian's treatments turned my body's clock back fifteen years to a light and limber physical state that I barely remembered. Brian pulls from diverse traditions to reset the body's alignments and flexibility and perseveres until he achieves results. He combines technical mastery with a rare commitment to improving lives that is exactly what you want in a therapist. Though I've had dozens of treatments from various massage practitioners in recent years, I had no idea that such rapid and complete rejuvenation and healing was possible until meeting Brian Pack. Thank you, Brian, for re-building my physical being and by so doing, increasing my happiness beyond words." Tim Harvey

This woman had the same sort of comment in 2017:

“After my first session, I was amazed at how well my body responded - I felt physically balanced, stronger and surprisingly pain-free. Three weeks afterward, my body still felt as it did on the day of my treatment. My daily energy level is incredible - like I remember it being in my early twenties, before all the various injuries and illnesses.” Morgaine Longpre

Old injuries can heal quickly years later. Like this gentleman's did:

“Brian has helped relieve years of chronic repetitive stress myofascial restrictions and limitations in my body that had been recalcitrant to so many other modalities. As a teenager, I was in a bicycle accident and landed on my head. Since then I have had intermittent stiff neck, jaw and shoulder issues. Many approaches helped temporarily. Brian's unique "orthopedic bodywork" has given me the most long-term flexibility, freedom from discomfort and pain that I have experienced. I have greater range of motion, less stiffness, more correct jaw position etc. and it seems to be lasting. He helped "get my head back on straight!"(joke)

Over the years working with horses, I got yanked, cranked, stretched and strained and these physical challenges resulted in multiple chains of trigger points that restricted my mobility and created great discomfort. Through Brian's work integrating Hawaiian bodywork techniques, stretches, etc., these chains of knots are pretty much resolved. Through his overall guidance, I am now able to maintain my structural integrity much better.

When I had a back issue in June, he helped that heal. I am not only back to "normal" but better than I was before. My work is quite physical, and he has helped me work more comfortably, be more flexible and better than I have been in years.” Dr. Allen Schoen, DVM (2013)

I have many tools in my toolkit thanks to my global education:

“Brian is a master of his trade. He corrected an issue with my tailbone using a Hawaiian stretch technique. I’ve had issues with my tailbone since I was 11 years old. I am now 29 and can't believe the difference when I walk. I’m grateful for the techniques he showed me to maintain my newly-aligned body and to live with less physical pain day-to-day.” Kaeli Yarwood (2015)

That stretch is unknown outside of Hawaii. While I was in practice there, only three practitioners still knew it, none of whom practice anymore. The stretch was brought to Maui by the Japanese during the colonial sugar cane era. Even without the lesser-used tools, I integrate effective modalities from all over the world into every treatment.

Orthopaedic massage is the best, most enjoyable massage you could ever imagine having but couldn’t find. It’s totally safe and incomparable with any other form of massage. Everyone at any age, in any profession or condition, can benefit from this work, function more pain-freely in daily living, and feel lighter with more energy.

In developing my skills as a manual therapist, I started with six years of intensive studies in related disciplines throughout Asia before entering private practice. I now have 28 years of broad-based clinical experience internationally in pain relief, joint release and spinal restructuring as well as delaying and avoiding surgeries.

*12 years accredited as Maui’s top massage practitioner. Many doctors’ first choice for their patients’ problems.

*Actively licensed in Hawaii as a medical massage practitioner (all US and some private Canadian insurance reimbursable).

*Hawaii State registered in Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage), specializing in its therapeutic forms.

*Canadian-born, globally taught.

*ALL athletic performance improves measurably.

There is a $10 per treatment laundry surcharge as the table linens go to SS Drycleaners.

All treatments are profoundly relaxing.


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