Psychic Reading, Healing and Counselling available

Psychic Reading, Healing and Counselling available
Full NameSusan Mikanikian
LocationBy Phone, Facetime or Zoom

Psychic Reading: Through compassionate mediumship I will provide you with answers to your questions and guide you towards a workable solution for your challenges.

Chakra Reading and Balancing: Are you constantly sick? Are you suffering from fatigue or chronic pain? Are you suffering from anxiety of depression? Do you feel like your life is all over the place? Through tapping into your energetic field, we can take a journey into your problem area and identify the core issue and balance your energy.

Trauma, Loss, and Divorce: Are you going through a painful loss? Have you recently separated or divorced? I can help you with my three step program to overcome your pain: My approach (high level description) to help you rise above your pain are in three stages:
1.Help you understand the impact of your suffering on your life.
2.Help you understand the purpose and the real cause of your suffering.
3.Help you develop a plan to rise above suffering.

Medical Intuition:
Do you have health issues that you cannot resolve? Did you suddenly get sick with something that caught you totally by surprise? All such illnesses are related to leaking energy. Through our session we will take a journey inside the body and "read" the energy patterns of the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of a client learn. During this insight you will be taught how to read your own energy. Healing is all about returning energy into your energy circuit you lost throughout your life.


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Susan Mikanikian

September 24, 2020 6:54 AM

4 hours, 56 mins

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