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Please Support Dogs Rescued On Salt Spring Island

Please Support Dogs Rescued On Salt Spring Island
Full NameMaxwell Miller
LocationSalt Spring Island

Hi, my name is Max Miller and I have started this GoFundMe campaign for Jaime Halan-Harris. She and her son Jack have been rescuing abandoned and injured dogs on Salt Spring Island for nearly five years at their own cost. During the pandemic, the number of dogs suffering this fate has jumped, and Jaime needs support to save them.

In the last year she has taken in 54 dogs, up from 39 dogs in 2021. For me this has struck an emotional nerve. I find it very upsetting that almost no one is giving her any financial assistance for this ongoing work that she continues to do from her heart. She has received little support. She hasn't asked anybody for help, because that's the way she is. She wants to help the animals and has no clue how to create a GoFundMe campaign. I'm sure that if our community knew, we would all be pitching in, especially us dog people who understand the love that dogs give back. My late wife, Victoria Mihalyi, aka Vickie Miller would be pleased.


September 8, 2022 5:52 PM

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