Our SSI FreshWater Catalogue Needs You!

Our SSI FreshWater Catalogue Needs You!
Full NameThe Salt Spring Island FreshWater Catalogue (FWC), a Water Preservation Society (WPS) Watershed Stewardship project
LocationAnywhere on Salt Spring Island, out in the field or in a "homeoffice"

The Water Preservation Society(WPS) Salt Spring Island's FreshWater Catalogue(FWC) is in its third year, and growing!
We have an active volunteer group but to achieve more we are looking for additional volunteers to help with our Salt Spring Island project.

There are many ways to be involved in refining our understanding, and raising awareness, of our Island's precious watersheds and it's freshwater: both outdoors doing field work, and indoors doing software development/maintenance, design, publicity, data analysis and research, and outreach.


We are currently seeking volunteers to help with a range of FreshWater Catalogue activities.
> In the field
- A "SSI (Watershed) Stewardship" video, currently being developed
- Field work in the greater Ganges watershed areas (Okano and Ganges), and in other watersheds across the island
- FWC "image management" for our growing set of images of the islands creeks and wetlands and our volunteers and schools out there in the field, and using our equipment.

> In a homeoffice, with
- Field data QC and data analysis (we need some solid and current Excel skills)
- Taking our webmap to “the next level” (with Python, Jason, SQL, and AWS development skills)
- Mailchimp use for our Volunteer Bulletin and other WPS/FWC media circulation

- Our FWC website's "Watershed Notes" - historical research on the island's creeks, lakes and watersheds.
- Further development of our new SSI FWC website (design and content input).

Our volunteer driven SSI FWC project is all about improving our understanding of the island’s surface freshwater, and how this relates to the subsurface groundwater - investigating the "interconnectedness of things" and supporting the stewardship of our island's many watersheds!

In the field the FreshWater Catalogue's project’s inventorization work provides base data to inform improved surface water and groundwater (aquifer) models ("recharge" and "budgets"), supporting freshwater habitat conservation, watershed protection efforts, education and the development of active, local island watershed communities. Similar “watershed stewardship" activities are taking place across Canada.

If you are interested in knowing more, or want to be involved in OUR island’s freshwater stewardship, read on!

The SSIFWC cataloguing, managing and interpreting science and historical data on the islands freshwater features is a work-in-progress. Our volunteers have: developed dedicated SSIFWC field data collection apps, an SSIFWC webmap (The FreshWater Catalogue online) and communications media, are engaged in data analysis, the interpretation of our growing SSI freshwater cloud database and are helping formulate a Stewardship video. Our data is available from “the cloud” for both public use and research, (with recent reporting via Water Rangers and Canadian World Wildlife Fund, and an SFU summer student project). For more on our project visit our SSI FWC website - https://sites.google.com/view/freshwater-catalogue/home.

Field volunteers are working across more than 30 watersheds, 40 creeks and ponds and wetlands (as we follow CoVid protocols, currently work is in family bubbles and/or as individuals, or alternating tag-teams). We have focus (or "local detail") field data collection areas in the Weston Creek and Xwaaqw’um watersheds, and field data collection ongoing in multiple other locations on the island (see our Salt Spring Island FreshWater Catalogue webmap - “SSIFWC” for locations).

Our goal is to extend our field work to more of the island’s watersheds, to build our catalogue, and "watershed notes" AND support an improved understanding of our island’s surface freshwater, and how this freshwater influences and interacts with our groundwater!

The FWC field volunteers, working in “Watershed Stewardship Groups" (though these community oriented arrangements have been put on hold during to CoVid), as individual “StreamCatchers” or as roving "Scouts", gather a variety of freshwater data, including:
- water features, presence and type
- creeks, and their seasonal "on or off” status
- creek flow rates
- freshwater chemistry and temperature
Field (as Covid regulations permit) and homeoffice training (via Zoom) for the project can be provided as needed.

FWC watershed education and outreach efforts (via web and mail distribution, with input from copy writers, editors and "data/media managers") support an improved understanding of the “interconnectedness of things” (surface and groundwater) and are an important aspect of our island’s watershed stewardship. Homeoffice data management and analysis skills, App and webmap skills allow us to improve the management, interpretation and sharing of our “big” data. For all of these we need more volunteers!

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