One X Three: An Evening of Extraordinary Solos

One X Three: An Evening of Extraordinary Solos
OrganizerGull Cry Dance (Kristen Lewis)
DateJuly 21, 2024
Start Time7:00pm
Event Length1 hour
LocationAll Saint's By the Sea Church, Ganges

One X Three: An Evening of Extraordinary Solos

Join us for an evening of edge-pushing new dance performance by Vancouver-based choreographer Jennifer McLeish Lewis and Victoria-based performance artist Kristen Lewis, featuring the up and coming Vancouver-based dance artist James-Amzin Nahirnick.

Three solos highlight the naked intimacy of dance as a medium that cuts right to the chase of our human predicament; exposing the fault lines in our relation to gender, to tradition and lineage, and to the inescapable givens: that we are born, that we die, and that, in between, we all crave connection.

Salt Spring Island, Sunday July 21 7-8pm

@ All Saints by Sea Church, 110 Park Drive, Ganges

GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE SALT SPRING PERFORMANCE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/one-x-three-an-evening-of-extraordinary-solos-salt-spring-island-edition-tickets-941695535697?aff=oddtdtcreator

(We are also performing in Victoria on Saturday July 20, 2024
@ Camosun College, 3100 Foul Bay Rd. Movement Studio (114 Young Building)

Tickets FOR THE VICTORIA EVENT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/one-x-three-an-evening-of-extraordinary-solos-tickets-941691062317?aff=oddtdtcreator

Tickets: $15 (concession), $25 (regular), $50 (patron of the arts)

Works presented

Light as a Feather/Small as a Glove

Creator/Performer: Kristen Lewis

The givens of life are astonishingly the same, from the doorway in to the doorway out; in between, how do we meet the Obstacle? How to we work with and against the conditioning that forms us to forge our own Way forward, however strange? This work was developed through a residency with Co. Erasga in Vancouver in April 2023; early iterations appeared at What-Lab (Vancouver, April 2023), White Wall Studio (Montreal, December 2023), and at the Victoria One Act Play Festival (June 2024).

A Solo For Peter

Creator/Performer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Interview Subject: Peter Bingham

Interviewer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Viola and Sound Design: Stefan Smulovitz

As a Canada contemporary dancer, teacher, choreographer, and improvisor, Peter Bingham is the first generation of Contact Improvisation innovators who studied and performed alongside the inventors of the form, Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith. As a national treasure and Canadian icon, Peter continues to run his company, EDAM - Experimental Dance And Music, creating original work, and leading improvisation in performance. For twenty-two years Jennifer has had a committed practice in Contact Improvisation at EDAM Dance. Jennifer met Peter at the EDAM summer intensive in 2002 and has studied with him ever since. In 2003 she was an apprentice in Peter's choreography, Born Naked, Dyed Blonde. This solo is an homage to her teacher and mentor, and is a demonstration of improvisation in performance. This work is not choreographed; it is created in the present moment. Jennifer would like to thank Peter and the dancers at EDAM for making her the dancer and the person that she is today.

New Skin

Choreographer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Performer/Collaborator: James-Amzin Nahirnick

Inspired by autoeroticism, New Skin is a dark lullaby. This solo for one male performer is a roller coaster of song, dance, and theater. Peek into the boudoir where you'll be serenaded by a crooner so seductive, he can't keep his hands off himself. Morphing between states of action and receptivity, our protagonist is both masculine and feminine. When consensus reality is called into question, the mind's fantasies are powerful enough to create inversion.

This work premiered at The Vancouver International Dance Festival in March 2024. We would like to thank Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi for choosing to present this piece in their festival.

Article on the piece: https://thelasource.com/en/2024/02/20/new-ways-to-love-and-live-vancouver-international-dance-festival-explores-the-complicated-innermost-self-on-stage/

July 10, 2024 3:39 PM

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