Managing Fear , Anxiety & Depression with the outbreak of COVID-19

Full NameDenis Barry
LocationZoom Webinar

This Webinar is Free to SSI residents and clients and staff of the Art of Sauna and Twisted Oak Community

This is method based webinar to dispense techniques to empower yourself in the management and overcoming of the emotions of fear, anxiety and depression.

Here is the zoom link for the webinar

Due to the hardship most people are experiencing in the recent weeks due to significant layoffs and stay at home situations to mitigate the spread of this virus, I have decided to host these webinar sessions. I have and aspiration for us all to be accepting and innovative with the falling apart nature of things. Moreover, it is a rare a precious opportunity to connect with our family and loved ones. So this webinar dispenses methods to assist in being present with our selves and loved ones.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 I have ceased my work in Vancouver and am dedicating my time to taking care of our community's needs here on the island. For this reason I am offering support on a three session Zoom Webinar basis. Individual private sessions are welcomed also.

Fear , anxiety and depression have been scientifically shown to lower our immunity. Further more, since the COVID-19 causes mucus buildup in the lungs and near solidifying the phlegm in severe cases, relaxing the breath and opening the lung pathways (will be covered in this webinar) is crucial to one's defense against this virus and assists to prevent hyperventilating . There are many means to combat the virus and the fear around the change in our personal economic situation, so please seek multiple resources to mitigate the effects of this phenomenon.

Topics covered and methods dispensed are as follows:

• Relating the body to the mind
• Gateway breathing, Calm Abiding breathing
• How to be present with yourself and your loved ones during hardship
• Understanding the origin of emotions
• The subtle body
• Depression in the past
• Anxiety into the future
•The science of projection
• The ancient wisdom of manifestation
• Aligning thoughts, speech and action
• Thought patterns and cessation of negative emotions.
• Unique Perception of reality through the observer
• How emotions are stored, retrieved and subsided
• The three pillars: focus, balance, structure
• The art of attachment and aversion to our reality
• Pacifying the senses
• Memory storage and retrieval
• Letting Go
• The Truth behind fear
• The art of Fearlessness

Webinar session duration: 2 Hours
Time: 6 to 8 pm
Days: Mon Mar 23rd
Wed Mar 25th
Sat Mar 28th
Mon Mar 30th
Further webinars pending

Platform: Zoom
This webinar allows up to 100 users.
You have the option to turn your video on or off , however I request you PLEASE DO NOT TURN YOUR MICROPHONE UNTIL QUESTION PERIOD

(Download zoom at no cost prior to the session from

If you are not a SSI resident or member of the Art of Sauna, please do your best towards making a contribution to me hosting this cause. $20 per session is suggested and can be e-transferred to

I have been practicing Psychosomatics since 2013 when I finished my practicum in this profound and multifaceted discipline & Registered in Human Relations (RIHR) designation. I currently practice out of the Art of Sauna, BCs largest Holistic Sauna in New Westminster, BC. For More Details on this discipline Visit:
The methods dispensed in a practical manner during this webinar are derived from the AIBMAPT institute, Monroe institute and the Tibetan Bon Shamanic Tradition such that one receives a blend of modern day science principles and ancient wisdom traditions.

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