Looking for Pain Relief?

Looking for Pain Relief?
Full NameBrian Pack
Phone778 866 9005
LocationIn the comfort of your home on a cushy, heated massage table. Now, that's service!

'Never before have I experienced such therapeutic and intuitive touch as I have received from Brian Pack. His diverse training in such an array of unique modalities has left me astounded by the body awareness I now possess.

I must say, with no embellishments, that due to a short series of sessions with Brian, I have not felt so connected to my body in the past 20 years.

Taking care of ourselves and our well-being must remain one of the best investments we can make in our lives.' Carlos Grooms

'Over decades, I have done some heavy lifting. (Fly now, pay later. Now is later.) Over the many years, I have gone to many massage therapists and body/energy workers to deal with my spinal issues. I am also keenly interested in massage techniques from different styles.

I can very confidently say, after having experienced Brian's approach, that he is very well-diversed and skilled in his field. He has an excellent focus on the areas of concern and is knowledgeable enough to apply numerous approaches to get deeper into the body's musculature and connective tissue.

He has acquired techniques from many disciplines, including energy work, and they are all at his fingertips, literally and figuratively.

He brings with his knowledge and skills a passion and dedication to his work. I am very happy to recommend him. He is exceptional.' Michael Aronoff

The skillset I've developed wraps serious repair work into the best, most enjoyable massage you could imagine having but couldn't ever find. I'm delighted to have many tools in my toolkit to bring you relief. Whatever you know of hands-on therapies, you will discover innovative variations of them seamlessly conjoined in my always safe, comprehensive approach.

Simply put, if you're looking for deep relief, you need to get on my treatment table!

Before entering private practice, I studied traditional manual therapies and related disciplines across Asia for seven years, including thorough Hatha yoga instruction in India.

• Serving Salt Spring Island since 1992 when in Canada.
• 33 years of international, broad-based clinical experience.
• Fast, acute/chronic pain relief, joint release, spinal restructuring, and trauma release.
• Actively licensed in the State of Hawaii since 2004.
• 12 years accredited as Maui's top massage practitioner.
• On Maui, I was many doctors' first choice for their patients' problems.
• US no-fault Auto, Workers Comp, and some private Canadian insurances reimbursable.

Use of my professional title is not allowed in BC and Ontario. I'm only permitted to write that I'm a 'massage specialist.' 😇

I maintain stringent sanitary protocols. Those include:
• A single-use plastic cover around the table under the bottom sheet.
• Sterilizing with alcohol wipes everything a client might touch or come near.
• All the table linens are professionally cleaned in Ganges.

Price: $120 per hour. Two-hour minimum. Quarter-hourly incremental charges beyond that, just like your mechanic.

There is a $10 per treatment laundry surcharge that partially helps with it.

Mon-Fri, days and evenings. Available weekend days.

Always an icon on the side of each Exchange page.

Every treatment is profoundly relaxing!

May 13, 2024 9:30 AM

56 days, 4 hours

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