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Library, SATURDAY, Jan 18, 3:30

DateSATURDAY, January 18
Start Time3:30
Event Length1 hour max
LocationSalt Spring Island Public Library

Wow, it's the 5th year for the Peace Class.

So many of us love nature, yoga, meditation, Sunday morning service, good reading, good thinking, healing or helping. And in all of these activities we might recognise that we are each just a simple human being trying to do the best we can.

Why the Peace Class? The Peace Class celebrates that simple “human being-ness” in a powerful way. It focuses on fundamental strengths that are pre-existing in each one of us. When we're reminded of these strength, they let us bring more of ourselves to everything else we do.

The Class is a 10-week video and discussion series that is filled with lots of humour and insight. And it's interesting to know, there's nothing to join, no new belief system to acquire, and no demand to talk. It's just for you.

The messages in the videos are simple, yes, but with a healthy dash of depth. Each video focuses on a different theme like Inner Strength, Self-awareness, Appreciation and Choice.

The environment is comfortable for teens to seniors. Snacks provided courtesy Barbs Buns and Country Grocer.

Please come check it out. Mark your calendar:
At the Library.

The weekly schedule varies! For the full schedule and more info, visit our local website at SSI-PEACE.COM.
If you prefer, email to or call me at 778.932.2449.

You can take a look at some samples of the videos that might be used for reflection, note-taking or discussion at:

Here are a few comments from people who have taken the Class:

"I graduated from the peace class last fall. It affected me very deeply. Even though the material was very simple it seemed to target MY issues, MY life.
Also, I always liked the idea of peace but I didn't understand how it was inside of me."

"While in Peace Class I felt instantly at ease and present, like everything that is truly important to me in life just made sense. The class helped me connect easily to that place within myself that I often search for to feel at peace. That real feel good place!"

"It is so refreshing to come to something like this and not be given a sales pitch or have to buy anything because, as he says, we already have it."

"Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius like this speaker to make things simple."

"What I learn in the PEP class trickles into the community when I leave the classroom and has a rippling effect. My hope is that the message of peace spreads. The class is empowering women, saving lives, and helping one another."

"The Peace class makes me realize the difference between knowing and believing. When you look deeply, you see clearly."

"You have no idea how much this has helped me. Really, no idea."

The Peace Class is funded through contributions from graduates who Pay It Forward to make the Class available at no charge for other Salt Spring Islanders, and from occasional local fundraising events.

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