Kim ‘n’ Kadie’s home has sold

Full NameKim Richardson
LocationSalt Spring

Hey Salt Spring,

Calling on your open hearts and beautiful properties tucked in and around every corner of Salt Spring. The home in which I’ve been renting for over a year has sold, so Kadie and I have to vamoosh by December 1st. It’s not the kind of news you want to hear but when the trepidation settles there’s an air of excitement to see what this next chapter might bring.
I’m a retired Paediatric Nurse/ Victim Services Advocate (63), having moved here almost two years ago with my oldest son (he lives on his own here). We spend a lot of our time on the trails experiencing the endless beauty and getting to know this place we now call home. My lifestyle would be considered pretty quiet, don’t drink, writing children’s books is becoming my next passion, quiet is important to me.

Kadie is my three and half year old best friend and side kick, she’s a Llasa Apso dog and doesn’t shed (she doesn't drink either) lol. She’s well behaved, has never been a chewer, has learned the etiquettes of voice use living in a shared space and bathroom habits are never a concern. She is exercised regularily and is kept at about 15lbs.

If I could have a wish list, it might look something like this: (I can also be flexible)

Single space (upper unit or cottage/cabin on it's own)
Utilities included
Good drinking water
Warm and dry
Garden space
A view (don’t want to be greedy, lol would be nice though)

Prior to moving here I had owned my own homes since I was 25 and have pictures and a video from these. As well, I have a written reference from my current landlord on Island and could also provide two phone references if need be, (also both on Island). I can also say with confidence that having owned more homes than places I’ve rented; it’s second nature for me to care for any living space I’m in as if it’s my own and would always strive to leave a place the same or better than I find it.

Thanks so very much Salt Spring for any considerations that will help us find our new comfortable space!!

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November 6, 2019 2:31 PM

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