It disrupts being ‘stuck’. Learn more...

It disrupts being ‘stuck’. Learn more...
Full NameMartha Dalziel
Phone204 818-2240
LocationSalt Spring Island

[Don’t worry. It’s all legal.]
First, the session
In its essence this is a metaphysical breakthrough session that happens to be backed by hard science. A single highly effective session disrupts patterns of thought and behavior that limit us. It allows for “new beginnings” - as defined by the recipient. Interested? Please text Martha directly at 204 -818-2240.

Martha herself is a force of nature. Her training was by a Shaman elder (who physically looks like he’s right out of central casting) and involved five years of long fasts and spiritual quests alone in the jungle, deep study of the ancestral medicines, and her own personal transformation at the core level. From wildchild party girl to a bearer of wisdom, compassion and trusted guidance, she carries a spiritual awareness that seems to defy definitions.
Recent session recipients:

BEFORE: 85-year-old Nanaimo resident. 10 years of worsening dementia; little to no social engagement. Spent days sitting.
AFTER: Verbal, fully active, and again has a spark in his eyes. Multiple sessions.

BEFORE: 33 year old female, struggling with grief, addiction, anxiety, and bouts of depression.
AFTER: (2 months later) “This is perfect for people who truly believe we have the answers to improve our lives without talking a pill every morning. We forget what we truly need in life. My stress is down so much, and physically I’m so much better. I take problems in a totally different way. I now feel I do not need keep up so much protection around me and it has improved my quality of life totally physically and emotionally. I felt very safe and in good hands during the whole process."
BEFORE: 64-year-old highly active businesswoman and creative homemaker.
AFTER: "It has been 3 weeks. It gave me a chance to do a complete reset. This is not for the faint of heart, but I can only recommend this session as a complete reboot."

Sessions are by private appointment after substantial discussion. To inquire or learn a more, text Martha directly at 204 -818-2240 so she can call you back at a good time. Or use WhatsApp.
Disclaimer: Of course this content is informational only and is not professional advice.

Martha would welcome your questions. Contact her below, or use text or message her on WhatsApp.

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