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Full NameAmy Frueh

Gardening enthusiast, graphic designer, and illustrator (all me! Haha!) seeks a cabin or house to rent starting September or October.

I'm tidy, cheerful, non-smoking, vegetarian, and only have a few glasses of wine at very fancy dinners (so, in other words, rarely).

I grew up on a dairy farm in Cowichan, but have always felt drawn to Saltspring. It's a perfect time in my life to follow my heart and find a home here❤️

I've been living and working in Tulum, Mexico as a large-scale mural artist and sculptor (as well as remote graphic designer) for the last two and a half years. Due to Covid and a congenital heart condition, I decided to come back home until at least next spring, but I did not come alone!

Meet Moon, the laziest, cuddliest, and sassiest cat you may ever meet. I found him screaming on the roof of my art studio two years ago in the middle of the night, during a hurricane, all wet fur and bones sticking out. I brought him inside for what I thought would be the night, but damn if I did not fall in love! I could not leave my little Moonbow behind in Mexico, so here he is, international cat and garden netting arranger extraordinaire! Mexican street cat no longer.

I am a very responsible pet owner: Moon is vaccinated, neutered, and has no behavioural issues, except being a little jealous of any other animal he sees me bend to pet. I keep a fund on hand in case he should ever need to see a veterinarian, or in case someone requires a damage deposit.

I'm looking for:

-A cozy, furnished or partially furnished house or cabin to rent and maintain over the winter, perhaps beyond
-A space to myself, but near enough to others to maintain a sense of community or borrow some sugar (probably Stevia actually)
-A garden would be perfect! Not only did I work as a landscape gardener while I was going to university for two degrees, but I also managed an urban organic farm for a year
-Great wifi, so I'm able to work remotely
-Trees and maybe a body of water nearby
-People within earshot who don't mind to hear me sing 😉

I'm looking to rent, or to house sit if that's needed. More than anything though, I'm looking for the right fit! I am subletting a friend's cabin here for the month of August, so if I sound like someone you may want to rent to/have house sit, please feel free to reach out and we can grab a cup of coffee or tea and chat, see if we share values, and see if I would be a good fit for you.

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August 1, 2020 5:52 AM

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Amy Frueh

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