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I need your help Salt Spring!!!

I need your help Salt Spring!!!
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Hey Salt Spring,

The spirit is moving me. I showed up to surprise my Mom and older brother about a month ago and I absolutely have the Salt Spring fever and want more of it!! Please don't make me go back to Ontario, please??!! lol

My mom and brother have been here for a few years now and each time I visit I'm a little more convinced that my life would blossom here. What's not to love! The beauty, the people, the peaceful feeling, minimal winters, no stop lights, mosquitoes that hardly bite and the kindness! The biggest draw for me though….are the people I love the most, my sweet mom and my big brother! I feel closer this time to making the plunge. This visit has the stark feeling that life is moving too quickly, life is too short to be thousands of miles away from those I love, especially with the trying times of our world as it is and Mom's do get older right!

So, for my quest. I'm hoping to find a place on the island so I can join my family here and see where life can take me. I'm 37, have a guaranteed income, am clean, a conscientious sort, spend a lot of my time outdoors (photographer), have a small car, no use of alcohol, no cigarettes, no partying, my bestie is a sweet older cat with good clean habits who rode shotgun all the way from Ontario!

I'd love to hear from you, someone who maybe has a little place but has been reluctant to post an ad? I'd hope for a one bedroom, tub, separate unit (would consider an upper unit), I can afford up to $800.00 inclusive.

I can be reached at (250)653-4033 or on my cell (705)716-3855

Many thanks for any considerations you can offer, this is so very exciting for me!

Best regards, Derek.

October 12, 2020 7:01 AM

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