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Take cleaning off your holiday to-do list!
At Sacred Space Cleaning, we provide high-quality, reliable, holistic cleaning and energetic cleansing services with natural and effective cleaning products that uplift and transform your home, making it feel like a brand new space.

At Sacred Space Cleaning, we believe that cultivating harmony in the home creates a foundation for a healthy, happy life.
And we understand that this goes beyond simply having a physically clean space.
Not only do dirt and dust accumulate in our home, so do stress, emotions, memories and thoughts.
We feel these lingering energies, and they negatively impact our overall mental and emotional balance and well-being.
This is why our cleaning packages are intentionally designed with energy cleansing and blessing to leave your space tranquil and clear, promoting your peace and ease in the home and in life.
And of course, our services are complete with personal touches, to add a little magic to your home cleaning experience.

Our standard cleaning package includes:
Complete home cleaning - with all natural and effective cleaning and cleansing products
Space clearing and welcoming in of beneficial spirits and energies
Space cleansing - sage, cleansing sprays, rattling
Space blessing with sacred song and prayer
Space charging with reiki

Additional services available include:
Whole home crystal cleansing (yes, your crystals need regular love and care just like your plants do!)
Customized crystal treatments for your home, for EMF protection and upliftment of your space
Intuitive decorating and energetic treatments for your home, to restore balance and harmony in your space and make you feel more at home in your home
Organizing and de-cluttering to minimalize and de-stress your home and life
House ceremony to call in the spirit of your home, bringing more grounding, connection and life into your space


Contact Anne at yoursacredspacecleaning@gmail.com for a quote and to schedule your next home cleaning and cleansing.
For more information, visit www.yoursacredspacecleaning.com

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