Hiring Painters and Marketers! Living Wage+

Hiring Painters and Marketers! Living Wage+
Full NameLiam Hackett
Phone250 538 2338
LocationSaltspring Island

Hey Saltspring! We are coming into our 9th year of Student Works Painting on the island, and we are working towards another successful and busy season of painting homes. The two main Job positions I am hiring are;
FULL TIME PAINTER: from May till the end of September. This is a great gig, where you can work outdoors and learn a valuable trade, and all the while earn a LIVING WAGE+. Painters this season will be earning a rate of $22-$50 an hour based off of experience and responsibilities. Ability to work outdoors, work with ladders, talking with clients, and be comfortable with heights is an asset. No previous experience is needed because we train In house, following the Student Works Painting system to efficiently and effectively paint a home. Of course, painting experience is a huge asset as well, and would be compensated with a higher starting rate. Must be mobile because Job sites can change weekly. There is room for growth in your position to earn more money and handle more responsibility. Will work in teams of 2-3 people.
COLD CALLER: from now till September, we will have positions available as a cold caller. This is a fun and easy way to get paid CASH. A cold caller is trained by us on the job to go home to home asking about potential clients painting needs this summer. You will be answering questions and documenting anyone with interest. You get paid 20 an hour, as well as 5 dollars per lead. Most people can easily average 1 lead an hour, I've seen people get 4. Also the days are short. 3-6 hour shifts 1-3 days a week. Most teams work in pairs so invite a friends and work together!
If you feel like you could be a good fit for EITHER of these positions please feel free to email me at liam.h@studentworks.ca

January 23, 2023 3:18 PM

49 days, 7 hours

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