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Golden Buddha Havening and Hypnotherapy

Full NameLynn Demers
Phone1 778 608 0719
Location163 Fulford Ganges Road, Ganges

I am honoured to offer in person sessions from our incredibly serene setting at BEACHSIDE, 163 Fulford Ganges Rd, Ganges

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Golden Buddha Havening and Hypnotherapy is a system for helping you reconnect with the person you long to return to. To help alleviate stress, fear and overwhelm by putting down or transforming anything that isn't serving your best self. To set aside judgement and be available to respond to life from the present moment, unimpeded by negative thinking or outdated patterns.

CLEARING: For times you have experienced a specific event or series of events that were troubling and you want to clear away the emotional or physical residue that may be keeping you feeling hesitant or unable to move forward with relative grace and ease.

TRANSFORMATION: You’re ready to do the deep inner work and wanting to clear away or transform anything that is holding you back. You’re in creative mode and willing to change, evolve and become the new updated version of your best self.

ZEN: Restorative guided clearing, centering and rebalancing. Perfect for maintaining alignment with your peaceful centre or to help with keeping your mind focused and calm while going through a period of time with additional stressors.

FLOW: Discover and step into your state of flow. These sessions are idea for writers, artists, musicians, professional sports persons, innovators or anyone who is looking for support while working towards a creative, personal or professional goal.

RESILIENCE: This offering is perfect for those who may have received difficult news. This could be in the way of a challenging medical diagnosis for self or a loved one. Emotional support while preparing for and recovering from surgery. It may be the loss of a job, home, relationship or an unexpected change of plans for the future. The work we do together will help build your resilience and keep you grounded in your solid self regardless of external circumstances.

NESTING: Our goal – you being in the most healthy and resilient emotional and physical state possible. The journey of motherhood can be a time of intense vulnerability. Our work together will help clear any past trauma, stress, worries or uncertainty that could get in the way of you feeling empowered, confident, resourceful and resilient. You will learn and practice a simple set of tools to use for daily self care throughout your pregnancy, during labour and delivery as well as postpartum.

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November 12, 2019 7:16 PM

6 days, 18 hours

Golden Buddha Havening and Hypnotherapy

Golden Buddha Havening and Hypnotherapy

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