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Gifts of Grief, transforming Pain into Power

OrganizerVeronika McKee
DateNovember 17th, 2019
Start Time9:30-4:30
Event Length7hrs
LocationSalt Spring Island

Gifts of Grief Workshop,
Transforming Pain Into Power

A workshop in releasing pain and stepping into power with Veronika McKee and special yoga practice lead by Sarah-Jane Smith

This workshop will take you through a day of yoga, movement, meditation, grief release work and connection to your power selves, all designed to help you transform your pain into power.

Sunday November 17th, 9:30 to 4:30pm
Salt Spring Island, BC

—There are times in our lives that aren’t all peaches n cream, Instagram worthy moments.

Times of great sadness, loneliness, losses and grief.

Sometimes it is debilitating and robs us of years of our lives.

Sometimes it’s more subtle and shows up in less obvious ways, like a low grade infection of our soul.

Some experiences rattle us to the core, shaking our foundation and leaving us flailing, broken, a shadow of our former selves.

And yet, loss, sadness, grief are all a natural part of the cycle of living.

Part of being human.

So how can we experience loss, without losing ourselves?

In fact, the experience of loss for many is an experience of great transformation, giving us an opportunity to expand, overcome, and increase our capacity for joy.

Most of us know people intimately who have experienced great trauma, and have become embittered, lost, perpetually broken.

And yet, we also know people who have had devastating experiences only to come through the other side more joyful, more blissful, more present and more open to the human experience we all signed up for.


Given the choice, what would you rather experience? Heartache that cripples, or heartache that is a catalyst for expansion?

What if you could alchemize your painful experiences on your own terms?

What if in fact your painful experiences held nuggets of wisdom that are perfectly designed for your growth?

Would you want to access that information?

In this transformative workshop, participants go through a day of experiences that provide the opportunity to transform pain into power and a develop lasting tools to be used at any time, any experience of pain.

About the workshop:

This is a full day workshop in releasing pain and stepping into power.

The day includes yoga, movement, meditation, grief release work and connection to power selves, in a facilitated, vibrant and accessible format.

Participants will be engaged in a transformative experience as well as develop tools for take home use.

Delicious snacks will be provided.

Participants should bring a journal and pen, water bottle, and comfortable clothing.

Space is limited to ten participants only.

The investment is $135, payable by credit card,etransfer or PayPal.

Early bird special rate: $95 if you register before October 5th.

For more information and to register please contact Veronika McKee at


About Veronika

Veronika McKee is a spiritual being enjoying a very human experience. Her passion is in empowerment, grief alchemy, life transformation, joy activation and dream discovery.

She is here to illuminate the gifts inside of us, and amplify them.

About Sarah-Jane

Sarah Jane is an experienced Yoga teacher who believes that practice offers opportunities for continual learning, time to process emotions and tools to integrate the discoveries on the mat into life off the mat.

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