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Hello friends and community,

I have been writing a book on the idea of toxic masculinity, the impacts on everyone, and ways we can contribute to building a safer future for everyone. The book is about as complete as I can make it without an editor. It sits at a whopping 330 pages! Glen Canning - father of Rehtaeh Parsons - has called the book 'groundbreaking' and a 'change-maker'.

I am going to be hiring an editor, and then doing a smallish print run that I hope will be ready for sales mid August. Summer books do better in terms of sales first and foremost. Of course this year is also election year in the US. Donald Trump has really become the archetype for toxic masculinity, and I really take aim at his behaviours (sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic) in my book. My ultimate hope is that this book influences voters in the election ( a tall order I know ) ! Even if it doesn't, I know that this book will make a difference to achieving gender equality and putting an end to gender-based violence. Everyone who reads it loves it!

As a result I am aiming to fundraise a total of $8000.00 by the end of this month in order to proceed with the editing and a mid-August release date (summer book releases are far more successful than fall ones).

So my ask is this: If you are able to donate $25.00 personally this would be amazing and I would be so grateful. You will receive in the mail a copy of the book upon release. For every $25.00 donated, you get a book. I understand that COVID has presented a lot of challenges for people, and that there are other causes such as Black Lives Matter, which also need our support. There will be a cheaper e-copy available at a later date. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I know there is so much happening in the world right now and that it can be overwhelming to add another thing to the list, but I am confident that this is worth it!

To donate, please visit: gf.me/u/x724bb

There is a plot synopsis in the Go Fund Me link above with all the details about the book.

Here is an exerpt from the first chapter Engaging with Safety:

I want men and boys to feel safe reading this book. You are safe. But you will feel uncomfortable among other emotions. In doing this work I am clear that I am an advocate for men and boys. I do not believe that masculinity, as a whole is bad or toxic. But the masculinity that leads to violence sure is. It is unsafe and leads to a great deal of damage to people, and it needs to change. Masculinity certainly has enormous potential to be healthy. Feminism has been trying to foster healthy masculinity for many years in fact – questioning the facets of toxic masculinity that contribute to violence. Men are not all bad. However, all men and boys exist in systems that insulate them from repercussions when they commit violence. This is what is referred to as male privilege. When conversations meant to focus on toxic masculinity, turn to conversations centred on defensiveness with the ‘not all men’ narrative, this detracts away the violence being done to the oppressed. It’s the same thing that happens when white people deny the racism that is in all of us, by saying that they aren’t racist and not all white people are racist. All white people exist in systems that advantage them. All white people hold stereotypes (the belief that distinct groups of people are all the same) about people of colour. Similarly, all men and boys have sexism in them – if only unconscious. Sometimes this sexism leads to violence. Defensiveness whether about sexism, racism or toxic masculinity, protects those in power. It allows for excuses. By portraying criticisms against those with power engaging in violence as inappropriate, power is maintained. When the conversation is derailed or shifted, the feelings of those whose power is threatened are prioritized over those impacted by the violence. This is unacceptable. We need to look at the fear that exists behind the defensiveness to help people feel safe about the fact that power is shifting and needs to shift. In talking about toxic masculinity, we can talk about shifting power in a safe way, meeting everyone’s needs.

I know that this book has enormous potential to bring about big change in the world!

Thanks so much and all the best,


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