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Tired of the lack of communication and no shows? Never worry about purchasing wet wood again, BioBurn is Guaranteed dry and ready to burn!

1 Pallet $425
2 Pallets $800

1 Bulk Bag $375
2 Bulk bags $725

Further discounts available on 4+ bags or pallets please contact me for pricing. Gst applied on all products.

Bioburn firewood briquettes 100% fir firewood bricks, delivered dry and ready to burn guaranteed.

To request an order- please fill out an order form bioburn dot ca or send a msg

Pallets contain 95 bundles of plastic wrapped briquettes (12 briquettes
Per pack) totalling 1000kg. Pallets are equivalent to one + cord of fire wood.

Bulk bags contain roughly 900 kilograms of briquettes (approximately 1000 loose briquettes in the bag) Bulk bags need to be stored inside and can be affected by ambient moisture.

Please note the briquettes can not get wet, they need to be kept covered and have no contact with moisture.

Firewood Briquettes are cleaner burning, more efficient and easier to handle than traditional firewood.

Briquettes contain about 19,800 BTU per kilogram when produced from kiln dried lumber by-products. Our briquettes contain, on average, 8% moisture by weight, where typical firewood, when seasoned in dry conditions for one year, contains about 20% moisture by weight. Since it takes energy to boil off the moisture, less moisture means more useable heat is produced.

A tonne of our briquettes occupies a space of 3ft x 3ft x 4ft (36 cu ft) which is the energy equivalent to one and a half full cords of firewood which occupies a volume measuring 4ft x 12ft x 4ft (192 cu ft).


Wood briquettes are quickly gaining a reputation as a fuel of choice for many people and it’s easy to see why. The benefits include:

They’re a cost effective form of fuel for a log burner. For every pound spent on fuel, wood briquettes produce 50% more heat compared to logs
They are chimney and flue friendly. The low moisture content reduces the chances of your chimney or flue becoming clogged compared to higher moisture fuels
They take up less storage space than traditional logs
They are easy to light and can provide a long lasting fire
They are a more environmentally friendly form of fuel than fossil fuels and they are often made from wood which would otherwise end up in landfill
They are odourless and produce very little ash and smoke
They are a flexible form of fuel which can be used indoors, outdoors and in combination with logs

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