Family Healing Coming Up - Starting Monday 16th May (All ages welcome, pay as you can program)

Family Healing Coming Up - Starting Monday 16th May (All ages welcome, pay as you can program)
Full NameBridgette Mosher
LocationSalt Spring Yoga Centre, 355 Blackburn Road, Salt Spring Island

Would you like to connect to the power of ancient wellbeing practices to heal your closest relationships?

Much of the way we connect with others is determined by our ancestral blueprints and unconscious family patterns - sometimes preventing us from experiencing the life we truly want to live.

We are excited for this wonderful opportunity provided by the Salt Spring Yoga Center to CONNECT IN-PERSON and IN-COMMUNITY with Yogrishi Vishvketu starting soon right here on Salt Spring Island. (who is Yogrishi Vishvketu https://akhandayoga.com/yogrishi-vishvketu/)

The upcoming week will wash in with the night energy of a POWERFUL SUPERMOON and LUNAR ECLIPSE, and also Buddha Purnima - a day celebrating Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment altogether. Astrologically, this day and those surrounding it are more energetically charged for self-healing, and going within to support smooth endings and new beginnings.

Connecting into this powerful time of self-transformation, Yogrishi will be guiding two programs for harmonising the energy of your relationships and reprogramming unconscious behavioural patterns which may prevent us from manifesting our intentions and experiencing fulfilling, supportive relationships.

You will be guided through two 7-day programs involving asana, pranayama, sound work and intentional ritual for balancing the maternal and paternal energies. While we recommend doing the complete 7 days for maximum benefit, individual sessions wherever possible are also very powerful!

The first seven days will begin with the techniques for working with paternal energy. Kicking off with the full moon moving into the waning phase - working with our paternal energies can support the release of deep-rooted, unconscious blockages in our self-esteem and ability to manifest our ideas with confidence.

The second seven days will begin with the new moon, tapping into maternal energies to support the way we connect to ourselves and others. This looks to gently releasing suppressed emotions to create (recreate) relationship patterns that are healthy, loving, kind, respectful and supportive.

The program will kick off Monday, 16th May starting at 7.00am and finishing at 8.00am.
16th May - 22nd May 2022 (paternal energy healing, join all 7 days or when you can!)
30th May - 5th June 2022 (maternal energy healing, join all 7 days or when you can!)

This is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN event for Salt Spring Island residents and open to all ages and levels of experience. Feel free to drop in, and bring along your mat and mala if you have one (the Centre also has mats if you don’t have one!)

May 13, 2022 11:08 AM

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