Family Seeking Long Term Housing

Family Seeking Long Term Housing
Full NameMegan Gaudet
LocationSalt Spring Island

Update: Thank you to all who have reached out to offer their kindness and support. Though we have not yet found a home our financial position has improved and we are now able to pay up to $2300/month in rent.

I realize that our situation is not unique to the times as the housing crisis and economy continue to put pressure on us all, but we are getting down to the wire and I am reaching out in a last effort to find us a home. Our rental of almost 11 years sold after only 2 days on the market and we now have until July 31st to find a new home. We have been searching for almost a year knowing that our house was going to be put on the market, but we have not been able to find anything affordable.
We are long time islanders with myself having been on the island for 30 years and my husband, Dominique, for 20 years. Our 4 kids were all born to this island and have never know any other home. This is our community; this is our home.

My husband works in construction in the winter and for BC Wildfire in the summer as a Structure Protection Specialist, he has been a Volunteer with Salt Spring Fire Rescue for 18 years. I work for the school district at Gulf Islands Secondary School and volunteer in the arts performing in many shows and spending many hours collaborating within the thriving arts culture in our community.
Our kids are 13 (just about to go into high school), 11, 10, and 6. They are all deeply rooted to this place participating in arts, sports, and cultural activities on a regular basis. As you can imaging raising 4 kids is expensive with food prices at an all-time high. We make use of all the grants and services available to us but still find it a struggle to meet our monthly expenses and we are not living large.

We have a very modest budget for rent, getting into something costing more would be irresponsible. We have posted ads on various platforms looking for housing and have received some offers but the rent that was being requested far exceeded our budget.

People have offered us some creative solutions and we have explored them all thoroughly and have found no feasible option.

What we need to find is a new place to live here.
A small place is okay, ideally at least 2 bedrooms, though we'd be happy to squeeze into less if it is warm and dry and has a bathroom. Long term would be best because we don't really want to do this again any time soon.

So why would you want to rent to us?

We have some skills we can offer in trade if that is something you would like to consider towards reducing rent. My husband can build/maintain/repair/renovate almost anything with additional skills in traditional blacksmithing and forging, welding, masonry, machine operation, landscaping, and more. We have many years of combined experience in animal husbandry and farming, having raised our own sheep, pigs, ducks, geese, goats, chickens, horses, and cows, both for dairy and meat.
We have had market gardens and worked within commercial farming operations. Dominique has also worked as a butcher and can dress down any animal from barn to table with professional skills and efficiency, having done many farm kills and butchering jobs for islanders over the years who were not looking to sell the meat commercially. We also both have experience as arborists in fruit orchards and can prune fruit trees and vines. We can both cook, and have experience with smoking and preserving meat, and canning produce.

We have always paid our rent on time these last 11 years, and we look after any place we live like it is our own, planting gardens and keeping things clean and well maintained, as much as our budget will allow. We do not party, we do not smoke, drink, or use any recreational drugs. We are environmentally conscious and live a clean simple healthy life.

We are a big family and yes, the kids do make noise and play and run around, we also have a small and very well-trained dog, and a cat, who is an excellent mouser.

We can provide a lot of personal and professional references upon request.

June 22, 2024 9:13 PM

13 days, 14 hours

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