Solstice Community Grief Tending

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Solstice Community Grief Tending
Saturday December 21st

“We must risk the wildest places, lest we go down in despair and comfort.” ~ Mary Oliver


Many of us seldom have the chance to be open about our pain and grief. In many traditional cultures throughout the world, the expression of grief arising from life’s inevitable sorrows and losses was known to be most effectively released in a communal setting. It was recognized that unexpressed grief could be toxic, leading to illness, depression, addiction, even damaging and behavior towards oneself or others.
Our society has lost the art of creating communal space for grief to be held and processed. We reclaim this art through Community Grief Tending.

“Our wounds make us doubt that we will ever be welcomed into the arms of the circle, which makes the step into that territory feel risky. And yet, to remain outside the body of the community is to live in isolation.” Francis Weller

This is as much an opportunity to work with our personal grief as it is a time to practice staying present with the more difficult emotions in support of others. Together we support the processing of our wider communal and ancestral grieving.
We witness and find our common humanity, and we offer our personal grief for the healing of the collective.
In welcoming the many faces and forms of grief and holding compassionate witness in a sacred container, we reweave the bonds of connection and belonging ~ allowing us to find our way back into the world and our fullest embodiment.
This way of communion leads to deeper feelings of greater aliveness, connection and joy ~ in the words of Joanna Macy, “Grief is like oxygen.”

Community Grief Tending allows us to honour emotions that our society has taught us to hide, emotions that are rooted in love and our sense of justice. Grief honoured through ritual builds heart skills - compassion, humanity, resilience.

This is a guided process, held in confidence among participants. Using singing, writing, and easy embodied movement. Everyone will have the opportunity to share and express if they feel called but there is no requirement to express; witnessing is a crucial and invaluable role here, and your attentive presence makes a difference.

The core of the process is based upon writing practices developed by Francis Weller and designed to gently begin to touch into and move our grief. Later we move into a process called the Truth Mandala, which is part of the deeply moving and experiential work of deep ecologist and Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. This process emerged in 1992 to address the arising grief around the difficult reunification between East and West Germany and has since been held in countries all over the world.

In exchange for the space held I ask for an exchange of $40 (early bird) or $50 (after December 15th)
To register, please send an e-transfer to joseatamira@gmail.com with answer to security question ‘Grief’ - if money is an issue, please email Josea directly to discuss options.
Space is limited so please do register in advance to insure your spot!
When you register you will be sent an email with location and logistical details.
Also if you can’t make it this time but would like to in the future, email me and I’ll add you to my list so you will get an email next time.

Josea is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Bodyworker and Craniosacral Therapist specializing in Relational Somatic Therapy, grief tending and healing sexual trauma. She is passionate about supporting people to move the energy of unprocessed grief and trauma so they can experience more resilience and joy.
She has practiced grief tending in community for the past three years and is influenced by the mentorship of Francis Weller (The Wild Edge of Sorrow), Jon Young (8shields.org), Joanna Macy (The Work that Reconnects) etc.

Questions please direct to Josea
Email joseatamira@gmail.com or text (250) 202-3506

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