Collecting Cans and Bottles

Collecting Cans and Bottles
Full NameSusan Mikanikian
LocationSalt Spring Island

* update May 5th
cream cartoons, buttermilk and drinkable yoghurt are not refundable.....not sure why but they are not. THANK YOU for continuing to support my son's business! He is 13 and cannot legally work so having this business is so important. Keeping youth off technology is a job in itself! Thank you for helping!

*update March 12
Jason just purchased his VR set! He is very happy! Thank you for supporting him and teaching him the value of work and managing money! It would not be possible without you! Fyi - he will be collecting until the end of this year when he turns 14. From January of 2023 he will be working at Country Grocer.

*update Jan 11
As promised and as a part of giving back to the community, Jason and I helped out a family who lost their home to fire. We bought them what they asked for. And they were very happy which made us very happy.
We will resume our bottles collection Fridays. Thank you for supporting us!

* update Dec 8th

our last pick up day this year will Dec 11. Jason is back in business Jan 7. Thank you for all your donations year around! We are grateful!

* update on Nov 10th

Thank you everyone for your donations! Jason has bought his new (used) cell phone! He is very happy about it! Next he will save up for Christmas gifts. He will also donate $ or a gift to family in need. Also, I wanted to share that he is now returning the bottles 90% of the time by himself! And! he is now thinking twice before he spends his money! Thank you for helping me raise my child and teach him money management and working skills! I am very grateful!

* update on October 10th

Jason will be picking up on Friday's instead of Saturdays.

* update on September 6th

Thank you so much for supporting Jason throughout the summer! We are both very grateful! Not only did we get a large amount of donations, we also received so much love and care! It was so nice to chat with most of you who was home when we came for the pick up!

Recently, Jason went to visit his dad in Vancouver and came back with a new laptop (what he was originally collecting for). Instead of using the funds he earned this summer for a laptop, he will get new eye glasses which he badly needs because the old ones are all scratched up and not strong enough.

I thank you each and every one of you for having such a big heart and making us feel like a part of the Salt Spring Tribe!


This is Jason,

Thank you for supporting me with your refundable cans and bottles donations. I am ready to take on new customers.

Items I am looking for are:
Glass: wine or juice or beer bottles
Cans: pop or alcohol.
Plastic: water or juice
Juice boxes

I collect every Saturday and will keep doing this until I am 13 or 14 and can find a job (12 years old).

I just received my new chair form my desk! Thanks to your support. I am grateful!

I am now going to save up for a new computer.

Please contact my mom if you have any bottles or cans for me.
Her information is:

Susan Mikanikian

Thank you,

June 16, 2022 7:52 AM

37 days, 20 hours

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