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Boomers + Seniors: Spring into Fall with an Orthopaedic Massage!

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During 28 years of practising massage professionally, I’ve learned an enormous amount about working with older clients and their particular needs. It’s made me extremely effective in helping them resolve their issues quickly. Stuff that neither I nor probably any massage therapist learns in school. You can’t. A big part of it is developing a feel and intuition based on the science, and that takes time.

In 2012, a wonderful lady wrote the following about working with me. She saw me again in 2017 for a short series when she was back here. We were both amazed by how incredibly fast she responded at 88 years of age!

“My name is Carley Thomson and I am 83 years old. After my first treatment with Brian the sharp pain in my hip was gone. After three sessions my legs are 75% better. My lower back which I had surgery on in 2003 is 100% better except in the mornings when it is still a little stiff at first. The treatments are always comfortable, and the time always flies on the massage table.”

A famous island senior penned this for me in 2014:

“Brian treated me with his massage for kneecap tendonitis. My symptoms improved from the start and gradually got better and better. His knowledge of the details of the connections is profound and ranged into broader perspectives. Each session was enjoyable both physically and psychologically.” Robert Bateman

I’m grateful that I can help people return to the activities they love. This woman’s experience of such in 2013 is shared by many others:

“Following hip replacement surgery in December 2012, I began my exercise program in March but encountered problems when I returned to my great love, ocean swimming. My low back muscles, particularly my left SI (sacroiliac) joint became very painful, and my right shoulder and neck muscles could not keep up with the pace. I began a program of strengthening exercises with the help of physiotherapy and acupuncture. I learned of Brian Pack’s unique manual therapy and read several testimonials from trusted friends.

First, Brian showed me my leg length was still uneven but that this was due to the overall alignment being out of whack. After two treatments I was back on a walking and cycling program and finally able to understand what was preventing me from doing simple tasks that required core muscle strength. I also became aware during these sessions that I was still guarding my hips from months of weakness and pain. Once I began to integrate all this work, I was able to walk without discomfort and step out on the path of fitness again. I am now back in the ocean and slowly building up my swimming strength.

Brian works with expert knowledge of the muscle groups and understands how the body works as a holistic unit. His treatments are two hours minimum as it takes this much time to truly activate new and balanced body mechanics and to heal from old patterns that prevent alignment and flow. He is highly professional, confident and very personable in his approach. We are lucky to have his unique expertise and practice here on Salt Spring.” Diana Hayes

Orthopaedic massage is the best, most enjoyable massage you could ever imagine having but couldn’t find. It’s totally safe and incomparable with any other form of massage. Everyone at any age can benefit from this work, function more pain-freely in daily living, and feel lighter with more energy.

In developing my skills as a manual therapist, I started with six years of intensive studies in related disciplines throughout Asia before entering private practice. I now have an encyclopedia’s worth of broad-based clinical experience internationally in pain relief, joint release and spinal restructuring as well as delaying and avoiding surgeries.

*12 years accredited as Maui’s top massage practitioner. Many doctors’ first choice for their patients’ problems.

*Actively licensed in Hawaii as a medical massage practitioner (all US and some private Canadian insurance reimbursable).

*Hawaii State registered in Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage), specializing in its therapeutic forms.

*Canadian-born, globally taught.

*ALL athletic performance improves measurably.

There is a $10 per treatment laundry surcharge as the table linens go to SS Drycleaners.

All treatments are profoundly relaxing.

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