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One would think it would be common sense beach fire etiquette to COMPLETELY EXTINGUISH the fire before departing from the beach, but time and time again I have walked down the steps to Baker Beach only to find fires close to the banks(not in the for certain high tide zone) still smoldering, or in the case of yesterday evening, with a sizeable piece of firewood still burning. Ontop of that it was quite windy that evening. How likely could it have been that a piece of ember would have flown to the vegetation on the banks(which get baked in the sun and dry quite quickly, even after a rain) and started a fire! MANY houses along that stretch of beach, not to mention beautiful forest.

Honestly, the stupidity of people is continuously confounding. Let us all enjoy beach fires and then take the time to extinguish them completely before leaving. (!!!) It is not enough to expect them to be extinguished by high tide. It's just not okay to walk away from a smoldering fire!

I no longer have faith in people and will approach every single person that I see enjoying a beach fire and make sure they understand completely their responsibility of completely extinguishing said fire upon departure. I welcome you to do the same. No need for hostility, just a simple firm and friendly reminder.

And if you didnt bring a bottle with which to carry water to extinguish your fire, perhaps you should not have started the fire. In a pinch, short of urinating on the fire, burying the remaining embers with sand would be a last resort, and not ideal since a person/child following may step in and burn themselves.

February 22, 2021 7:55 PM

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