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1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Complete Restoration With Upgrades

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Complete Restoration of 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia with upgrades.

I bought this bay window bus 5 years ago and my dream was to restore it and sell it as a project that i would sink my hands and mind into. I have been maintaining it religiously since the day i bought it but the real restoration process started in October of 2018 and finished August 2019. Bellow you can find all the details you need to know about this beautiful bay window bus.

August 27th 2019 automotive appraisal.

Last week an automotive appraiser from Victoria came over to Salt Spring to determine the value of the finished westfalia. If you'd like to see the full appraisal i will send it to you via email. Here are some of the quotes from appraisal.

“The body work that has been done to the vehicle is far above the normal industry standards.”

“The pictures cannot possibly show the quality of this vehicle. This is a vehicle that must be seen in person to see just how well the vehicle is done.”

“There was nothing overlooked when the work was been done on the van. The object was to make sure that this van would be in better condition than when it was originally built in 1978”.

“Since it was 41 years ago that the vehicle was build, the materials that were used to build the vehicle are so much better than they were then. The rust protection alone has come so far that this unit can definitely stand the weather and still look good”.

“The fit and finish has been redone and there has been may hours making sure that this is better than when it was originally built”.

“The van has been completely redone mechanically. This van is better mechanically than it was when it was first built. This is basically a brand new 1798 Westfalia using better materials than when it was first built.”

“This is the nicest example of this model that i have seen in many years. I sold the 1978 new and this one is so much better in all ways.”

“I have been doing the research and there are a number of similar 78's for sale that have been redone, however I do not believe the finished vans are as well done as Mr. Crystal's”.


The body has just been fully restored to new condition at a body shop specializing in classic Volkswagen.
The job started at the body shop on November 1st 2018 and was completed on February 1st 2019. (3 months) The bus was completely gutted, windows and all, to do the body work followed by the paint job inside and out.

-All windows were taken out and new window seals installed.
-She was in pretty good shape but any rust in the body was cut out and new metal welded in as well as 5 new body panels replaced. This was not a bond-o job.
-3 new coats of paint inside and out bringing her to the original 1978 colours of Brilliant Orange and Pastel White.
-New rear bumper.
-All new lights and reflector lenses (except headlights, which are in perfect condition) .
-New antenna.
-New pop-top Canvas.
-New pop-top seals.
-New luggage rack seals.
-New spare tire cover.
-New chrome eyebrows.
-New chrome hubcaps.
-All new window seals.
-All new door seals including engine compartment door seal.
-Engine compartment painted.
-Replaced rear licence plate light unit.
-Rubberized undercoating applied to underside of bus.
-New windshield wipers.
-New chrome side view mirrors.
-New rear view mirror.
-New driver and passenger window guides (The ropes and pieces around the window that guide it smoothly.)
- New foam gasket around engine.


This bay window has had a complete mechanical restoration.
The engine was rebuild last month and has less than ---100--- Kms on it. That's right, not 100,000, 100 Kms. The rebuild was done by the Volkswagen mechanic that works on every VW bus in the community that has the most VW buses per capita in Canada. This German born mechanic is an absolute pro and did an outstanding job. This bus is his baby. He says that it should be at least 5-10 years before the bus has to be brought in for anything which as you may know is not normal for these vehicles normally needing constant expensive repair.

-Recently rebuilt original 2L engine with less than 100 Kms on it.
-1 year warranty on engine passed on to seller by Volkswagen mechanic.
-Rebuilt automatic transmission in October of 2018.
-New muffler.
-Windshield wiper motors rebuilt.
-Windshield washer fluid sprayers replaced.
-Heater system rebuilt.
-New hoses and lines from engine compartment through under the bus.
-New battery bought in February of 2019.
-New distributor cap.
-Replaced gauge panel cover.
-New automatic shifter knob.
-Rear brakes replaced.

Interior and Camper

The seller (me) is a Red Seal carpenter and has done a complete interior restoration.

-The cabinets have all been de-laminated and have had a new matching laminate installe

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