1971 Volkswagen Beetle- Fully Restored

1971 Volkswagen Beetle- Fully Restored
Full NameColin
LocationSalt Spring Island

I called the bank and told them that I was going to buy a classic car in Mexico and ask them if they would wire the money down to me. They said they didn’t want to have anything to do with it.
I went to the ATM every day for six weeks and withdrew the maximum daily limit in pesos hiding it in a shoe under my bed. Once I had the total, I learned how to smuggle large amounts of cash through airport security as I had to fly from Southern Mexico to Central Mexico to purchase the car. I was far beyond the legal limit for carrying cash on an airplane and if I got caught it would all be confiscated due to suspicion of drug trafficking. In Canada and the US when large amounts of cash are confiscated they are put in a plastic bag in an evidence locker. In Mexico they are put in a pocket. After smuggling the cash through airport security, bribing the National Guard at a military checkpoint, driving across Mexico with eyes in the back of my head taking risks with the security of the car and my own, breaking down three times in the middle of nowhere (if you consider tequila to be the middle of nowhere), driving across Mexico with an expired drivers license and an expired tourist visa with no option of collision insurance, she is Home to Canada. She is a beautiful immigrant. Her name is La Bandita Roja and she’s dead sexy.

Legally imported, all taxes paid, provincial and federal inspections passed and registered/insured in the province of British Columbia.

If you do not like getting around in style, do not buy this car.

If you do not like being greeted with a bright smile where ever you go, do not buy this car.

If you do not like sharing stories with strangers from when the world was a different place, do not buy this car.

Major Highlights
-Body restored in professional body shop
-New candy apple red paint job
-New white leather interior
-New white cloth headliner
-New seals around all windows
-New rubberized undercoating
-Engine rebuilt last year and currently has 7000 kms on it

-Body restored in professional body shop
-New candy apple red paint job
-New seals around all windows
-New rubberized undercoating
-Front and back bumpers restored and rechromed
-New classic beetle rearview mirror and Sideview mirrors (round)
-New driver side exterior locking door handle with 2 keys
-New stainless steal/wood roof rack and deck lid luggage rack
-New driver side and passenger side door roll-up windows
-New windshield 
-New pivoting window vents on driver and passenger side doors (whole assemblies are new)
-New passenger side window regulator
-New vintage beetle windshield wipers and windshield wiper shafts
-New dual chrome exhaust pipes
-Trunk button repaired
-New license plate brackets front and back
-Fresh wax job by hand

This is a car that people take their shoes off before getting in, without any prompting.
-New white leather interior
-New white cloth headliner
-4 new classic beetle seatbelts (in matching red)
-New custom made rosewood plugs in dash knobs
-New custom made rosewood ash tray knob
-New rosewood e-brake button
-New RetroManufacturing Bluetooth Vintage replica stereo
-New walnut wood, stick shift knob with Wolfsburg emblem
-New rubber boot on E brake
-New interior door panel clips
-New ivory white steering wheel with Wolfsburg emblem (original replica)
-New ivory white signal switch with high/low beam controller
-Wood floors
-Interior detailed

-Speedometer repaired
-Gas gauge repaired
-E-break redone
-New gear shifter system and restored shift rod
-Play in steering wheel repaired
-Installation of new electronic ignition system
-New horn
-Fixed sticky clutch
-New fuel lines
-New alternator belt
-New starter fuse
-New fuel filter
-Engine choke repaired
-New gaskets around both valve cases
-New alternator
-New windshield wiper fluid system
-New fuel sender
-New carburetor
-Cleaned air filter
-New distributor cap and rotor
-New starter
-Valve cover gaskets replaced on engine
-New steering link
-Compression test done
-Timing mixture checked
-Cleaned out the engine and repaired the PCV system
-Timing adjusted with timing gun
-Oil change
-Engine rebuilt last year and currently has 7000 kms on it

Photos were taken in California (Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park) on the drive home

Please call or email to enquire or for a showing
More photos coming soon.

June 10, 2022 4:59 PM

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