Chicken manure

Chicken manure in bedding (hardwood shavings). Great for bulking up your compost heap, mulching fruit trees, berry bushes or your veggie garden. $2 for a […]
$5.00 each


Tayberry,Raspberry,Loganberry,Red &Black Currants in 1 gallon pots.All plants are 1-3 years old, well rooted and ready to grow. Only $5.00 each.Now is the best time […]

Manila Rope

400 feet of (used) 3/4 inch manila rope, in 3 lengths: approx. 100 ft, 150 ft, and 250 ft. SOLD!

Mulch Hay

Hello Community. Just finished my garlic beds and am in need of hay for mulch. Hoping not to have to pay AAA prices. Does anyone […]