Video: Protesters Occupy Grace Islet Building Site

Grace Islet protesters took further action again today to send a message to the Province and Islet owner that they intend to continue efforts to stop construction of a house on the islet's burial ground. Protestors travelled en masse to the islet, landed and entered the property fencing to encircle the home citing a failure of all other efforts to remedy building on a known grave site. The RCMP were called to attend. Videos courtesy of Bill Warriner / Salt Spring Live. Editor's Note: Commenting on this post has been closed due to complaints and the aggressive and argumentative nature of the discussion not in alignment with our community guidelines.
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Photos: Grace Islet Protection Gathering

Protectors of Grace Islet held their largest gathering yet in protest of the house building in progress on the island. Participants occupied the islet's North End to witness construction firsthand. The event included speeches from Cowichan Valley First Nations, MLA Gary Holman and MP Elizabeth May. Photos courtesy of Grace Islet Protectors / Gary McNutt.  
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Video: Grace Islet Protest Blockade

On going protests of the housing development on top of the Grace Islet burial grounds increased in intensity today. Off island work crews brought in by the island's owner were turned back by islanders opposed to development of the burial and sensitive environmental grounds of the island. Opponents have pledged to continue efforts until the development stops.
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Photo Series: Grace Islet Prayer Procession

Salt Spring Islanders gathered today to join in a low-tide prayer walk to Grace Islet to honour the burial grounds on the islet. The disputed development of a house on top of First Nations burial cairns here continues to intensify while construction proceeds. Organized by Joe Akerman, local residents and visitors gathered to connect Grace Point in Salt Spring’s Ganges Harbour with Grace Islet in a human chain of prayer flags with the goal of drawing attention to the controversial housing development. Despite unanimous opposition from Capital Regional District Directors and First Nations Elders, the building project on the islet continues.
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Photo Series: Metamorphosis - Moss Cars of Salt Spring Island

In 2004 the Salt Spring Island photographer Eric Klemm photographed a dozen cars from the fifties and sixties covered by fern and moss on the property of a Salt Spring Island resident. The first exhibition titled "Metamorphosis" was held at Gallery Jones, Vancouver, in 2005. Hereafter the exhibition of 14 large 50x60" prints travelled to: Toronto, Houston,Texas, Milan,Italy, Mainz,Germany, Berlin,Germany, Zingst, Germany and was finally held at Artspring, Salt Spring Island, in May 2007. In September 2011 the German Goethe Institute invited Klemm to show the "Metamorphosis" photographs in Paris. After that it became a travelling exhibition visiting the French cities: Bordeaux, Lille, Brest, Nancy and Toulouse. Klemm has had more than 25 solo exhibitions in his long career, the Metamorphosis project has been his most succesful one, so far. One of the large images is in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Gary Michael Dault wrote 2005 in his col…
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Photos: Decline of the Fulford Inn

Well this is just plain sad. The hows and whys of how this came to pass seem to be a bit muddy, but there it is nonetheless. The old inn at the end of the Fulford Harbour, one of the main gateways for many thousands of visitors to the island and local community spot for Southenders, appears to be in an unstoppable decline. An inn has stood in one form or another on this site since before 1900. The first, a tavern operated by H.M. Rogers, burned down in 1901. In 1909 its place was taken by a country store. When guest rooms were subsequently added, the building became known as the White House and later the White Lodge. Destroyed by fire in the mid 30s, it was replaced by the Fulford Inn which, in the 50s also had a fire. Its had a turbulent past and it would appear a turbulent present. Hard to say what will happen. There are rumours the liquor license has been sold, the place has been gutted, vandals have removed fixtures, windows and skylights. The building is open to the …
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Video: Orca Pod in Fulford Harbour

We are surrounded by natural beauty on Salt Spring Island and like many things, timing is everything. We get regular orca pod visits but an entire ferry full of visitors and islanders got a special treat this afternoon. A pod of orcas along with a number of baby orcas met up with the Skeena Queen as she came into the harbour and all the way into the dock. Watch the videos! We'll update our wildlife sightings map shortly.
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Video: Salt Spring Style Luge - Toboggayaking

Well the Olympics and gold medal hockey were capped off with the biggest snow yet this winter. Best thing to celebrate is to get out in it, Salt Spring style. What do you get when you cross Salt Spring's favourite water sport (Kayaking) with a dollop of winter snow and a great sloping hill? We call it Toboggayaking! Toboggayaking - Salt Spring Style Two Man Luge - Salt Spring Style
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People Profile: Celeste Mallett Jason

Community People Profiles is a series on the Salt Spring Exchange featuring local personalities on our dynamic Gulf Island. Our People Profiles are short interviews with one answer questions to share with you a little about what each of the people we will feature are thinking about as they go about their lives living on Salt Spring Island. This Weeks Featured Local People Profile is: Celeste Mallett Jason Celeste Mallett Jason, author, yogini and teacher for over 30 years certificated in Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Sivananda, and Ashtanga methods. After studying with many popular North American and European teachers she landed on Salt Spring having taught at various locations throughout the Island, including the Salt Spring Centre where she was a guiding instructor in the teacher-training program, she opened her own studio in 2001. We caught up with her in the Ganges yoga Studio breathed deeply, relaxed and asked her our favourite five short questions. Q. What brought you t…
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