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Video: Orca Pod in Fulford Harbour

    Photos & Videos    May 29, 2014

We are surrounded by natural beauty on Salt Spring Island and like many things, timing is everything. We get regular orca pod visits but an entire ferry full of visitors and islanders got a special treat this afternoon. A pod of orcas along with a number of baby orcas met up with the Skeena Queen […]

Photo of the Week: Sunset

    Photos & Videos    May 28, 2014

Our Salt Spring Island photo of the week. Everything is so beautiful this time of year.

Video: Salt Spring Cheese

    Food & Entertainment, People & Places, Photos & Videos    May 28, 2014

This has to be one of our favourite places on the island and one of the top destinations of many visitors to Salt Spring, especially at Easter. Check out this new video piece about our very own Salt Spring Island Cheese.

Photo of the Week: Sunset

    Photos & Videos    May 1, 2014

Our photo of the week this week comes from SaltSpring Air Chief Pilot Harold Kirpatrick. Just another day in the life of a Salt Spring Island seaplane pilot. Stunning!

Photo of the Week: Mirror

    Photos & Videos    April 10, 2014

Our photo of the week this week was taken at sunrise overlooking Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island. There are magic moments everywhere on this island.

Video: Islanders Protest Ferry Cuts

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    March 11, 2014

Salt Spring Islanders go to the legislature to protest rate hikes and cuts to BC Ferries. Music by Valdy and Gary. Video by Scott Simmons. )

Video: Big Dip in the Snow Storm

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    February 25, 2014

Well the roads out there today are terrible. At least in the Northend. Stay home and track updates on the storm here. If you want to see just how wild some of the roads are, have a look at this video from this morning going down and up the Big Dip. Don’t try this at […]

Video: Salt Spring Style Luge – Toboggayaking

    People & Places, Photos & Videos    February 23, 2014

Well the Olympics and gold medal hockey were capped off with the biggest snow yet this winter. Best thing to celebrate is to get out in it, Salt Spring style. What do you get when you cross Salt Spring’s favourite water sport (Kayaking) with a dollop of winter snow and a great sloping hill? We […]

Photo of the Day: Wink the Snowman

    Photos & Videos    February 10, 2014

Well the forecasters were right, we got some snow mixed with freezing rain. It’s melting fast, but the roads are still a bit slick here on Family Day. Here is our photo of the day. ‘Wink’ the snow man.

Photo of the Week: Contemplate

    Photos & Videos    January 16, 2014

Salt Spring Island photo of the week: Contemplate. Photographed by Christopher Roy looking North into Sansum Narrows from the Skeena Queen.

Photo of the Week: Salt Spring Sunrise

    Photos & Videos    December 26, 2013

Photo of the week this week is a cool morning sunrise taken from the Vesuvius-Crofton Ferry crossing. Gorgeous!

People Profile: Celeste Mallett Jason

    People & Places, People Profiles, Photos & Videos    December 19, 2013

Community People Profiles is a series on the Salt Spring Exchange featuring local personalities on our dynamic Gulf Island. Our People Profiles are short interviews with one answer questions to share with you a little about what each of the people we will feature are thinking about as they go about their lives living on […]

Photo of the Day: Morning Sunrise

    Photos & Videos    December 16, 2013

The sunrise this morning.

Video: December Sunrise

    Photos & Videos    December 4, 2013

Did you miss the sunrise this morning? Wow. Was it ever beautiful. Didn’t want you to miss it so here it is in all it’s simple, clear, cold morning beauty.

Photo of the Week: Red Sun

    Photos & Videos    November 28, 2013

Salt Spring Island and Gulf Islands photo of the week. Red Sun taken in Ganges Harbour, Tuesday, November 26th at 7:16 AM. Photo by Christopher Roy.

Video: Close Encounters with Humpback Whale

    Photos & Videos    November 27, 2013

Always amazing to see the wild beauty that lives in the waters around and near our island. This is footage from a whale watching charter filmed by one of the passengers in Haro Strait just off San Juan Island, one of the sister islands of Salt Spring Island.

Video: Dolphin Superpod in Strait of Georgia

    Photos & Videos    November 4, 2013

This is incredible. Footage of a pod of dolphins captured by a passenger on the Queen of Nanaimo. As of this publishing the Queen is still out of service after the high-wind damage incident.

Video: Fall Fair Zucchini Racing

    Photos & Videos    September 15, 2013

There is so much to see and do at the Salt Spring Island fall fair, but undoubtedly the zucchini racing is one of the big draws. Running on the on new 3 lane track, and for the first time featuring a water pond ending, the racing didn’t disappoint. Big crowd, big fun, great times. Thank […]

Video: Orca Pod in Active Pass

    Photos & Videos    August 28, 2013

Wow. Not exactly Salt Spring Island, but close enough. Here is a pod of orcas filmed in Active Pass off the shores of Galiano Island. The spot is not far from InTheBluff and the Galiano Inn & Spa.

Video: Story of the Tree House Café

    Photos & Videos    August 15, 2013

Great piece on the story, the fun and vibe at our very own Salt Spring Island Tree House Café.

Crash and Accidents Map

    Photos & Videos    August 2, 2013

Ever wonder where the most crashes and accidents happen on Salt Spring? Well now you can see it. We’ve pulled together data provided by ICBC to map out all the reported to ICBC accidents that occurred on Salt Spring Island over the last three years so you can visually see the spots where the accidents […]

Video: The Crowd Goes Wild at Imaginelle

    Photos & Videos    July 5, 2013

Well that was amazing. Imaginelle, and its 70 person cast closing out an evening of dance, music and adventure brought the house down at ArtSpring last night. Imaginelle has one more sold out showing tonight but here is what the last minute of the evening looked like at the end of the show to give […]

Video: Salt Spring Saturday Market

    Photos & Videos    July 4, 2013

Come for a visit to Salt Spring Island’s Saturday market. Meet some of the great people of the island who make the market happen.

Video Tutorials: Edit + Delete Listings and Adding Calendar Events

    Photos & Videos    July 3, 2013

As we expand the features and services of the Exchange to support the 8,500+ of you who use the site each week, we have begun publishing some updated video tutorials on key features that we get the most questions about. All of the video tutorials are in our online guide, which is the first place […]

Video: Taking a Ride on ‘The Scholarship’

    Photos & Videos    June 24, 2013

Ever wonder how the kids from Mayne, Galiano and Pender get to school on Salt Spring Island? Take a ride on the ‘The Scholarship’. It was a great ride that day, I was on the Scholarship too for a trip to Galiano to attend a conference. It’s a great way to get between the islands […]

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Community News

  • 2019 Salt Spring Chamber Salty Awards &#...

    by on September 12, 2019

    Make someone you know a Salty Award winner! – Presenting the Salt Spring Community & Business Awards! Winners will receive a Salty Award and 29 awards will be given out two areas – Business and Community. You can nominate one business or community group/area per session during the nomination process. You will then be able […]

  • Artists from the Fringe: Nick’s St...

    by on September 10, 2019

    In this series, we share stories from Art Jam participants. Art Jam – a volunteer-run program of the Salt Spring Arts Council – provides a safe, welcoming space for members of our marginalized community, where they can be defined as creators and artists, rather than by the challenges they regularly face. By celebrating their unique […]

  • 2019 Pride Parade Photos and Video

    by on September 7, 2019

    Another beautiful celebration of Pride on Salt Spring Island today. Thousands of locals and visitors lined the street to celebrate the 15th annual Pride and the 12th celebration of the Pride Parade all through the streets of Ganges. Few communities the size of Salt Spring can boast of the energy and excitement and pride of […]

  • Affordable Rental Housing Cottages Surve...

    by on September 4, 2019

    Please join us on Saturday, September 7th for a Community Information Meeting regarding Bylaw No. 512 (Affordable Rental Housing – Cottages). This is an opportunity to learn more about the project and discuss the proposed rezoning of approximately 400 properties on Salt Spring Island to permit cottages for full-time residential rental, instead of “seasonal cottages” […]

  • Salt Spring Island Foundation Marks 35 Y...

    by on September 4, 2019

    We all know that great trees grow from tiny seeds, which makes the tree logo of the Salt Spring Island Foundation particularly appropriate. Thirty-five years ago, John C. Lees planted a $10,000 seed that has grown to a $7.5 million endowment fund solely for the benefit of Salt Spring Island charities. Since then the Foundation […]

  • London Drugs, Canada Post, Country Groce...

    by on August 29, 2019

    On August 19, 2019, Canada Post, in partnership with London Drugs and InDro Robotics, successfully completed Canada’s first-ever Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) flight carrying pharmaceuticals via Drone from a London Drugs pharmacy to Salt Spring Island. Canada Post was selected along with InDro Robotics in 2018 to participate in Transport Canada’s BVLOS Drone Trials. The […]

  • Win Discounted Tickets to ‘Time Pi...

    by on August 28, 2019

    Here’s your chance to win a voucher to purchase a $10 ticket to ‘Time Piece’, a locally produced thematic rock concert with dialogue while also helping to support Dawn and Cindy, two former Country Grocer employees, each going through challenging times. ‘Time Piece’ is a thematic rock concert featuring a wide variety of music from […]

  • Salt Spring Island LTC Takes Legal Actio...

    by on August 28, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (SSI LTC) has authorized legal action be taken against the owner of an unlawful short-term vacation rental (STVR) located on an Upper Ganges Road property. The SSI LTC is seeking a court order stopping the use of the property as a STVR, which is contrary to the Salt […]

  • Last Planting, Late Summer Disease

    by on August 27, 2019

    Our seeding season is coming to a close with the last greens that can be sown this late in the year and still provide a harvest over the winter. I usually recommend sowing winter hardy lettuce, corn salad and arugula through the first week of September, but given how cool this season has been I […]

  • Artists from the Fringe: Danene’s ...

    by on August 26, 2019

    In this series, we share stories from Art Jam participants. Art Jam – a volunteer-run program of the Salt Spring Arts Council – provides a safe, welcoming space for members of our marginalized community, where they can be defined as creators and artists, rather than by the challenges they regularly face. By celebrating their unique […]

  • Video: Elizabeth May Opens Salt Spring G...

    by on August 26, 2019

    The Salt Spring Green Party office opening ceremony featured bags of buttery popcorn; it was also the launch party for a short film about our MP, Elizabeth May. Why make a film about Elizabeth now? As Elizabeth explained, for many Canadians, she is known mainly as one of Ottawa’s ablest politicians. But to really understand […]

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