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Video: Island Adventure with Salt Spring Island Air

    Photos & Videos    July 9, 2015

Shaw TV’s Karen Elgersma takes an adventure over the Salish Sea with our local Salt Spring Air.

Breaking: Fulford Inn Demolition in Progress

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    June 19, 2015

After years as an abandoned property and despite objection from the community, the Fulford Inn is being torn down right now. Sad end to a wonderful island venue. Last photo courtesy of Harry Burton.

Video: Greeting at Xwaaqw’um

    Local News, Photos & Videos    June 15, 2015

Members of the Salt Spring Island community greeted visitors from the Cowichan First Nation at Xwaaqw’um on June 14, 2015 and shared a pikwun BBQ and cedar weaving while strengthening relationships.

Video: Orcas at Beaver Point

    Photos & Videos    May 19, 2015

On Sunday we decided to walk our puppy around Ruckle Park as we thought it would be a good time to socialize her. While sitting at Beaver Point we were fortunate enough to watch one of the resident orca pods actively hunting fish along the rocky shoreline. A bull, a few cows, and even a […]

Faces of Salt Spring: Robert Bateman

    People Profiles, Photos & Videos    April 2, 2015

Tamar Griggs has been photographing her island community, passionately drawn to the people, events and changes in our villages for over twenty years now. Through her camera she has documented the fleeting moments in our lives and ultimately recorded history. The Faces of Salt Spring exhibit will be a showing at ArtSpring in the coming […]

Video: Centennial Park Rocking Horse Comes Back to Life

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    March 25, 2015

Banana Joe Clemente has captured some great videos documenting the removal and reinstallation of the much loved Salt Spring Island Centennial Park Rocking Horse. Welcome the iron steed back to the park!              

Video: Dance of the Sugarplum BC Ferries

    People & Places, Photos & Videos, Travel & Transportation    December 11, 2014

Primary students at Salt Spring Island’s Phoenix Elementary perform their very own, must see version of ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ called ‘Dance of the Sugarplum BC Ferries’. This very unique to Salt Spring Island performance is an interpretation of the pas de deux from Act 2 of the 1892 ballet The Nutcracker with […]

Video: Grace Islet Benefit Concert

    Indigenous News, News & Events, Photos & Videos    November 28, 2014

On Saturday Nov. 22 a special Benefit Concert and Silent Auction was held to help protect Grace Islet, the First Nations burial ground in Ganges Harbour that is being desecrated by construction of a private home. Opened with a traditional prayer by highly respected Elder Luschiim (Arvid Charlie) and a song by his nephew Louis […]

First Nations History of Shiya’hwt (Ganges Village)

    Indigenous News, Photos & Videos    November 11, 2014

Archeologist Chris Arnett recalls the fascinating First Nations history of Ganges Village, known by the name of Shiya’hwt to its original inhabitants. For thousands of years Coast Salish people carried on their cultural traditions and harvested the areas abundant resources, until epidemics decimated their population and the coming of the Europeans changed their way of […]

Video: Large Tree Branch Catches Fire and Blows Power

    Photos & Videos    November 7, 2014

Driving along Starks road in Thursdays wind storm, there was a large tree branch arcing across the high tension lines, it then caught fire ,exploded and blew the power.

Video: Orcas from the Sky

    Photos & Videos    October 20, 2014

We had come great video shared with us taken during an aerial test flight off the South end of the island. The video captures orcas swimming in the water just off the shore from the sky above the water.

Video: Grace Islet – Don’t Build Your House on My Bones

    News & Events, People & Places, Photos & Videos    October 14, 2014

Alan Moberg and The Friends of Grace are releasing Don’t Build Your House on My Bones, a song written in support of resistance at Grace Islet, on Tuesday Oct 7. The recording includes performances by noted BC musicians Bill Henderson (Chillliwack), Diona Davies (ESL, Po’ Girl) and CR Avery, among others. Songwriter Alan Moberg (member, […]

Video: Santa’s Vacation on Salt Spring

    Photos & Videos    October 8, 2014

He loves nature, local libations, unique gifts and some Island charm.. watch him get his Glow on Salt Spring. Video supplied by Salt Spring Christmas Committee.

Salt Spring Photo of the Day – Sunrise

    People & Places, Photos & Videos    September 23, 2014

We love to feature beautiful moments and photos from life on this curious, enchanted, dynamic island and we’re delighted to share a photo from David James today. David is the creative force behind the Salt Spring Island Discover Yourself here video. David took this shot at sunrise on Beddis Beach on Sunday morning. Note the […]

Photos: Fall Fair Photo Roundup

    Farm & Garden, People & Places, Photos & Videos    September 15, 2014

What an amazing Salt Spring Island Fall Fair this year. Thank you to all the organizers, participants, volunteers, locals and off island visitors who made the event what it is. Great weather and great people! We’re excited to share some photos from the event from Salt Spring Island’s very own Derrick Lundy. Derrick is a […]

Photos: Fall Fair Aerial Views

    People & Places, Photos & Videos    September 13, 2014

The Salt Spring Island Fair was as busy as ever today, especially during the infamous island Zucchini 500. Jason Pryde of Industry Drones UAV took some incredible photos of the fair from high up using his drone. Check them out.

Video: Protesters Occupy Grace Islet Building Site

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    August 26, 2014

Grace Islet protesters took further action again today to send a message to the Province and Islet owner that they intend to continue efforts to stop construction of a house on the islet’s burial ground. Protestors travelled en masse to the islet, landed and entered the property fencing to encircle the home citing a failure […]

Video: Discover Salt Spring Island

    Photos & Videos    June 20, 2014

Salt Spring Island Tourism has put together a nice video highlighting some of the sights, sounds and good people of Salt Spring Island! Check it out:

Photos: Decline of the Fulford Inn

    Photos & Videos    June 18, 2014

Well this is just plain sad. The hows and whys of how this came to pass seem to be a bit muddy, but there it is nonetheless. The old inn at the end of the Fulford Harbour, one of the main gateways for many thousands of visitors to the island and local community spot for […]

Video: Orca Pod in Fulford Harbour

    Photos & Videos    May 29, 2014

We are surrounded by natural beauty on Salt Spring Island and like many things, timing is everything. We get regular orca pod visits but an entire ferry full of visitors and islanders got a special treat this afternoon. A pod of orcas along with a number of baby orcas met up with the Skeena Queen […]

Photo of the Week: Sunset

    Photos & Videos    May 28, 2014

Our Salt Spring Island photo of the week. Everything is so beautiful this time of year.

Video: Salt Spring Cheese

    Food & Entertainment, People & Places, Photos & Videos    May 28, 2014

This has to be one of our favourite places on the island and one of the top destinations of many visitors to Salt Spring, especially at Easter. Check out this new video piece about our very own Salt Spring Island Cheese.

Photo of the Week: Sunset

    Photos & Videos    May 1, 2014

Our photo of the week this week comes from SaltSpring Air Chief Pilot Harold Kirpatrick. Just another day in the life of a Salt Spring Island seaplane pilot. Stunning!

Photo of the Week: Mirror

    Photos & Videos    April 10, 2014

Our photo of the week this week was taken at sunrise overlooking Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island. There are magic moments everywhere on this island.

Video: Islanders Protest Ferry Cuts

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    March 11, 2014

Salt Spring Islanders go to the legislature to protest rate hikes and cuts to BC Ferries. Music by Valdy and Gary. Video by Scott Simmons. )

Video: Big Dip in the Snow Storm

    News & Events, Photos & Videos    February 25, 2014

Well the roads out there today are terrible. At least in the Northend. Stay home and track updates on the storm here. If you want to see just how wild some of the roads are, have a look at this video from this morning going down and up the Big Dip. Don’t try this at […]

Video: Salt Spring Style Luge – Toboggayaking

    People & Places, Photos & Videos    February 23, 2014

Well the Olympics and gold medal hockey were capped off with the biggest snow yet this winter. Best thing to celebrate is to get out in it, Salt Spring style. What do you get when you cross Salt Spring’s favourite water sport (Kayaking) with a dollop of winter snow and a great sloping hill? We […]

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Community News

  • Island Pathways Receives $18,500

    by on 7 hours ago

    Last Wednesday evening, 100+ Women Who Care Salt Spring Island gathered in the ArtSpring theatre for its third meeting. And something interesting happened… One of the three charities randomly drawn during the meeting, from the 18 that had been nominated, had been drawn before but hadn’t been voted to receive the funds. Back into the […]

  • Winter Cabbage, Irrigation Tips, Beet Le...

    by on May 20, 2019

    From now on, continue to be alert for heat waves and be prepared to shade seedbeds and seedlings and to mulch plants to cool the soil. The heat wave earlier this month resulted in injury to unprotected seedlings that is showing up now. Heat injury appears as white or biscuit coloured patches on leaves; whole […]

  • Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue Respond t...

    by on May 17, 2019

    Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue responded to an early morning structure fire in the 100 blk of Thomas Road. The initial call came in at 04:37 and crews completed the scene at 08:00. 25 Firefighters responded with 19 on scene; 4 fire trucks and 3 support vehicles along with BC Ambulance and BC Hydro. On […]

  • $1.5 Million Approved for First Stage of...

    by on May 16, 2019

    The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation has approved $1.5 million in initial funding for the proposed Lady Minto Hospital Emergency Department expansion and redevelopment project. Members of the Hospital Foundation voted at a special general meeting May 16, 2019 to fund the proposed project’s schematic design and design development stages, “This is an important step forward […]

  • Increasing Cost of Fuel Leads BC Ferries...

    by on May 16, 2019

    BC Ferries is advising customers that due to current fuel market conditions, the company will implement a fuel surcharge of 1.5 per cent on June 1. BC Ferries closely monitors the cost of fuel and applies a rebate or surcharge, or neither, under a regulatory process that is independent of fares. Here is an example […]

  • Growing Community Concern about Legion R...

    by on May 15, 2019

    A week before the April 30th Salt Spring Local Trust Committee meeting, islanders learned that a 144-foot tall Capital Region Emergency Service Telecommunications (CREST) radio tower was in the final stages of approval for construction at the Legion in Ganges, and that 4G and eventually 5G cellular antennas would likely be added to this tower. […]

  • Tofino Mayor Josie Osborne visits Salt S...

    by on May 15, 2019

    If you’ve been to Tofino in the last couple of years you will know that it’s a cool place. Not only are the beaches and the surfing and the mountains excellent, but the community looks to be thriving. Local government clearly has done well, not only in fostering a strong economy, but also at preserving […]

  • History of the Salt Spring Island Golf C...

    by on May 14, 2019

    March 23, 1928, saw a public meeting at Mahon Hall. Thirty-three people attended with the intention of forming a golf club. With W.E. Scott in the chair, K. Butterfield undertook secretarial duties. It was announced that a committee which had been appointed by the Salt Spring Island Development Association had been exceedingly busy. ‘Barnsbury’, the […]

  • Extensive Vandalism to Local CRD Office ...

    by on May 12, 2019

    In the morning of May 12, 2019 the Salt Spring RCMP were notified that a number of the street-front windows in Ganges, including the CRD office on McPhillips Ave had been smashed.  Police attended and their investigation is ongoing.  No entry was gained to the office, and efforts are underway to repair the damage prior […]

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