This Crazy Time - Tzeporah Berman at ArtSpring

Tzeporah Berman has played an instrumental role in designing environmental procurement policies for some of the largest corporations in the world as well as creating industry and environmental collaborations to protect forests and change forestry practices. She is the former Executive Director and Co-founder of PowerUp Canada and Co-founder and Campaign Director of ForestEthics. Last year she was appointed by the Premier of British Columbia, Canada, to the Green Energy Task Force to design recommendations for the development of renewable energy in the region. Berman was one of the experts in Leonardo Di Caprio’s environmental documentary 11th Hour, was one of six Canadian nominees for the Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, has been profiled as “50 Visionaries Changing the World” in Utne Reader, and was honored by inclusion into the BC Royal Museum permanent exhibit of “150 people who have changed the face of British Columbia.” Her first book, published by Knopf, i…
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Photo Tour: Misty Mt. Maxwell on New Year's Day

Ever wonder what Mount Maxwell looks like in the winter? We did a family hike up the mountain on New Year's Day to enjoy the cool air and sometimes sunshine. The road is very rough and icy, with a number of downed trees across the road. You have to hike up a good bit of the way to make it to the top. Worth every step.
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Build Your Business - Local Advertising that Works

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An evening with Chantal Hébert

Chantal Hébert is national affairs columnist with the Toronto Star as well as a guest columnist for Le Devoir. She is well known for being a member of the “At Issue Panel” on CBC television’s The National. In French Kiss: Stephen Harper’s Blind Date with Quebec, Chantal Hébert argues that the Canadian federation died on January 23, 2006, when Mr. Harper first became prime minister. Please join us for a community discussion of Canadian politics with Chantal Hébert on Friday, October 26, at 7:30 PM at ArtSpring. Tickets are $20 ($15 for Salt Spring Forum members) and available now at the ArtSpring box office, Salt Spring Books, and on-line at the ArtSpring website. Buy your ticket now to avoid disappointment!
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Six Thousand+ Fans of Salt Spring on Facebook

We thought Salt Spring was popular when we hit 5,000 fans on Facebook a few months back, but it turns out the island has even more fans than we thought. This past week the Salt Spring Island Facebook Fanpage recorded its 6,000th fan. Fantastic! All these folks along with 15,000+ people who use the Exchange is well, a whole lot of people who love the island. If you're on Facebook and not already following along, consider joining us in welcoming all these new folks who love this special island of places and people. We actively share your photos, stories, news, events, emergency notices and all kinds of good stuff about the island on a daily basis on Facebook. I've been trying to find just such a photo to thank all of you who are participating and enjoying all that we share about the island and I think I found it. Last week, courtesy of Salt Spring Air, we were out photographing the big ship in Ganges Harbour called The World. We snapped some nice photos that night, but also…
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To All the Friends of John Wilcox

UPDATE: Harry added 6 more photos of John by various islanders in tribute this evening. 9 great iPhotos of John Wilcox from my files. It gives us something consoling in the aftermath of learning about John's death.. If there were 3 things John would want us to do to remember him. a) Enjoy people, even the ones that have different views than you. John had a few of those in opposition because, he was usually swimming against the current, battling big money or governments, trying to make the world a better place for farmers. b) Eat good food. Grow it if you have a chance. c) Never EVER, EVER give up on anything that you believe in. HB Video Interview with John by Peter Prince Photo of John by Anne Macey Photo by Rick Neufield Photo by Ron Watts Photo by Ron Watts Michael Ableman (right green shirt) talks with John Wilcox of Duck Creek Farm in front of Michael's Salt Spring Island Saturday Market organic farm stand - Photo by Ro…
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Velo Village…What to Expect

After more than a year of preparations, we’re looking forward to a lovely rural cycling festival on Salt Spring. We expect anywhere from 300 to 700 cyclists on Salt Spring roads during Velo Village. Good weather will mean more cyclists, poor weather will mean lower numbers. Cyclists will begin and end their journey at one of the three ferry terminals. We’ve created three cycle routes that will take cyclists away from busy or dangerous sections of roadway. These are the Fulford, Vesuvius and Long Harbour routes. You can view the detailed route maps or download an overview map. A number of local cyclists will take the 9:15 am ferry from Fulford to Swartz Bay so that they can sail on the BIKE FERRY (Skeena Queen) back to Salt Spring at 10:00 am. The BIKE FERRY arrives at Fulford Harbour at 10:35 am. When it docks up to 400 cyclists will ride about 15kms to Ganges. FUN RIDE participants will be given the northbound lane along this route from Beaver Point Rd to Stewart Road…
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The Scrap on Salt Spring Metal Recycling

For the past 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to work and hone one of my skills on the island, as a support worker, specifically for GIFTS (the Gulf Island Families Together Society), working one to one with young adults who have special needs. One of GIFTS’ mandates, is to help young adults who have recently graduated from high school integrate into their community. One approach towards this goal, is to support these young adults in finding work. About 8 months ago, I started working with a young adult fresh out of high school and began the task of looking for suitable employment on the island. I knew of John Quesnel and the plight of his Salt Spring scrap Metal Recycling business (who doesn’t if you read the local paper), and thinking myself that recycling in any form is not only good business, but makes good sense, especially on an island, I decided to ask john if we might be able to volunteer some time at his facility, to gain some work…
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Creating Change - Maggie Schubart

Maggie Schubart was an exceptional activist who made immeasurable contributions to our island and world. Maggie passed away in 2010, yet her legacy of community involvement and gentle leadership continues to inspire. In November 2006, I had the pleasure of interviewing Maggie in her home, in the aftermath of a major snow storm. Maggie had made a big pot of stew; we drank tea and chatted in her kitchen. Maggie and I had worked together on food security efforts and she had generously agreed to be part of my Master’s thesis research on learning in social movements. Maggie and her husband Hank, the esteemed architect, and their five boys moved to Salt Spring from California in 1968, during the Vietnam War. Her social change work had began years earlier when she helped establish Bay area KPFA radio station that became a force for change. In San Francisco, both she and Hank were active in the civil rights movement and anti Vietnam War efforts. Maggie said, “Yes, I was involv…
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Salt Spring Sketches: A Gypsy Creates Her Own Bliss by the Sea

She confesses to an addiction to adventure.  She acknowledges that she often doesn’t appreciate the consequences of her spontaneous decisions.  And she is currently off on another escapade—this time sailing via California to Mexico for six months. She’s leased her house for 18 months and has no idea where she’ll live when she gets back from Mexico.  But she’s confident that things will fall into place – “somehow, they always do.” Suzanne Ambers, counsellor, massage therapist, spa consultant, and self-described gypsy, is always up for something different, particularly if it involves travel to new places.  And the sea. “Every day unfolds differently,” she says. “”I’ve lived out of a suitcase all over the world. I raised two sons in a float home and I was plunked down by the universe on Salt Spring, somewhere I never imagined I would live.” Open to opportunity, some would say. But for Suzanne, it’s more like heeding your heart, or maybe listening to the psychic friend…
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Salt Spring 'Introvert' Island

Last week we ran a survey asking residents of Salt Spring if they considered themselves to be *mostly* introverted or extroverted. The results are bit a surprising. Our survey closed automatically when we hit 100 responses and of those 100 responses, 79 people identified themselves as *mostly* introverted. Speaking with a colleague via email about this who has a background in Jungian psychology, he shared that in general it is understood that about 40% of the population identify as introverts and that the dominant culture, at least in North America, is extrovertedly oriented. Is it possible that 79% of islanders are mostly introverted at double the average in North America? Is this just another thing that makes Salt Spring special? Should we have gone out and surveyed at a party where all the extroverts are? Should we become the destination for introverts everywhere, or do we need to import some more extroverts to balance this place out?
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