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Incorporation: Local Trustees and Director Request Addendum Roads Report

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 3, 2017

We wish to advise Salt Spring electors that we have written to the ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development asking for an addendum roads report to be prepared that deals with the contents of a presentation currently being circulated within the community that challenges the roads information in the Incorporation Study Report prepared by […]

Incorporation: Video – Roads and Infrastructure Review

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    June 27, 2017

Brenda Guiled has done amazing research on the issue of Salt Spring roads and the looming liabilities. This is solid research on the subject. She presented this information in public meetings at the Lions Hall and Fulford Hall. Watch the video for the entire review.     Editors Note: We welcome and invite all members […]

Bike Riding on Salt Spring Pro Tip: Lateral Bike Safety Flag

    Editorial & Opinions    June 6, 2017

Could this $14 piece of plastic save your life riding a bike on Salt Spring roads? Remember the adage of what to do when you see a bear? You make yourself bigger! Why? So the bear thinks twice about chasing you down knowing it might not work out well. So imagine for a moment, that […]

The Top 10 Island Life Faux Pas

    Editorial & Opinions    February 19, 2017

Do not be deceived by idyllic appearances. There is stuff that you must not do when living on a piece of land surrounded by water with 10,000 other people, who all shop at the same grocery stores, visit the same doctors, dentists, restaurants and post offices as you. The following are rules to live by. […]

Let Us Harness Our Anger and Our Fear

    Editorial & Opinions    January 24, 2017

Thank you to Nomi Lyonns, Kim Tebbutt and Sharyn Carroll for organizing the rally and march on Saturday. Thank you to Christopher Roy for recognizing the significance of the event and recording every moment. I don’t shed tears often, but at that gathering, my eyes kept leaking. My heart and mind were touched, as I […]

Government Paradigm Shift Needed For Addiction & Mental Illness

    Editorial & Opinions    December 15, 2016

I am a Salt Spring Island based mother of one of the over 622 people who have died from (primarily) Fentanyl overdoses in 2016 in our province alone. I also am the mother of an adult son struggling with a mental health disorder. Both my children had the benefit of a loving, supportive and economically-secure home […]

Incorporation: Clarifying the Tax Numbers

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    November 16, 2016

There have been some questions posed in the last week regarding the property tax impacts of incorporation. To clarify the numbers, Urban Systems is making changes to the Final Report and will re-issue an updated version after the Final Report is approved at the last Incorporation Study Committee meeting, on November 21. This final version […]

Should the Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District Be Dissolved?

    Editorial & Opinions    November 4, 2016

I was elected eighteen months ago by ratepayers of the Fire District to further their interests. Nearly 2000 hours of unpaid work later, I felt I could no longer do so. Ratepayers know they are getting a raw deal. Ratepayers should know there is nothing the trustees can do about it. The fire department is […]

Fire Department Misinformation Doesn’t Help Us

    Editorial & Opinions    February 16, 2016

One has to wonder why there is so much misinformation in the community regarding the fire department. Probably a lot of it comes down to former trustees who hadn’t been willing to recognize their own limitations, some of it was arrogance, some an unwillingness to discuss issues in front of the public and some was […]

Shop Locally Please

    Editorial & Opinions    October 26, 2015

Fellow Salt Springers. Wake up and SMELL THE COFFEE. If you are not spending HALF your Good and Services money, here on Salt Spring, YOU ARE DAMAGING OUR COMMUNITY. We have just lost STITCHES, that great little “Mom and Pop” sewing and quilting shop, BECAUSE IT DID NOT GET ENOUGH LOCAL BUSINESS. STITCHES did not […]

Straight Talk on the Fire Trustee Election

    Editorial & Opinions    March 26, 2015

I am Maxine Leichter, an independent candidate for fire trustee, running against a group running together who, if elected, will form a majority of the Board. Every member of the Board should have an equal voice. It may be that a majority of trustees are like-minded. But to have a block that does not need […]

Course Correction Needed on Fire Board

    Editorial & Opinions    March 16, 2015

The recently delivered Walker and Firewise reports on the governance and operations of the fire district have been an eye opener for Salt Springers. Add to that the release of 2013 compensation figures for full time members of staff, and comments like, “The fire district seems to be adrift,” and “Who is running the show […]

Message from Your Fire Fighter Team

    Editorial & Opinions    February 4, 2015

Firefighters at Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue (SSIFR), both career and on-call, are one united team. We train and work together to serve Salt Spring Island. Our team only functions as well as each and every component. We rely on each other in hostile and dangerous environments. With friendships forged through adversity, we have grown […]

Fire Services – Seeking Solutions

    Editorial & Opinions    February 2, 2015

No doubt there are quite a few people in our community who disagree with disclosing compensation for members of the fire department. However discomforting the information may be, we can’t deal with a problem that we don’t know exists or aren’t allowed to understand. The Board of Trustees has resisted sharing information with the public, […]

Salt Spring Fire – The System is Broken

    Editorial & Opinions    January 21, 2015

In response to the Driftwood article dated December 24, 2014, regarding our fire department quotes Union president Jamie Holmes as saying “The system must be somewhat broken…”.  Although our reasons differ, I couldn’t agree with him more. The fire department’s 2015 budget is $2,529,000 (plus a few hundred thousand for debt servicing on outstanding loans). […]

Transportation Referendum, It’s About Time!

    Editorial & Opinions    November 13, 2014

It is about time somebody did something about this, That is the first comment I hear when I speak to anyone on Salt Spring about the active transportation referendum to be held this Saturday for Rainbow Road and Lower Ganges Road. The actual question will request the authority to raise The Transportation annual allocation bylaw […]

Transportation Issues on Salt Spring Island

    Editorial & Opinions    November 13, 2014

Since 2007, we have had a volunteer commission on Salt Spring Island called the SSITC. The purpose in creating the SSITC was to bring bus service here. The bylaw created to establish the bus service also gave the volunteer SSITC jurisdiction over all sidewalks and roadside paths and parking once the land is signed over […]

Transportation Referendum: the Facts

    Editorial & Opinions    November 8, 2014

Ken Marr makes valid points in his opinion piece on the transportation referendum. But the credibility of these points is undermined by omissions and errors of fact. Fact #1: The SSI Transportation Commission (SSITC) referendum is not solely related to a sidewalk on Rainbow; funding will advance progress on multiple safety-driven projects: a sidewalk in […]

Transportation Referendum an Important Decision

    Editorial & Opinions    November 5, 2014

Salt Spring voters face an important decision on November 15. A transportation referendum is on the ballot. Arlene Dashwood’s letter to the SSI Transportation Commission pointed out that the transportation sector has been long neglected on this island: “I think we have a big catch-up to deal with as there has not been much done […]

Rainbow Road Pathway Referendum

    Editorial & Opinions    November 3, 2014

On November 15, Islanders are being asked to approve a bylaw for an additional $1,000,000 in tax for capital projects proposed by the Transportation Committee. This request is unrelated to our bus system and will not affect this program if it is defeated. The committee voted 4-1 to pursue the authority to tax islanders for […]

Salt Spring Island Local Governance

    Editorial & Opinions    October 15, 2014

Salt Spring Island[1] (SSI) has an unusual form of local governance, unique in the world to it and 11 other island communities in the southern Gulf Islands[2], an archipelago of 450+ islands in British Columbia[3]. The land zoning and community planning services of these 12 islands are delivered through[4]Islands Trust, created in 1974 by the […]

Water Treatment Plant Can Be Less Than $6 Million

    Editorial & Opinions    August 11, 2014

A lot has happened since the NSSWD ratepayers voted “no” via the “alternate approval process” (AAP) to the borrowing of $10.4 million for the water plant. Since then, we (ad-hoc group of concerned ratepayers) arranged for a large construction company and an extremely experienced consulting company that has been involved in 1500 water and wastewater […]

Opinion: North Salt Spring Water Works – Inappropriate Use of the ‘Alternative Approval Process’

    Editorial & Opinions    May 22, 2014

I am not qualified to argue the merits of the current 10.4 Million dollar proposal by North Salt Spring Water Works but just as Doug Smith wrote in the Driftwood a few weeks ago, the use of the “Alternative Approval Process” instead of a genuine ratepayer’s referendum on this important issue is highly inappropriate for […]

Real Estate Report: Spring Market in Full Bloom

    Editorial & Opinions, News & Events    May 15, 2014

We are fully planted in the spring sales cycle it seems. The sales number of single family homes is up about 20% over the same year-to-date (YTD) period as last year. Interestingly though, the average price is down. This doesn’t mean that the prices have dropped although they are at best buy levels. It seems […]

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Community News

  • Survey: Should British Columbia Adopt Ye...

    by on June 24, 2019

    British Columbians are invited to share their views on how we should observe time in our province. Most areas of B.C. currently “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time during summer months and “fall back” to Standard Time in the winter. The following choices are being considered: 1) B.C. continues the practice of changing our clocks […]

  • Podcast: Adam Olsen speaks with Raffi – ...

    by on June 20, 2019

    When I first thought of transitioning my weekly Public Circle LIVE! broadcasts from Facebook to a weekly podcast, I had it in my mind to invite Raffi as a guest. We have run into each other a few times now at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market and I appreciate his forthright political commentary on Twitter. It all […]

  • Fire News: Chief’s Response Report – 201...

    by on June 20, 2019

    Vision: A responsive and sustainable fire-rescue service, effectively meeting community needs and valued by those we serve. Mission: Always learning, engaging and adapting to be response ready. Response Report Salt Spring Island Firefighters responded to 61 calls for assistance in May.  (Calls to Date:  291) Operations To be proactive regarding wildfire prevention a recommendation was […]

  • Salt Spring Foundation Announces 2019 Ne...

    by on June 18, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation, in partnership with Salt Spring Island Community Services, is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019 Neighbourhood Small Grants. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program offers grants of $50 to $500 to support projects that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of community belonging and responsibility, […]

  • Island Youth Soccer Association to Build...

    by on June 14, 2019

    Salt Spring Island Youth Soccer Association (SSIYSA) is excited to announce that School District #64 (SD64) has agreed to partner with the SSIYSA to build a brand-new all-weather turf field with lights at the Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) lower field. An All Weather Field Feasibility Study was presented to the SD64 school board yesterday […]

  • Salt Spring Island Foundation Announces ...

    by on June 12, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation is pleased to announce over $148,000 in spring grants for local charities, including $30,000 targeted to youth recreation programs. The Foundation thanks the many generous donors who make these grants possible.  BC Parks/Friends of Ruckle Park Heritage To create and install six new interpretive signs for Ruckle Provincial Park to […]

  • Crofton – Salt Spring Island Ferry...

    by on June 10, 2019

    The Crofton terminal is located within the Municipality of North Cowichan on Vancouver Island. The terminal connects the community to Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring Island. Passengers travel on the Howe Sound Queen for a 25 minute sailing. The Howe Sound Queen has a vehicle capacity of 52 AEQ* and can carry 300 passengers and […]

  • Salt Spring’s Strategic Plan for A...

    by on June 8, 2019

    Salt Spring Island’s 2008 Area Farm Plan – the strategic plan for sustainable agriculture – needs to be renewed to provide a blueprint to take Salt Spring’s agricultural community forward to 2030. The first Area Farm Plan was based on a vision to support Salt Spring becoming a place where “agriculture is a strong, vital […]

  • Watch: “The Pharmacy”a Silen...

    by on June 7, 2019

    Country Grocer tells a slapstick accounting of how they merged with a neighbouring pharmacy!

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