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Incorporation: Will be a Disaster for Local Farms

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 11, 2017

Indeed, incorporation will be a disaster for local farms. David Borrowman—a former local trustee for the Islands Trust—wrote: “Once the rhetoric has settled, I expect that incorporation would mean moving from an under-serviced rural area to an impoverished municipality.” If Salt Spring wants to remain a rural area, it makes sense to look at what […]

Incorporation: Positive, Low-risk Alternatives to Municipal Incorporation

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 11, 2017

Positive, Low-risk Alternatives to Municipal Incorporation We don’t need to incorporate: Improvements to our existing governance can be made without the increased road and policing costs and other risks of incorporation. Shockingly, the provincial government official overseeing the 2013-2016 Salt Spring Island governance and incorporation studies directed the committees and their consultants not to consider […]

Incorporation: Fire and Water – Extreme Hazard

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 9, 2017

One of the reasons I will vote Yes is that there are problems that cannot be fixed under our current system. It doesn’t matter how optimistic one is. There are structural impediments built in today that no amount of hard work or co-operation or good will can fix. Let me describe just one. We have […]

Incorporation: Mickey McLeod on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

Mickey McLeod, CEO, co-founder and owner (with Robbyn Scott) of Salt Spring Coffee has lived on Salt Spring Island since Aug 1981 and has been a self-employed businessman employing a couple hundred people on Salt Spring Island during this time. “The current governance system has proven not to support visionary business leaders who want to […]

Incorporation: The Local Community Commission Option

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

This article attempts to correct some of the misleading and even false information presented by the Yes campaign and Urban Systems regarding the Local Community Commission (LCC) and other governance options. Urban Systems was the provincially-approved consultant hired to conduct the Salt Spring governance and incorporation studies. This article is long because there is so […]

Incorporation: Celia Duthie & Nick Hunt on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

Celia Duthie & Nick Hunt ran Duthie Books in Vancouver for 20 plus years and have lived on Salt Spring since 2004. They opened Salt Spring Woodworks which later became the Duthie gallery. They are active members of the arts community on the island. “We both support the incorporation of the island and will be […]

Incorporation: Jacqueline Medalye on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

I do not involve myself in politics much any longer. I am an Islander now. I run a studio on Salt Spring and business that would qualify as a small cottage industry. From a lifetime ago, I have a PhD in Political Science with a specialization in Development Studies. When I moved here I became […]

Incorporation: Robin Williams on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

Robin Williams — on the demolition of the Fulford Inn by the CRD Building Inspection Department based in Victoria. Salt Spring resident Robin Williams is a well known community volunteer. He has chaired a CRD Commission, and is involved with The Islands Trust Fund, which is the land conservation side of Islands Trust. Here Robin […]

Incorporation: Liz Anderson on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 8, 2017

Liz Anderson, a former Notary Public and Marriage Commissioner moved to Salt Spring in 1989. An active volunteer in the community, she has served on the Board of Community Services, been involved with the Tennis Association; Sailing Club; GIFTS (Gulf Islands Family Together Society which works transitioning young adults with disabilities into adult programs); as […]

Incorporation: I Can’t Imagine Living Anywhere Else

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 4, 2017

When I moved to Salt Spring in 1979 with my wife and young daughter, I’d never heard of the Islands Trust. Truth to tell, I’d never heard of Salt Spring. We stumbled on it by chance, fell in love at first sight, and have been here ever since. That’s 38 years, over half my life, […]

Incorporation: Democracy is Priceless

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 2, 2017

A common theme regarding the upcoming referendum is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  I could agree with this notion if, in reality, our current system wasn’t broken.  I realize that much of the discourse has focused on costs (roads, administration, etc.) or the impact (real or imagined) to the Islands Trust.  But how we are governed, how decisions […]

Incorporation: Arthur Black on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    August 2, 2017

Arthur Black – former CBC radio host, frequent columnist in many journals that you read, successful and indefatigable writer of popular books (that you should read), and generally witty man about town… elaborates on why “NO” is the new Black.

Incorporation: No is Not Enough

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 31, 2017

As I understand it, most of the people voting no are doing so because they are worried about  development and the cost of incorporation. I’m voting yes for those very reasons. Let me explain. The Trust was formed in 1974 which was prior to the Energy Crisis, the centralized Wal-Mart business model (eg. Costco, Amazon), […]

Incorporation: Affordable Housing

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 31, 2017

It’s not easy to find a place to live on Salt Spring. Like everywhere in Southern BC, housing on Salt Spring, whether for rent or for purchase, is expensive and in short supply, especially for average wage earners. There’s some talk that this situation would improve under incorporation, but the evidence suggests otherwise. More high-end […]

Incorporation: Scientist and Environmentalist, Tara Martin on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 31, 2017

A scientist and environmentalist, Tara Martin offers her perspective on the reasons to say NO to incorporation.

Incorporation: Urban Systems’ Estimates of Post-incorporation Policing Costs

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 31, 2017

Urban Systems estimates that Salt Spring’s annual policing costs would jump by $871,000 under incorporation i.e. from the $407,000 per year we are paying now to $1,278,000 per year after the transition period. They then assume that expenditures would remain at that level in constant (inflation-adjusted) dollars. How realistic is their assumption? A 2009 Union […]

Incorporation: Myths Around Grants

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 31, 2017

There is too much misleading information making the rounds about all the grant money Salt Spring would supposedly receive if we incorporate. Perhaps some persons are even led to believe that we get no grants at all now. The truth is that Salt Spring already receives numerous grants – possibly more than our share – […]

Incorporation: Former MLA and a past CRD director, Gary Holman on Voting No

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 28, 2017

Former MLA and a past CRD director, Gary Holman talking about his reasons for saying NO. He covers a lot of ground, including the hot topic of grants for Salt Spring.

Incorporation: Alex Gay is Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 25, 2017

Alex Gay is Voting Yes. “Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, I am voting to bring Our leadership home because I believe that by coming together we as an Island community can work together to create a system that works for EVERYONE, not just the few.”

Incorporation: Irene Wright’s Personal Take on the Referendum

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 25, 2017

I have lived on Salt Spring Island for exactly 50 years. Arriving here was a big lesson in politics for me. Where I hadπ lived before, mainly in Calgary, politics was something that was “out there;” it was something that we read about or watched on the news and sometimes it was interesting, or scary, […]

Incorporation: Islander Susan Russell on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 25, 2017

A voice of experience. Susan Russell, a business woman, teacher and community volunteer served as a Salt Spring PARC commissioner for 6 years. Having worked within the current system, she became an advocate for a municipal governance. “As a PARC commissioner I helped with the community process of initiating and approving the Rainbow Road Pool, […]

Incorporation: Which side are you on?

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 25, 2017

So which side are you on – Positively NO or Negatively YES? The Incorporation question by it’s nature divides our community rather than uniting it in creating an inclusive model for self-government. Some folks win, and others inevitably lose. Why would we do this to ourselves? (More below). Once upon a time the Duncan area […]

Incorporation: Islander Matt Steffich on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 19, 2017

Matt Steffich is a long established islander who has worked on the Ganges Harbour Walk Project (aka ‘the Ganges Boardwalk’) for 5 years and counting. The project has many participants including the Islands Trust, Transportation Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Chamber of Commerce. Matt describes how difficult it’s been to move forward with […]

Incorporation: We Can Do So Much Better

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 19, 2017

What we have on Salt Spring is rural sprawl. It’s the opposite approach to community planning that one would expect to see. Ganges is dead after 6PM, everyone clears out and goes home. You could fire a cannon and no one would even notice. What if home for more people was right in Ganges? Just […]

Incorporation: Gary Holman on Infrastructure Funding

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 18, 2017

I’m writing in response to John McPherson’s column in which he argues that Salt Spring will not get its fair share of infrastructure funding unless we incorporate.  Mr. McPherson focuses on one particular source of funding – the Strategic Projects Fund (SPF) that is part of federal gas tax funding.  He cites data for 2015 […]

Incorporation: Cheese Maker, David Wood on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 17, 2017

David Wood, cheese maker and well-respected community member, has moderated many Salt Spring political panels and debates for the last 25 years. He wants to let everyone know that there has NEVER been a threat of ONE “pro-development” candidate on Salt Spring Island in all these years of his experience.

Incorporation Opinion: Bill Henderson Singing ‘Let This Island Change You’

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 13, 2017

Bill Henderson singing “Let This Island Change You”. Fulford Hall, Salt Spring Island, July5, 2017.

Incorporation Opinion: Joan McConnell on Voting Yes

    Editorial & Opinions, Governance & Politics    July 12, 2017

Joan McConnell came to Salt Spring Island from Montreal at the end of 1988 with her husband Allen. They were soon involved with their fellow islanders at numerous town meetings as the mandate to preserve and protect the Gulf islands evolved. Joan believes that this sacred trust will endure with incorporation while other problems arising […]

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Community News

  • Salt Spring National Art Prize Announces...

    by on July 18, 2019

    Five Salt Spring artists have been named as finalists for the Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP). They are among the fifty or so artists from across Canada to have their work eligible to win one of nine awards, six selected by jurors and three selected by public vote. Local artists are also in the […]

  • Notice to Bus Riders – Detours on ...

    by on July 18, 2019

    Effective July 22 to August 30, 2019 – Please be advised that Walker’s Hook Road will be closed for repairs between Fort Street and Hedger Road beginning July 22 until August 30, 2019. This closure will be in effect 24 hours a day during these dates. During this time period please note that routes 5 Fernwood and 6 […]

  • Podcast: The Tiny Home on Wheel’s ...

    by on July 8, 2019

    I’m on the Salt Spring Gulf Island Community Radio interviewing people near and far who are making good news on the planet by helping to shift the outcome of our future. These people and companies have created solutions to local and global issues we’re facing at the moment. Sharing the good news that’s happening on […]

  • Carrot Day

    by on July 5, 2019

    It is time for my annual reminder to sow lots of carrots for winter harvests in the next week or two. For me, July 1 is always Carrot Day as well as Canada Day (US readers: think 4th of July). As long as you sow before July 10, your carrots should have time to grow […]

  • Minister Seeking Input on Private Manage...

    by on July 3, 2019

    Minister wants your input on future of British Columbia forests – On May 28, 2019, the provincial government announced a review of the Private Managed Forest Land Program. They have invited British Columbians to add your voice to the program review. The province is accepting public comments until July 22, 2019. Over the past few […]

  • 2019 Eco Living and Home Tour: Ideas, In...

    by on July 3, 2019

    Headlines announcing biodiversity collapse and climate catastrophe can feel paralyzing. Even the most committed environmentalists may not know where to turn for solid information on the kinds of innovative — and dramatic — lifestyle changes that experts say will be need to weather the coming changes. Salt Spring’s Eco Living and Home Tour highlights what […]

  • BC’s Rural Islands Launch Economic Forum...

    by on June 27, 2019

    For the first time BC’s rural islands have launched an initiative to cultivate rural island economic partnerships. The Rural Islands Economic Forum (RIEF), a two day event, will bring together leaders from rural island communities to focus on advancing local and regional, sustainable, economic capacity building. The Forum gets underway on Pender Island on November 7 […]

  • Survey: Should British Columbia Adopt Ye...

    by on June 24, 2019

    British Columbians are invited to share their views on how we should observe time in our province. Most areas of B.C. currently “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time during summer months and “fall back” to Standard Time in the winter. The following choices are being considered: 1) B.C. continues the practice of changing our clocks […]

  • Podcast: Adam Olsen speaks with Raffi – ...

    by on June 20, 2019

    When I first thought of transitioning my weekly Public Circle LIVE! broadcasts from Facebook to a weekly podcast, I had it in my mind to invite Raffi as a guest. We have run into each other a few times now at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market and I appreciate his forthright political commentary on Twitter. It all […]

  • Fire News: Chief’s Response Report – 201...

    by on June 20, 2019

    Vision: A responsive and sustainable fire-rescue service, effectively meeting community needs and valued by those we serve. Mission: Always learning, engaging and adapting to be response ready. Response Report Salt Spring Island Firefighters responded to 61 calls for assistance in May.  (Calls to Date:  291) Operations To be proactive regarding wildfire prevention a recommendation was […]

  • Salt Spring Foundation Announces 2019 Ne...

    by on June 18, 2019

    The Salt Spring Island Foundation, in partnership with Salt Spring Island Community Services, is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019 Neighbourhood Small Grants. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program offers grants of $50 to $500 to support projects that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of community belonging and responsibility, […]

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